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Prophets and Loss Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S4

These are scenes from the October 9, 1997 9th revision draft of the script for the episode Prophets and Loss written by Bill Dial. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

One of our first missing bits occurs when Jane is describing the leaders during the church session...


as they take their places.

Our Chief Oracle is Gareth, a truly
gifted man.

Cadmus sitting next to Gareth. Cadmus is taking note of the Sliders' arrival.

JANE The other man is the Chief Counselor, Cadmus. They are both 'sighted' leaders.

with Jane and the Sliders.

JANE A special provenance from the Master Oracle himself. 'Sighted' leaders can make law.
Maggie nods her understanding. Jane looks at Maggie carefully, then at Quinn and Remmy, as if studying them more closely. Remmy notices, gives her a nod and a smile. Jane lowers her eyes, thinking, then gives her attention to the stage once more.

When later discussing the state of this world on the street, the timing was a bit different and Maggie had another comment...

REMBRANDT Sounds like a weekend at my Aunt Miranda's. MAGGIE How did the people let this happen? QUINN Must not have been paying attention when they should have been. When you don't vote, you get what you deserve.
They pause as a scruffy-looking man -- the first such one we've seen -- comes running out of an alley past the Sliders. He's being chased by two Enforcers.


as the Enforcers catch the man, brace him and drag him off.


as they react to this.

MAGGIE Does it say anything in those magazines about Oracle fashion police?

They continue walking.

REMBRANDT Well, they at least have technology -- cars, planes, CD players. Schools must be pretty good.

Next up in the order is the scene which was only lost in the United States broadcasts. You can actually view this scene by clicking the image below:

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Quinn, Maggie and Remmy are finishing up room service dinners. Remmy has the television remote. He's been channel surfing, and now he turns the set off.

Below is what was actually in the script for that missing scene.

REMBRANDT Nothing but preachers and shows about how to add a redwood deck to your house. QUINN I thought the Celebrity Pro-Am golf was pretty good. Who knew Regis Philbin had such a good swing.
Quinn crosses to the window and looks out. Maggie looks over the leftovers on his plate.

MAGGIE Are you going to eat the rest of your green stuff? QUINN No, you can have it. You can finish off the brown stuff, too, if you want. REMBRANDT What happened to the kitchen in this hotel? In most worlds, the food here is good.

The beginning Of Act Three offered more of a tour of the way to the Resistance headquarters...




The Sliders are being hustled along a dark, winding tunnel. The dark-clad raiders are pushing and pulling them along, flashlights shedding very little light on the wet walls and floor of the tunnel.


The Sliders come out of the tunnel onto a high concrete conduit somewhere in the flood system of L.A. The dark-clad raiders motion for them to continue. They have Uzis so the Sliders don't know for the moment if they've been kidnapped or rescued.


Various shots as the Sliders are hustled along by their captors, over rushing water in sluices, slong more dark and cramped tunnels, across bridges and dams. They're moving in secret passageways farther and farther away from the Oracle Center.


as the Sliders arrive in a large chamber that is apparently headquarters for this bunch. We get our first good look at their captors: dressed entirely in various kinds of black pants and coats, some with surplus army gear of various types. All wear black cloth masks covering their head and face except for the eyes. Now that they're arrived at their H.Q., they start to take off the masks and hats and we see that half of the raiders are women. They all smile at the Sliders, which is not immediately comforting to our people. They've seen a lot of smiles on this world, none of them friendly.


The raider who has been leading the way from the cloister has removed his bullet-proof jacket and mask and turns to the Sliders. He's a tall, rugged-looking fellow.

A big smile as he approaches Quinn and the others.

SAMSON My name is Samson. Welcome to the underground.

And Rembrandt had a missing line to Samson during one of his famous quote sessions...

SAMSON And you came here to help us? QUINN Not exactly. SAMSON What else could it be? As the poet said, 'God gives, but man must open his hand.' REMBRANDT What poet said that? SAMSON One of the big ones. (to Maggie) What's your job on the team?

We were originally supposed to be privy to Gareth's conversation with the Master shown by the missing beginning to this scene.


Gareth, at his desk, is finishing a phone conversation as Cadmus enters. GARETH (into phone) Yes, we're certain to get a lot of information out of him before he enters Chemical Re-Config. (pause) Certainly. Thank you, sir. I'll pass it along. He hangs up and turns to Cadmus, very pleased with himself.

GARETH (to Cadmus, indicating phone) The Master Oracle himself. He's very pleased. Samson is the highest ranking RadRat yet taken on the west coast. His re-config will be a great coup for the Oracle. CADMUS I'm sure you're right, but I think you should consider making a harsher example of him. And the others as well.
And from there, Cadmus goes to suggest that the Sliders and Samson should become Welcomers...

Another interesting difference in the script is where the Sliders ended up after sliding out of the incinerator...


is lit up with the real vortex. When the flash is over, we can through the glass that the portal is now empty.



One at a time, the Sliders are dumped down in a meadow. We are somewhere in the country, no signs of life or building around. Samson is coming around just as he makes the slide to this new world. Quinn, Remmy and Maggie pick themselves up and start to look around. Quinn leans down to help Samson to his feet. Samson is still a little stunned from the zapper, but okay.

QUINN It was Cadmus. SAMSON I knew it would be somebody. (then, re: the timer) Can that thing get me back?

Upon returning, the last part of Samson's speech to the crowd was cut out...

SAMSON But, for a change, we are going to have a free and open forum to find out. (points to the portal) I am not a Welcomer come back from the 'other side.' What you just saw was not a miracle, but the result of pure science. But a science not to be feared, but to be embraced for what it can teach us about our world, and ourselves. As Charles Darwin said: 'Accurate knowledge is the true wealth of the world.' It's time to step out of the shadows of superstition and fear. The Rationalist way will not forbid belief in the Oracle or in any other system, rational or metaphysical. There is room in this world for an infinite variety of thought. But there is no room for slavery of the mind or for tyranny from any ruling class. We will call for a Constitutional Convention to return to the principles of our founding fathers. Freedom of speech, assembly and religion will be restored and will never be violated again by any regime. No government can exist above the people. It must be *of* the people...

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