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Requiem Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S5

These are scenes from the January 13, 1999 first revision draft of the script for the episode Requiem written by Michael Reaves. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first changed bit is not something of real consequence. It was a "classic" comedy gag, though, which was for some reason removed...

DIANA Sure beats the toxic smog on the last world.
Rembrandt soaks up the visage before him and takes an even deeper breath. Perhaps too deep. He starts to choke uncontrollably. Maggie moves in and gives him a good pat on the back.

MAGGIE You okay? REMBRANDT It's a good thing we left that world when we did. The air there nearly did me in.
Rembrandt recovers. He looks at the others, who seem to have come out of their previous adventure unaffected. He's not real thrilled about that and seems a little embarrassed.

REMBRANDT Must be my hay fever acting up. MAGGIE You look tired, Remmy. REMBRANDT No. I'm fine.

The original script also had Maggie being a bit more brash to the "newbies'" thoughts of Remmy being insane...

MAGGIE He's just tired. DIANA Or it could be something else. It could be physical or he may even be suffering from some neurological trauma. MALLORY It's obvious something is bothering him. What if he wigs out in a crisis? MAGGIE Did he wig out when he was hauling your butt through a Kromagg artillery barrage? (looks at Remmy) I know him. He'll be okay. MALLORY Point taken. All I'm saying is that we're in a dangerous business here and each one of us has to be at the top of our game. If somebody flakes at a time when we need him most...

And another bit of explanation on some unclear past history was deleted...

DIANA What is it with you? Remmy could be sick. Don't you want to help him?
Maggie realizes what she has just done. She takes a breath and backs off.

MAGGIE Sorry... it's just... (beat) he's never talked about what it was like in that Kromagg prison. I'd try to draw him out on it, but he'd just change the subject. (shrugs) After a while I quit trying. DIANA You're right not to push. He has to come to terms with it at his own pace. MAGGIE That wasn't why I stopped. I couldn't stand the pain in his eyes whenever I brought it up. After a while I thought he'd let it go but... DIANA Look, I probably over-reacted as well. You know me, when all else fails turn to science. MAGGIE And when science fails?

Did you find it to be a bit too easy for the Sliders to get into the lab where Wade was at? Originally there was supposed to be more of struggle...

REMBRANDT Wade triggered the alarm.
Rembrandt seems to speak into the air.

REMBRANDT I don't know how you did it, but nice work.
To the others it seems as though he's talking to himself.


Further along the Sliders stop again as they see: two KROMAGG GUARDS standing before the portal to the main lab. The Sliders peer around the corner of the corridor.

REMBRANDT (sotto) Good news is, we're here. Bad news: so are the 'Maggs. MAGGIE (sotto) Allow me...
She moves past Remmy.

The Kromagg guards look up as they hear FOOTSTEPS. They are, needless to say, almost comically surprised to see Maggie sauntering casually toward them with a come-hither air.

MAGGIE Is this where they're having the Veterans' smoker? I'm one of the dancers.
The two guards start toward her. Maggie backtracks, leads them past where the others hide. Remmy and Mallory step out and confront them.

The 'Maggs are surprised and catch a couple of haymakers thrown by Remmy and Mallory. It's a good start, but these 'Maggs are young and tough -- it takes more than that to put them down. A serious fight commences. The 'Maggs manage to draw their blasters, and one FIRES A BOLT that just misses Mallory and BLOWS A HOLE in the wall. CIRCUITRY SIZZLES AND SPARKS.

The second 'Magg guard lunges for a wall alarm, and ACTIVATES it before Maggie hits him with a flying kick.

REMBRANDT Wade, can you get the door?!
The door slides open. The others see this and look at one another, astonished, then...

They grab up the 'Maggs' weapons and run to the lab entrance. Bright light bathes them as they enter. The door closes behind them, protecting them from the 'Maggs they just overpowered.


The Sliders APPROACH CAMERA, staring in astonishment at the O.S. Wade.

REMBRANDT Wade? MAGGIE Oh my god...
And we know the rest from there.

And lastly, one tiny missing line of comedy was deleted near the end (it seems there was an active effort to remove things that were funny in this episode)...

REMBRANDT We want launch control -- that way. DIANA Wait, do we have a plan? MAGGIE I think this act is strictly improv. DIANA Just checking, because no sane person would actually plan something like this.
And they are gone.

And so too, are the lost scenes for this episode...

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