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Pagliacci Cutout
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Above is a Sliders item so rare that most people have never seen it. It's a life size cutout (6 feet tall) of Rembrandt dressed as the opera character Pagliacci. This cutout was supposed to appear in a store window on the abandoned earth in Act One of "World Killer," and our Rembrandt got a big kick out of knowing he was an opera star on that world. In fact, it made such an impression that Rembrandt would later refer back to this in season four's "Asylum" (which may have been slightly confusing to some viewers since the scene was cut and we never saw a world where Rembrandt was an opera singer). The irony to the entire scenario is that the Pagliacci clown is famous in opera for his crying scene (hence, this double was living up to being "The Crying Man"). Ultimately, the scene was filmed but cut from the episode before airing on Sci-Fi Channel.

After filming, the cutout found its way to season four producer Marc Scott Zicree's office at Universal where it stayed for the rest of the season's production. Given the extremely lifelike appearance of the cutout, Marc has several hilarious stories of people being startled when they walked in and saw The Crying Clown staring back at them.

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