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Rembrandt "Cryin' Man" Brown
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Another complicated one, Remmy (like Wade) is made from two action figures. To capture Remmy's likeness, I used the head from a Kenner Total Justice Black Lightning figure and the body of Peter Parker from Toy Biz's initial set of figures based on the Fox Spider Man cartoon from the mid 90's. No, it doesn't give Remmy spider sense. The use of these two figures most resembles Remmy's season two/three appearance.

As in the case with Wade, the heads of the two figures must be swapped. The best way to remove the Peter Parker head is to split the chest cavity at the seam on one or the other side. Don't worry if the plastic warps up or can fix this later with sanding and Sculptey. In order to make the head fit you may have to cut off the existing head stem and replace it with a small screw. This way, it allows the head to fit snugly without being loose in its new housing. After you swap the heads, most of the other work is just done with acrylic paint.

Black Lightning is a copyright of DC comics and is licensed by Kenner for production. Peter Parker is a copyright of Marvel comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. Rembrandt "Cryin' Man" Brown is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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