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Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S2

These are scenes in the revised first draft of the Nan Hagan Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome script which was completed 2-15-96. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time concerns and story considerations.

The original script called for a mention of the Kromaggs since the episode was being produced to air after "Invasion". Fox's reshuffling of the episode order caused those lines to be deleted:

Wade pays a visit to Rembrandt at the recording studio the day after someone breaks into Quinn's basement and steals the timer...

WADE Have you talked to Quinn? REMBRANDT Not since last night. Something about the timer being stolen... WADE I'm really starting to get worried. (then) He said the whole basement was ransacked. REMBRANDT You think Arturo had something to do with this? WADE I've got to admit, it crossed my mind.

(then) You know what Quinn thinks? It's the FBI, foreign governments -- He even said it might be the Kromaggs. (Off Rembrandt: absurd) I think he's in denial, Rembrandt. He's insisting we're not home.

Originally Quinn was supposed to figure out Arturo was lying earlier the episode, but the following lines were later changed to reflect what made it into PTSS:

At the University press conference, Quinn walks in and Arturo calls for a break so he can walk over to talk with Quinn...

QUINN We need to talk. ARTURO (harsh whisper) How did you get in here without press credentials? QUINN You're not that important yet, Professor. I told them I was on the school paper. ARTURO What are your intentions, boy? To discredit me and steal the spotlight for yourself? QUINN Take all the credit you want. It doesn't change the fact that we're not home. ARTURO What? QUINN You heard me. It's close -- almost a carbon copy. But it's not our Earth. (off Arturo) Look. (then) I dug out my old baseball card collection. There's no asterisk by Roger Maris' home run record. ARTURO So? QUINN The Niners beat the Dolphins in Super Bowl 23. ARTURO Mr. Mallory, I am no particular adept of American football, but one thing I am sure of; the Niners defeated the team from Miami in a rout. (then) Everyone remembers that.
Quinn reacts -- this is obviously a lie --

QUINN How can you lie like that? ARTURO This is home, Mr. Mallory. If you're having trouble accepting that, I suggest you seek professional counseling. (then) Excuse me, won't you?

The museum of interdimensional travel was originally meant to look different than what we saw in the final product. Budget concerns caused ideas in the script to be scaled back, but here is a description of what it was to look like along with a missing line:

A crowd gathers around an enormous diorama, the size and scale of the Elephant Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Flashbulbs pop, camera/auto-rewinds whirr.

Wade and Rembrandt enter the exhibit hall astonished to see the Sliders diorama. It features a bronze statue of Arturo, finger pointing towards the horizon. He is massive, imposing -- like a statue of Lenin before Communism collapsed. Trailing him, like pack-bearers on Safari (reduced in scale to make them look even more insignificant), the three other Sliders.

WADE I don't believe this! REMBRANDT Who does that egomaniac think he's fooling? (panicked) We've gotta stop this. I got people from Rolling Stone here for God's sake.

Have you ever wondered how Quinn and Wade broke into the museum? All we were shown was Quinn and Wade walking up to the glass case. Here is the deleted scene that explains their entry:

Quinn has just attempted to call Rembrandt as he prepared to go onstage at MTV Unplugged. Due to problems with the Topps, Rembrandt wouldn't take the call...


Quinn tears through the contents of a steamer trunk --

WADE looks on as --

WADE -- I don't understand. Why wouldn't he take your call? QUINN We'll worry about Rembrandt once we get the timer -- (reacts) There it is.
He pulls out a small fishing rod, the cheeseball kind they advertise on late night T.V. --

WADE What's that thing? QUINN It's called a pocket fisherman. (then) My Dad gave it to me when I was a kid. (then) My Dad's double in this case. WADE What good's it gonna do? QUINN It's gonna get us home.

illuminated by lights. The lights blink off:

The building is closing for the night.

INT. MUSEUM - A guard move along an empty corridor.

GUARD First floor clear. Alarms set.

Laser beams emanate from the ceiling, a light sensor alarm system.


Quinn and Wade hunkered down. Quinn's got the fishing rod at the ready.

QUINN It needs more weight.
Wade searches, not much. However, she's got a necklace on. It's a film camera pendant. Quinn seizes on it.

QUINN Your necklace. Let me have it. WADE Penny Marshall gave me that when we closed her directing deal.
She takes it off, sad to see it go. Quinn weights the line and then steps out into the open --


Quinn casts the line towards the display case. The fishing line ribbons through the air. As it reaches its furthest point -- THAT ALARMS ARE SET OFF. RING. RING. RING.

Quinn reels the line back in, ducks for cover as -- ALARMS BLARE from the outside --

QUINN Three more false alarms, they'll be ripping the system out of the walls...
VOICES. Then the alarms turn off --



GUARD (into his radio) I don't know what the problem is, Ted. It's three times now. Shut the damn thing down and call the alarm company.

Quinn and Wade as the guard's crackling radio moves out of earshot --

QUINN Come on --
They move to the plexiglass display case - the timer waiting to be snatched.

QUINN It's at thirty seconds! (then) I must've timed the countdown wrong. WADE What?

The rest of the episode plays out as we saw it...with one notable exception. The famous "My God." Arturo quote from the end of the episode was not in the script.


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