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The Prince of Slides Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

Working title:

The Once and Future King

These are scenes from the October 3, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode The Prince of Slides written by Eleah Horwitz. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first difference comes at the beginning, and I believe it was cut due to a continuity reference...






hanging over the admission's desk. It's the standard stars and stripes, except there's an outline of a GOLD CROWN stitched across the stars. CAMERA FINDS WADE sitting in a chair, writing in her diary. REMBRANDT'S behind her at a VENDING MACHINE, eyeing the selections and the prices, his hand full of various coins.

REMBRANDT Six pence for a Snickers. (checks the change in his hand) Oh, great. Not one of these is a pence, much less six.
Wade smiles sympathetically, scribbles in her diary.

WADE (V.O.) We have three days on this world. I wish it was longer. America as a monarchy sounds so romantic it would be nice to have more time to explore it... REMBRANDT (pulling out another coin) I kept a zinc dollar from that world where the geeks could enter your dreams. I wonder if this machine would know the difference.
As he slips the coin into the machine...

WADE (V.O.) From what we've seen so far, this world is very clean, with lots of parks and gardens. And the people are so polite...
Remmy pushes a selection button. Nothing. He sighs.

Quinn enters from a side corridor.

WADE How's the Professor? QUINN He'll live. But he's still pretty upset about sliding into a bee colony.
And the rest is as we saw it...

Another little tid bit or two...the news report we see at the beginning of Act One was from RNN (The Royal News Network), and the picture they showed of Remmy's double was supposed to reveal that he had longer hair than our Rembrandt (a look the double was to carry for the episode).

Our next missing bit comes at the palace when Remmy is waking up after the transfer. Arturo was supposed to give us a better look at that world's alternate history...

Rembrandt tries to sit up, but he can't bend in the middle. Quinn and Wade help him and put a pillow behind his back.

QUINN Easy, guy. You've just had major surgery. ARTURO Fortunately, with their advanced medical technology, you'll be up and around in no time. REMBRANDT Tell me that's not what I think it is. ARTURO Oh but it is Mr. Brown. In fact, you bear royalty. The Duchess Danielle is a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson, first *King* of America, and his second wife, the former slave, Sally Hemmings. REMBRANDT I'm pregnant?! I'm not even married! WADE The father is your missing double. If you hadn't shown up when you did, the little guy would've died.
As this sinks in, Rembrandt looks at and feels his tummy.

And the rest plays out like the final version...

The next missing scene comes after Danielle asks the Sliders to leave and has her private moment with Remmy...

DANIELLE Morning sickness is normal in the first few hours after transfer. You're lucky -- mine lasted two months! REMBRANDT (mouth full of crackers) I fink iff paffing. DANIELLE (gently) I told you it would.
Rembrandt opens his eyes, locks onto her.

REMBRANDT You're so beautiful. DANIELLE (touching his face) When Lady Mary told me you'd left, I wanted to die. And then the crisis came early... (and then) Rem, I know we've had our problems, but please, let's try again. I love you.
Before Rembrandt can get a word in, Danielle embraces him and they dissolve into a kiss.



Arturo's leaning against the heavy oak doors leading to the master bedroom, eavesdropping. Quinn and Wade, appearing at the top of the stairs behind him, approach.

QUINN What's going on in there?
As Arturo steps away from the doors, leads them a few feet away so as not to be heard...

ARTURO It's hard to tell. I heard a few muffled words and what sounded like... munching.
The Sliders exchange a look.

WADE I don't even want to know. ARTURO What did you find out on the Duke's whereabouts? QUINN Nothing. All I heard is the guy had a problem with living in the royal spotlight. I guess he and the Duchess had some big fights about it. WADE Well, I found a maid who said Lady Mary started a rumor that the Duke was cheating on his wife. ARTURO How do we know it was a rumor? WADE We don't, except the maid said it just couldn't be true. According to her, Remmy's double is crazy about Danielle. QUINN Some things are constant on every world. WADE The maid said she heard the royals arguing over this rumor, then the Duke disappeared. ARTURO (considering) So he might be staying away out of spite. WADE Even after his wife went into crisis? That's pretty low.
A CACOPHONY of CHURCH BELLS start up in the distance. As the Sliders react, a grim faced Stellos rushes into the hallway from the stairs.

QUINN What's going on?
He ignores the question, pushes past Quinn as Lady Mary and some guards enter the hallway from the stairs. Stellos opens the bedroom door without knocking.

Remmy and Danielle are kissing passionately when Stellos enters and startles them.

REMBRANDT (annoyed) Hello? Anyone remember knock- knock? STELLOS Forgive me, Your Grace, but there is grave news.
And as we saw, that news is the death of the King in his home at Monticello - something that now makes more sense once we know the missing bit about Thomas Jefferson as the first King...

Act Two was to begin with another little bit of alternate well as a short JOC swordsmanship display...





showing a photo of a nude male subtly covering himself (a la Demi Moore).


Wade sitting on the bed reading the magazine. Nearby, Quinn pulls a short sword from a scabbard that's attached to the bed frame near the headboard.

QUINN Check this out. WADE I guess they keep it nearby in case of a palace coup.
Quinn assumes a dueling pose and waves the sword at Wade.

QUINN Don't toy with me you saucy wench, lest I slice the bodice right off you with my trusty blade. WADE (deadpan) You do and I'll have my guards turn you into a eunuch. QUINN Ah, a fiesty one. Perhaps she needs to be taught a lesson.
Rembrandt comes out of the bathroom within the bedroom wearing a silk robe over his nightshirt. He walks toes-out, one hand on his lower back for support. As he starts to close the bathroom door, they all react as they hear a delayed TOILET FLUSH. As Remmy finishes closing the door...

REMBRANDT (over his shoulder) Thank you. (to Quinn and Wade) You know I think they carry this servant thing a little too far. (and then) Y'know I've had some amazing experiences since I've been sliding, but not one compares to the feeling of realizing you're carrying life inside you. WADE Can I feel??
He nods. Wade puts her hand on his stomach.

WADE I think I just felt it kick. REMBRANDT Uh, I think that was just gas. (and then) Any word on my double?
And the scene plays out as we saw it from there...

Also, the script had Remmy and Arturo glossing over the "tone deaf" fact at a much earlier point in the story...


Danielle sits on a beautiful, cushioned love seat/swing suspended form a huge, flowering tree, looking out over the luscious royal gardens which stretch out for acres (CGI), including a maze of tall hedges. Stellos stands next to her.

STELLOS As it now stands, I am to rule as Regent. But once the child is born, I will step aside and your husband will replace me. It will be his responsibility to rule as Regent until your son is deemed old enough. DANIELLE George, I'm concerned that if we tell my husband of this new responsibility it will only make him flee again.
Rembrandt and Arturo enter, bringing their conversation to a halt.

REMBRANDT (teasing) Hey, Stellos. Trying to make time with a pregnant man's wife? DANIELLE Rembrandt. How's our little king? REMBRANDT Little king. I like that. He's doin' great. I've been thinking about writing a song for him. I figure I could sing it to him while he's still inside here.
Danielle and Stellos eye him curiously.

DANIELLE A song? I'm not sure that's such a good idea. REMBRANDT Why not? STELLOS Because you're tone deaf, Your Grace.
Rembrandt and Arturo react -- oops.

ARTURO (then quickly covering) The Duke knows that. But... the baby doesn't.
He smiles as if making a joke. Rembrandt laughs, maybe a little too hard. Danielle and Stellos exchange a dubious look.

Then we cut to Wade and Quinn as they enter Camp Muir to find Rembrandt's missing double...

As to when Danielle finds out Remmy is a fraud in the script - well, that comes up in this scene...where we also learn something about Arturo's service in the castle...


Arturo sits in a high-backed, leather wing chair with his feet up on the matching ottoman and puffs a cigar. A uniformed maid pours cream into his Limoge cup from a silver creamer. A nearby tray is loaded with dome-covered dishes.

ARTURO If you'd be so kind, would you replace the pillows on my bed? I am sensitive to goose feathers and would prefer elderdown.
The maid curtsies and exits. REVEAL REMBRANDT on the sofa, eating ice cream and pretzels from a huge bowl which rests on his ever growing tummy.

REMBRANDT You realize you didn't even say than you? (becoming emotional) Poor girl's busting her butt and you can't even tell her how much you appreciate it. (abruptly harsh) And put out that smoke stack around my baby!
Arturo hides his amusement as he stubs out his cigar. Arturo begins lifting domes on the serving tray, checking out the various delicacies.

ARTURO Let me give you some advice about royal help. Most have been born and raised in service. They love to serve, indeed they live to serve and would be confused and hurt if their superiors did not behave in a superior fashion. REMBRANDT You know, you're so full of...
Danielle enters purposefully.

DANIELLE I heard the goodies were in here.
Danielle sits beside Rembrandt and helps herself to a strawberry. Rembrandt can't take his eyes off her. He holds his ice cream and pretzel concoction out to Arturo.

REMBRANDT Professor, would you take this to the kitchen, please. And have them save it in the freezer, I may want to finish it later. ARTURO But we have servants to...
Danielle looks up, surprised to hear anyone talking back to her husband. Rembrandt shoots Arturo a look.

ARTURO Yes, Your Grace.
Arturo exits, hoist on his own superior petard.

DANIELLE (re: Arturo) I hear that the cook spits in his food. REMBRANDT (laughing) No! DANIELLE (laughing) Yes. REMBRANDT (re:food tray) Good thing *I* ordered this little snack.
He grabs a handful of peanuts and is about to down them when...

DANIELLE (grabbing his hand) Rembrandt, no!
They stare at each other for a beat, then...

DANIELLE My husband has a deadly allergy to peanuts. (a beat) Apparently you, whoever you are, do not.
Off Rembrandt's reaction...

We cut to Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt's double in their car ride back to the palace...

When we cut back to Rembrandt and Danielle...Remmy is explaining the situation. But in the script, we were to gain another piece to Rembrandt's history...


Remmy's on a love seat. Danielle sits next to him.

REMBRANDT On my world, you and I were living together. We'd had a big fight. You took the car and -- you were gonna show me how it felt when I walked out on you. I should never have let you go. You couldn't even see through your tears.
Danielle is engrossed. The story is an emotional one for Rembrandt to relive.

REMBRANDT After the accident, I still had the boneheaded idea that we could make it right. But after you got well, you wouldn't look at me. I started crying and couldn't stop. It's how I got the nickname The Cryin' Man.
Rembrandt laughs bitterly. Danielle strokes his face, touched by Remmy's pain.

DANIELLE This story never happened to me, yet I feel as if it had.
And the scene finishes out as we saw it with Rembrandt quoting the poem the Duchess never sent...

There was also an added to bit to why Danielle wanted to transfer the baby without George knowing about it...

DANIELLE It's a lot to comprehend, but you've got to help us. (gesturing to the two Remmys) We must find a way to transfer the baby from this Rembrandt to the Duke. Without your nephew finding out. (to our Remmy) George likes to behead first and ask questions later.
Suddenly, we hear the SOUND OF PEOPLE heading up the stairs.

DANIELLE (knowing) Guards... QUINN We'll stall them.
As he and Wade cross and hurry out...

DANIELLE (to Lady Mary) Will you help us?
And of course, Lady Mary does...while helping herself at the same time...

Probably one of the most surprising changes from the script has to do with the delivery of the baby...

REMBRANDT (looking Arturo in the eye) Save... my son.

poised over Rembrandt's belly as Arturo prepares to make the incision. As he presses it against Rembrant's stomach,


burst open and Quinn and Wade rush in.

QUINN Professor, what are you doing?! ARTURO The infant is in distress. WADE The paramedics should be here...
The SOUND of a helicopter draws their attention.

WADE (smiling) ...any second. DANIELLE (heavenward) Yes! REMBRANDT It's about time something went right.
As Danielle and Rembrandt 2 start to bundle Remy up for the move.

ARTURO You cut it awfully close, Mr. Mallory. QUINN (re:knife in Arturo's hand) Look who's talking.

Then we dissolve to the next day and the good byes...which brings us to...

Danielle presses something wrapped in a handkerchief into Rembrandt's hand and kisses him on the cheek.

Remmy closes his eyes -- and then she moves away and he is alone.

Arturo opens the doors to the balcony. Danielle and Rembrandt 2 step out to show the new King to the cheering crowd.

THE CROWD (O.S.) Long live the King!

QUINN Take one last look, guys.
Quinn aims the timer at the TV showing the new family waving at the crowd.

REMBRANDT (dying inside) Lord, how I hate good-byes.
THE VORTEX OPENS. Rembrandt and Wade jump together into the votex. Then Quinn. Arturo takes a last look around. It was nice while it lasted. He jumps.

And then after we see the girl take her first flying lesson...


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