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Paradise Lost Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the December 1, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode Paradise Lost written by Steve Stoliar. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first change comes during our Sliders' exit from the vortex...originally we were supposed to get some insight about some problems with the new Egyptian timer...




A different strip of seashore [from the episode's teaser]. The VORTEX appears, hovering a few feet above the beach, the OPENING AIMED DOWN toward the sand. Arturo FLOATS out. The VORTEX MOVES HORIZONTALLY a few feet, then Wade FLOATS OUT, makes soft landing. The vortex continues the pattern as Quinn and Remmy also FLOAT OUT a little further down the beach.

REMBRANDT Whoa. That was different. WADE All our landings have been different since we started using that new timer. QUINN (re: timer he holds) Wish I could explain it, guys. But I didn't invent it. ARTURO Time, Mr. Mallory?
Quinn checks the LED readout.

QUINN Three days and change. WADE (enviously eyeing the water) Definitely long enough for a little swim and sun. ARTURO I wouldn't recommend it, Miss Welles.
He points her towards a sign. "Warning: No Beach Activity Allowed. By order, City of Paradise."

WADE Of course, First time we slide to a beach and it's closed. REMBRANDT Just as well. I'm not sure I'm ready to see a certain person in a bathing suit. ARTURO (good-natured) Yes, and I was so looking forward to swooning over your physique. QUINN C'mon. Let's go find "Paradise."
And they set off to find the city as we saw...

Our next missing bit comes after Quinn defends the's a small observation by Arturo that gives some alternate history...

[Bud and his goons] walk out of frame, leaving the other Sliders. Arturo's watching Bud drive away.

ARTURO I think it's fair to assume we're not home, Mr. Brown. REMBRANDT Why's that?
Wade gestures towards the disappearing truck.

WADE He's driving on the left side of the road.

QUINN kneels to inspect the tire.

And the dialogue between Quinn and Laurie unfolds as we heard...

The original dialogue makes LAURIE appear much more intellgent...such as when she first talks to Sheriff Burke at the restuarant. Originally, she caught on quickly that he was lying...

LAURIE Well I'm not so sure. Can't you get a search party together?
Burke raises his eyes to hers, forces a smile.

SHERIFF I could, but it's a little premature. Folks often go off hiking into the woods. He's probably somewhere in the great outdoors communing with nature. LAURIE He was leaving a message for me when he was cut off. SHERIFF Well, cell phones don't work too well up here. LAURIE (beat) Who said anything about a cell phone?
She and Burke lock eyes. Quinn and Arturo move up.

QUINN Problem? LAURIE The Sheriff won't do his job. SHERIFF I'm a one man department. And this town keeps me pretty busy.
Quinn eyes the Sheriff's breakfast, paper, crossed legs.

QUINN Yeah, you're a real tornado.
The Sheriff's smile fades. He rises. He's one big man.

SHERIFF I can be. QUINN Good. She's got a problem. And it's a little more important than checking your horoscope. SHERIFF See, this is why I don't have time to run around looking for people who aren't lost. I gotta take care of troublemakers like you.
Then Bobby interrupts calling the Sheriff and it plays out from there as we saw it...

Another small change...when Quinn goes walking on the grass, he was originally supposed to have some warning from a man screaming at him...

Quinn approaches the ball near the police line that we now see encircles a SINKHOLE. As he picks up the ball, a ONE-ARMED MAN out on the sidewalk (FRED, 38) spots him.

FRED Hey! You crazy?! Get out of there!
Quinn grabs the ball and turns to the man.

QUINN Something wrong? FRED (realizes Quinn's a stranger) Ah... that ground could give way. A uh... water main broke under there. QUINN Appreciate your concern.
Quinn heads back toward the street. He's still in the park when a RIPPLE APPEARS IN THE GROUND BEHIND HIM. The kids see it, Quinn doesn't. The old man and the kids stare in silent anticipation as the RIPPLE starts after Quinn.

And it continues from there as we saw it...

Also, there was a bit more to the part where Arturo was checking into the hotel...

ALICE They wouldn't know him either. (off Arturo's look) I'd know. If somebody's new in town, we all know. ARTURO Yes. I suppose you would. ALICE (pulls a card) You'll be set, as soon as you fill out the registration card.
He takes the card to the desk and sits as he fills it out. She fluffs the pillows on the sofa as he writes.

ALICE Just skip the credit part. Len vouched for you and that's good enough. ARTURO (nods; writes; then) Next of kin? ALICE City ordinance. In case something happens. ARTURO Well, you won't have to worry about that with us. We don't have any families... around here.
She and Paul exchange a smile behind Arturo's back. He hands the card back to Alice. She heads for the door, passing a framed black and white photo. It's of the Paradise B & B. Alice, bearing a much different hairstyle and wardrobe, stands out front, proudly.

ARTURO I must say, black and white is quite a good look for you.
And from there it is as we saw...

And another missing scene explains the title of the episode. It comes when Laurie and Quinn go to the Michael's camp in the scene directly after Arturo's registration...


CAMERA PANS the camp. It's been left untouched. Quinn and Laurie are in the tent. All the flaps have been pulled back, so the tent is essentially exterior. Laurie works at a laptop sitting on a table.

LAURIE I don't care what the Sheriff says. He didn't just walk off. (indicates nearby coat) No one leaves without their coat, or their laptop -- or their car. QUINN Whatever happened to Michael must have had something to do with this.
Quinn compares the fax Laurie received to a wall chart of the local area.

LAURIE I've looked at that fax a million times, Quinn. Whatever Michael was trying to send didn't make it. QUINN (reading fax; then) What does Milt E-X-P mean? LAURIE John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Get it? If we found oil out here, Paradise would be lost -- That's Michael's sense of humor, that's why he named the computer files for this expedition after Milton. QUINN Milt-EXP is a file name? (off her nod) If the files are still in there --
A beat, then she reacts, deflated.

LAURIE Damn. They're all gone. Someone deleted them. QUINN Let me in there.
She slides out, let's Quinn at the computer. As he types...

QUINN The information could still be in here, as long as the memory hasn't been written over. It might take a while, but I can reconstruct it. LAURIE Wait. You don't have to. (just remembering) The field transmitters have three-day memory. We can reconstruct the fax by calling up the original data.
Quinn pushes the lap top her way.

Laurie types. The screen fills with a myraid of graphs, numbers and data. So fast, you can't even focus.

LAURIE I've told the computer to call up the last few hours of the day Michael disappeared...
And from there the scene plays out like the final version...

The next lost scene was altered because Cleavant couldn't say it with a straight face! In fact, you can find this scene in the season three gag least, what Cleavant could get out before dying of laughter...

ARTURO They say nothing. You get the same response if you ask about Michael Miller.
Parker walks across the restaurant, giving Wade a smile. She smiles back, then clues back into the conversation --

WADE I should get back. REMBRANDT Yeah, my break's up too. (stands; to Arturo) Look, when I was touring, I spent a night in a speck of a town called Eustis. WADE I've been there -- Florida, right? REMBRANDT (nods; then) It was hurricane season, so I never got further than the hotel bar. But after two hours, I knew more about the place than I ever wanted to know. ARTURO Yes, perhaps a visit to the local pub might be just the thing.
And from there it is as we saw it...

Another change...and Wade was to find the town's secret a slightly different way...

This scene was to take place directly after Quinn and Laurie finding the upturned tractor...


Wade is in the living room as Rembrandt comes out, showered and ready for bed. She's looking in the mirror.

REMBRANDT That was so weird with that guy today. WADE Parker said he was going to make it. REMBRANDT I guess I'm just glad it turned out all right. (yawns) I'm beat --
Now he notices Wade is actually PRIMPING in the mirror.

WADE I think maybe I'll go for a walk. REMBRANDT (smiles) And maybe see if you can run into Parker.
She ignores him, heads for the door.

REMBRANDT So, should I wait up or not? WADE Not. I'll be back in an hour. (off his doubt) Really. REMBRANDT Ah huh. But be sure to say hello to Parker for me.
She gives up. They share a smile and she exits.



Wade exits the B & B doorway, noticing that down the street, several people enter Erickson's restaurant.

She heads that way, arriving to find the lights are off, the "closed" sign is up and, looking through the window, it's easy enough to see that there's no one inside. She tries the door and to her surprise, it opens.

From there she finds the banquet room and the townspeople eating the goo...

At the beginning of Act Three, Quinn was supposed to surmise the worm was female in a short quip...




LAURIE I can't believe how fast that thing is moving.

Dots of light blink on the grid map as the amorphous shape moves across the screen. Then it suddenly veers off.


LAURIE Wait. It's changing directions again. QUINN Must be female. It can't make up its mind. (off Laurie's quick look) Joke. Tell which way. PCH is dead ahead. LAURIE Turn left. I think it's heading for the beach.
And the scene continues from there as we saw it...

The next small change adds a bit more clarity to how Trudy found the cave and why she wouldn't eat the goo...

TRUDY But he could still be alive.
Surprised, they turn to her.

TRUDY The beast keeps the sacrifices alive until she needs to eat. WADE How do you know? TRUDY Because it took me. (then) I was one of the first. It took me to a cave, somewhere near the cove. There were people inside, still alive. But I found a way out.
She gestures to the overturned bowl of slime on the floor.

TRUDY That's why I won't eat that. It reminds me of that day... and those people. LAURIE Quinn. My brother and your friend. It's possible they're still alive.
And the rest is the same from there...

In the episode, Quinn likened the worm to a marine nemertean...but in the script, he had a more bizarre guess...

WADE What the hell is it? QUINN A freak mutation. I'd say it's some kind of acanthocephalan. REMBRANDT Is that Latin for big freaking worm? QUINN It's a parasite found in humans. (checks screen) It's coming up, back to sea level. Turning right. It stopped.

And in the shootout scene, the Sheriff and Erickson were supposed to have some dialogue...

REMBRANDT They're both full. QUINN Just enough for a barbecure.

Quinn drives off down the beach, around the cove. Camera moves to REVEAL a car pulling up on the bluff.


Erickson and the Sheriff jump out.

SHERIFF They're heading for the cave. ERICKSON Good, then the creature will get them. SHERIFF We can't take that chance. Grab the ladder.
But Erickson doesn't move.

SHERIFF Come on. ERICKSON I can't. What if it comes back?
Erickson heads back to his car.

SHERIFF (shouts after him) If something happens to the creature, we're all gonna die!
Erickson doesn't respond, fires up the car. Angry, the Sheriff drops the ladder over the side. It's up to him.



The Jeep is parked near the cave mouth, passable at low tide. Wade and Remmy wire the charges to timers.

REMBRANDT Now wrap the black wire on the post and secure it.
Wade admires her work with mixed emotions.

WADE The things you learn while sliding.
Quinn comes running out from the cave entrance and over to them.

QUINN It's in there.
And from that point, it continues as we saw...

And one of the more startling changes is that in the original script...Michael didn't die. And the one fact makes the entire ending different (including a wink at "X-Files" and a world after they slide out)...


Quinn emerges from the cave. The others are standing off a safe distance away. Quinn starts running. He's barely clear when the ground shakes and there's a large EXPLOSION. Quinn's knocked down by the concussion. A column of FIRE and SMOKE blast from the cave roof straight up into the sky.


as Quinn gets to his feet, joins the others.

MICHAEL I don't know how you all did it, but thanks. From both of us. QUINN We can celebrate later. Right now I think we better get out of here.
They all start walking away. Quin falls in with Laurie. We FOLLOW.

QUINN (to Laurie) Who can you tell about this? LAURIE There's a guy I heard of at the FBI. He investigates this sort of thing.
CAMERA MOVES from the group, walking away to see the last of the ocean and the beach, and the fire sending thick black smoke into the blue Pacific sky.



The vortex opens depositing the Sliders like products on a conveyor belt. Plop. plop. plop. We HEAR a drumming.

ARTURO My God, are we back where we started? QUINN I don't think so. Look.

wearing loincloths and carrying small painted shields running at full tilt towards them.


as they from ranks, ready to repel the charge. But the men split and run past them, heading for the waves.

The Sliders watch as the men's shields become belly boards as they hit the surf. Quinn looks back up the beach. The drums keep beating.

QUINN I think it's going to be all right. REMBRANDT How much time do we have?
Quinn consults the timer. He smiles.

QUINN Two weeks. REMBRANDT Oh yeah. R and R.
They all smile. Then we see why.


Beautiful Polynesian men and women holding food, drink and flower leis approach. They've landed in a tropical paradise.

QUINN Aloha.
As they enjoy they warm greeting from the natives, we...



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