Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
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Bases for the Timers

The Egyptian Timer

The 1974 Tempo Cover

Arturo's Book Cover from "Prince of Wails"

British Pound from "Prince of Wails"

Almanac from "The Weaker Sex"

Popular Sports Magazine from "Eggheads"

Arturo Lecture Poster from "Eggheads"

Lottery Winner's Pack from "Luck of the Draw"

Phone Book from "Into the Mystic"

Pavel's Taxi License from "Into the Mystic"

The Dominion Hotel and Lamplighter

Wanted Poster from "Love Gods"

Kennedy Magazine from "Obsession"

Mallory Sword from "Dragonslide"

Jerry's "Stoker" Suede Shirt
by Raydelle Barr

The Kromagg Dagger

Cleavant's "Virtual Slide" Coat and Vest
by PrimeG

Rembrandt as Pagliacci from "World Killer"

Identity Bracelet from "Please Press One"

The Kromagg Bald Cap

"The Sliders" Fan Button from "The Seer"

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