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Possible Season Three Resolution
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Possible Season Three Resolution
Written on May 5, 1997
by TemporalFlux (

Part 1

Now first you have to assume something for this to work. You have to assume that the writers originally meant for the Kromagg tracking device to be placed in Arturo in the form of the tumor (just because it made such good sense!) but due to JRD's departure, they now have to find another recipient in the cast. The next logical candidate, in my opinion and also what makes this idea work, would be Wade Kathleen Wells due to the fact that she was the only Slider to be seen strapped to down to a type of table or chair in the episode "Invasion" almost as if she were being prepped for some type of operation. The Kromaggs could have used their telepathic abilities to block the memory from her mind.

At the end of the last Sliders, we saw that the quantum quartet had been separated, with Wade and Rembrandt supposedly returning to Earth Prime and Quinn and Maggie trying to follow but to no avail due to a malfunction in the tracking ability of the Egyptian timer. Now, flash forward several months later on the Sliders timeline, when the season premiere begins...

Part 2

It is now several months after the separation of our Sliders and the season opener begins with a focus on Quinn and Maggie's journeys trying to find Quinn's earth prime. The latest vortex lands our quantum couple in a world of high trees and advanced technology. Quinn recognizes it's the Kromagg home world that was described in "Invasion"! Quinn also immediately sees opportunity. If he can liberate some of the sliding control equipment from the apes, he might have a much better chance of making it back to earth prime. Maggie advises Quinn against the attempt due to the strategic disadvantage he would face, but Quinn does not listen. In the middle of the night, Quinn leaves the timer with the sleeping Maggie and goes off to get the equipment he needs anyway.

Quinn almost succeeds in getting the equipment he needs, but he is inevitably caught and taken for interrogation, again. The Kromaggs discover that he is in fact the Quinn they captured once before who was sliding with three companions. The Kromaggs then tell Quinn that the reason they took so long in capturing him was because they were preparing for an invasion of a new world. They inform Quinn that when they last "met" him and his friends, they took the liberty of placing a tracking device in one of his friends and it now appears that the tracking device has stopped, so the Kromaggs were planning an invasion of the world they considered one of the very few threats they faced....Quinn's earth prime! They throw Quinn into a prison cell and continue preparing for the invasion...

Part 3

As Quinn sits in his prison cell wondering what will happen next, he hears a familiar voice from next door....HIS OWN! After talking for awhile, he discovers it to be the Quinn from "Into the Mystic", otherwise known as the Sorcerer. He was captured by the Kromagg dynasty shortly after they originally met during the Sorcerer's travels as part of finally living life instead of hiding behind a facade. The Kromaggs forced him to give them the technology for the control of sliding to add to their own (which was stolen from the smart Quinn who appeared in the pilot episode) and kept him alive because he is the most knowledgeable person in the field of sliding they have ever found and they may still have need of him.

After a short talk, a loud siren sounds and is almost immediately silenced by the power going out which also causes the shields of the prison cells to collapse. As the two Quinns begin to investigate, laser fire comes from around the corner and so does Maggie with a huge arsenal of liberated Kromagg weapons. She barks at them to hurry up, because her diversion won't last too long and they need to use this window of opportunity to escape. Of course, they don't make it far. Running down the corridor, they stop just in time to see that they are at a dead end, but Maggie recognizes the location as a type of entrance to a hangar and immediately blasts the door open with her Kromagg fire arm. Once the smoke clears, they find a bay with a lone occupant...a fully operational Sliding Ship just waiting for them. "Into the Mystic" Quinn tells them to jump in fast because he can get them out of here since he is able to operate the Kromagg equipment which he had designed himself. "Into the Mystic" Quinn fires up the sliding engines and sets out for the world where the tracking device is located, but, unfortunately, the entire Kromagg fleet is just behind them...

Part 4

Almost immediately after appearing on the tracking device earth, the Kromagg fleet appears from thousands of inter dimensional vortices and abruptly blasts the ship of our weary travelers in a very important system. The ship is out of control.

"Into the Mystic" Quinn manages to keep the ship from being destroyed in the crash, but at the cost of his own life. Our Quinn and Maggie pull themselves from the wreckage of the craft and look up in the sky to see thousands more of Kromagg vessels entering the dimension. They stand in shock for a few moments, but that shock is interrupted by a familiar voice. Wade runs up behind them filled with relief at the sight of her friends and terror at the sight of the Kromagg invasion fleet. Quinn has a tearful reunion with Wade and they all run off to collect their plan before the Kromaggs can capture them again. Quinn does not notice the swastika hanging on the government building as they run by, though.

Wade explains, over the bomb blasts coming from the outside, that they never made it home. Rickman's timer (assuming that Wade and Remmy had it) burnt out just as they entered the vortex and took the coordinates of earth prime with it. Without any knowledge of how to fix it, Wade and Remmy had to try to make new lives for themselves on that world hoping that Quinn would one day find them and rescue them from the hell of a earth where the United States lost World War II to the Nazis. Wade tells them of how her and Remmy had been in mostly in hiding since coming onto that world, with Wade working to support them since the Nazi view didn't leave much room for the African American in society. The group finally comes out of hiding to go find Remmy, and they see a most horrible sight. A city in ruins and obviously under Kromagg control. So, with Remmy out there somewhere, the Egyptian timer useless (since they left the last dimension before the timer hit zero), the Kromagg ship destroyed and a burnt out timer that once belonged to the man who killed Arturo, the Sliders ponder their fate...

Part 5

With the burnt out timer being their only hope left, Quinn asks Maggie to go looking for Remmy and bring him back, but Wade says she must go since she is the only one who knows the location of the secret underground Remmy has been leading against the Nazis. While their doing this, Quinn is going back to the debris of the fallen Kromagg ship to find any salvageable components that might be useful in fixing the burnt out timer and also creating another little surprise he has in mind...

Wade leads Maggie through the rubble of the city, dodging sparatic fire the entire way, to the entrance of the underground's base of operations, beneath the Dominion Hotel. The problem is that now it's just a smoldering crater. Thinking the worst, Wade breaks down at the loss of another friend when at that moment she hears the harmonic tones of his voice. Remmy was out leading a raid against the Nazi government when the invasion began, and had barely escaped a full battalion of Kromagg soldiers. He has the laser burn on his shoulder to prove it.

So, with the Sliders reunited, they return to Quinn who has just finished work on Rickman's timer and the display shows only ten minutes until the next dimensional window! Fortunately, he had finished his other task as well, but before he can tell anyone what he has planned, a regiment of Kromagg troopers break down the door after following Wade and Co. back to their hiding place. They tell the quantum quartet (telepathically) that they had let the three of them purposely escape so that the tracking device in Wade could lead them back to their main interest, Quinn Mallory. After this little telepathic speech, the timer's alarm sounds and Quinn gives a smirk...

Part 6

Quinn has the Kromaggs exactly where he wants them. He opens the vortex using Rickman's timer yelling for everyone to jump in quick. The other three waste no time and get through the gate just as Kromagg fire erupts from all around. Quinn then pulls a small device from his pocket and flicks a switch which makes it hum to life.

"I got an idea from my double," Quinn says, "You won't be following us this time!"

He throws the device to the ground as he jumps through the vortex which immediately closes behind him. The Kromaggs walk over and pick up the device to discover that it is, in fact, a type of scrambler. It scrambles photon trails to be exact, which negates not only the ability of the Kromaggs to follow where the Sliders went just now but also severs their connection to the tracking device which works on the same principle.

Thus begins a new era in Sliders. Now the Sliders not only want to find home, but they are also on the run from some very angry Kromaggs who probably want to hack Quinn into tiny pieces. Maggie also stays on due to her feelings for Quinn and also because she is just as much of a target to the Kromagg dynasty. (For the return of Arturo, see my other story entitled "The Real Thing") Needless to say, the next episode would be Quinn either trying to remove or permanently deactivate the Kromagg tracking device in Wade just to be on the safe side, and of course the conditions of the parallel world they landed would not be favorable to this course of action...but that is another story.

Never... THE END.

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