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These are scenes from Prophets and Loss. These scenes did not make it into the aired episode due to time concerns in the U.S. Special thanks to Canada's CoolSlider for contributing this information, Vortex62 for the screen capture, and Blinker for the video clip.

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This outtake takes place near the beginning of the scene in which our Sliders are inside the hotel room at the beginning of the episode. The scene begins with the shot of the outside of the Chandler Hotel which then cuts to the inside of the Sliders' hotel room. The camera is focused on the back of a television set and the shot slowly begins to pan left, towards Remmy and Maggie who are sitting at the table.

TELEVISION ANNOUNCER (off screen) Your new deck will add style and value to your home. Dealer cost, redwood tax, and import fees not included. Tax deductible gifts to the Oracle accepted.
Rembrandt uses a remote control to turn off the TV, and then places the remote on the table.

REMBRANDT The TV on this world sucks. Nothing but preachers and shows about how to add a redwood deck to your house. QUINN (getting up from the couch behind Maggie and Remmy and moving towards the window) I thought the Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament was pretty good. Who'd have thought Regis Philbin had such a powerful swing. MAGGIE You gonna eat the rest of your green stuff?
Quinn stops at the window and parts the blinds to stare out.

QUINN You may have the rest of my green stuff, and the rest of my brown stuff if you want.
The scene plays out as we saw it from there.

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