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Sliders Phone Card
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Above is a true rarity that is brought to us thanks to Lloyd Quinto. Did you find yourself wondering where people learned about the Sliders Phone Card? Well, above is the advertisement that told all which appeared in 1996 just before the fall season kick off (in most places featured as a two page spread - hence the second image). It gave information on how to obtain the card (a simple call got you one for free), but now you can only obtain the card through sheer luck. As you can also see, obtaining the card entered you in a sweepstakes in which you could win a walk on part on a future episode of Sliders. It is unclear who won this prize and what episode they appeared on...if anyone has any information on that, please contact me.

The card is now a very rare item and a nice looking addition to any collection of Sliders memorabilia. But even rarer than the card is the advertisement... something I had not even seen myself until Lloyd offered it to showcase on this site.

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