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Obsession Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S2

These are scenes from the January 18, 1996 first revision draft of the script for the episode Obsession with story by Jon Povill and Steve Brown, teleplay by Jon Povill. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

We begin with some missing mentions of the Sliders' recent past history...

QUINN (checks the timer) We have a few minutes. Let's slide from the park. Maybe we'll get lucky and land on some nice soft grass. ARTURO God knows I'm for that! REMBRANDT What's it -- three slides in a row that we're not running for our lives to get out of someplace? Gotta be a record. WADE Great! Now you've jinxed us! ARTURO Miss Welles, you are the most unrelentingly superstitious person I have ever met.
The others exchange an amused look as we --


There's a park bench and some grazing cows nearby. Wade looks around, and gets a sudden chill up her spine. Rembrandt notices.

REMBRANDT You okay, sweetheart? WADE Yeah, I think so. I just got the weirdest feeling -- like a deja vu or something.
Quinn's attention is on the timer.

QUINN Okay, here we go.
Quinn activates the timer. Wade jumps into the wormhole the moment it forms.

Another interesting note. The original script had Wade's love interest named Andrew Bond instead of Derek Bond.

Ever wonder exactly how long they were on Prime Oracle earth? This missing line tells the tale...and all other mentions of time in the script are exactly as they appeared in the episode, so it appears to be correct.

REMBRANDT How does he know our hotel? ARTURO And our names... QUINN (checks the timer) Well, we have about 64 hours and 28 minutes to find out.

And some missing Arturo commentary gives more thoughts on the psychic world...

WADE She told us about ten percent of the people on this world have psychic powers. They're trained to specialize in things like medical diagnosis, mineral exploration and criminology. ARTURO How bizarre that they could place such credence in pseudo science and yet be ahead of our world in space exploration. WADE Unless it's *not* pseudo science. QUINN She's in heaven. A whole world of people who think like her.
As --


look down at --


close, but not exact, sketches of ARTURO and REMBRANDT. The officers exchange a look, confirming --

And just before the officers grab Remmy and Arturo, we have a few missing lines that explore the Quinn/Wade relationship a bit...

QUINN Oh, come on -- You're not actually going to dinner with that guy? WADE And why not? QUINN C'mon, Wade. No involvements -- how many times do we need to say this? WADE Look who's talking.
Quinn looks to Arturo and Rembrandt: "Help me out, guys."

WADE I think you're jealous. QUINN Of who? Your "past life" Romeo? Get real. WADE My "past life Romeo" is obviously a man who's not afraid to let his feelings show. I happen to find that very attractive.
Quinn starts to roll his eyes, anticipating putting up with this attitude through the entire stay here. Suddenly the two POLICEMAN grab Rembrandt and Arturo and pin them to the wall.

And Quinn and Arturo's conversation about this world has a few missing Arturo observations...

QUINN So from one coincidence, they set up this whole crazy social order? ARTURO More than one coincidence, Mr. Mallory. Under the apparent guidance of Prime Oracles, this society has averted nearly every major conflict of the last century. The economy is robust, the environment is well protected, and the current Prime Oracle is even responsible for pushing the space program forward. QUINN You realize, you're starting to sound like Wade. ARTURO Not quite. My theory is that this society's common belief in their oracles gives them a heightened sensitivity as well as a consensus to act more quickly to problems than we on our world. By addressing them before they become critical, they avoid the more extreme consequences. QUINN Yeah, well, before you start cheering for the Prime Oracle, let's remember it was him that nearly ran Wade down last night. ARTURO I know, and it's maddening. Why would he do such a thing? Everything I've read about the current Prime Oracle indicates he's a remarkable and benevolent man. QUINN (sour) Maybe everything you've read is wrong. ARTURO (soothing) Mr. Mallory, I know you're somewhat predisposed against this world, but I think you overstate --
And we were in on it from there...

A couple of missing lines about the restaurant...

WADE (aside to Andrew) Boy, if the food's as good as the service, they're gonna do a lot of business some day. ANDREW They already do. This is the most popular restuarant in the city. WADE Then why's it so empty? ANDREW I didn't want a lot of strangers staring at us. (then, sheepish) I should've warned you. I'm a little famous.

Arturo also originally gave a bit more explanation to the actions of the Prime Oracle...

ARTURO Good Lord! It's *him*! (then, as it sinks in) Mr. Mallory, this means there's a link between Miss Welles, the old Prime Oracle, and his successor. It could well have something to do with the attempt on her life. QUINN (thinks about it) Yeah, it could. (then) And it could be connected with the police thinking you and Rembrandt would kill Wade. If the Prime Oracle wanted to kill her, maybe the signals got crossed somehow. ARTURO Let's assume for a moment that the Prime Oracle really *could* see the future. He could then manipulate cause and effect in order to set event in motion... QUINN But the only immediate effect of his action was that we went to the hospital... ARTURO But that starts a ripple effect, Mr. Mallory. We met the police there, and the nurse, Lori... He might have foreseen a whole chain of events from any one of those encounters...
And then Wade walks in as we saw...

The original script also offers a bit more clarification as to why they didn't tell Rembrandt about the engagement proposal until the next morning...

Wade has just hung up the phone from talking with Derek...


still in bed, has apparently just been given the news. He isn't taking it well.

REMBRANDT How can you tell me something like that first thing in the morning? QUINN Because you got in too late to tell you last night. REMBRANDT Oh, man! This is terrible news. I can't even deal with it. ARTURO Keep in mind she hasn't said, "Yes" yet. REMBRANDT But she's wearing the ring. (then) Man, if she's wearing the ring, she's gonna say yes. QUINN She said she didn't want to take the ring. He insisted. REMBRANDT Don't you know *anything* about women, Q-Ball? Once they put the rock on their finger, it's all over.

And later in the conversation, Remmy had a missing line...

REMBRANDT I guess you had quite a night. I hear congratulations are in order. WADE Rembrandt, I didn't say "Yes." REMBRANDT You didn't say "No," either, did you, girl? WADE No. I didn't say "No." But he called this morning and sent a car for me. It's waiting downstairs. I'm gonna go to his house and talk to him.

And when Wade first arrives at the house of her obsessive, past life lover...he originally made an excuse for something which would be revealed shortly after...


ANDREW comes down the grand curving staircase. PAINTERS in coveralls can be seen mixing paint at the top of the stairs.

ANDREW Good morning! Sorry about the mess, I'm having some special work done...
He gets to the bottom of the stairs, takes both her hands and looks her in the face, appreciating her.

ANDREW You look even more beautiful in the daytime.
He goes to kiss her, but she turns her face, giving him her cheek. He accepts this, but knows something is wrong. WADE We have to talk. And not much later, we would find that the "special work" being done was the reproduction of Wade's Earth Prime room...

And why did Andrew/Derek so desperately need Wade to stay? The original script provides one missing line that gives a bit more illumination...

ANDREW ... The old Prime Oracle called you a nexus in my life -- a crossroads. Everything changes based on what happens with you. WADE Then do the right thing. Let me go. ANDREW Wade, the only thing I know for sure is that I've always loved you, and I always will. That's my anchor. I *have* to keep you here.

The news cast of the President arriving in San Francisco was missing its dialogue in the final version of the episode, and that dialogue shows that a face famous was in the White House on this world...

ARTURO This world is not the problem, Mr. Mallory, just one person in it.
QUINN glance up at the:


TV REPORTER (V.O) President Jerry Brown and First Lady Tori Spelling Brown have now arrived in San Francisco for this evening's ceremony investing Andrew Bond as the New Prime Oracle. QUINN (pained) Just one person -- trouble is he's probably the most powerful man on the planet.

Also, the original script has Andrew/Derek actually making his acceptance speech for Prime Oracle...something he avoided doing in the final version...


Cameras FLASH incessantly as the Regent places a Medallion of Office around Andrew's neck. The assembled THRONG APPLAUDS, politely, but loud and long as Andrew steps to the microphone and removes a prepared speech from his inner pocket.

He looks at the speech, then out at the crowd, then back to the speech.

ANDREW I can't read this...
He puts the speech back in his pocket.

ANDREW Americans... People of the world... Someone I loved died tonight because I misused my God given power. I saw only what I wanted to see, and thought I could shape events to my own design. If any good has come of this -- and I desperately need to find some -- it's that I now see how easy it is to be arrogant, and how dangerous my power can be unless I'm *totally* committed to the highest possible good. In memory of Wade Welles, I make that my pledge to you...
And then the scene was to cut over to Quinn riding in the ambulance...just now realizing they aren't going to the hospital.

One last note of the episode shows just how important the events of this episode were to that world...

Quinn hits the button. The WORMHOLE starts to form.

Andrew helps Wade stand, then gives her over to Quinn.

ANDREW I'll say it again. Take good care of her.
Quinn nods, and leads Wade into the vortex.


beside Rembrandt and Arturo, looks on in wonder as they depart. Arturo turns to Rembrandt and Lori

ARTURO Amazing. Do you realize that when the Prime Oracle nearly ran Wade down, his intent was actually to engineer that you two would meet? REMBRANDT Huh? Why'd he care about that? ARTURO Because if you *hadn't* met, Wade would have been trapped here, and Mr. Bond would have been a very poor Prime Oracle. LORI (to Rembrandt, smiling) We're part of history. REMBRANDT (proud) I can live with that.
He and Lori exchange a look, deep affection.

ARTURO Come along, Mr. Brown. New worlds await. REMBRANDT I gotta go... (he kisses her) Thanks for everything.
Rembrandt turns and joins Arturo. They leap. A beat as the wormhole fades into nothingness.

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