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Colonel Angus Rickman
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I decided to do a little something different with Rickman. I wanted to attempt to give him a morphing effect...and as such, I chose to pattern a figure after Rickman's bestial transformation in "This Slide of Paradise." To achieve this effect, I first attempted to find a figure who could pass for the Colonel as he was portrayed by Neil Dickson. The closest I could find was the Lt. Stone figure from Kenner's G.I. Joe Extreme set. Even though this figure was a bit more muscular than needed...I figured it could possibly add to the morphing effect and wouldn't be noticeable from a side angle (which is how I planned to display the figure). No real repaints were needed.

Then, I used the drummel tool to shear off half of Stone's head at a diagonal angle...and I did the same with the head of a X-Men Robot Fighters Wolverine from Toy Biz (with some of Wolvie's hair being sheared off too to keep it reasonable). Then I simply adhered the two face halves together with Sculptey which gave a slight wavey morphing effect. The hair on the arm is just generic doll hair also attached with Sculptey to give the effect his arm is turning bestial.

Rickman's syringe was made from the center portion of a wooden art brush (cut in the middle to size)...with a garment pin cut in half (the sharp end for the needle...the top end for the for the plunger with some Sculptey on top to make the top bigger). Rickman's timer was made completely from Sculptey. And of course, acrylic paint was used to give all the syringe and timer their well as giving the face additions flesh tone.

Lt. Stone is a copyright of Hasbro and Extreme G.I. Joe was licensed for production by Kenner. Wolverine is a copyright of Marvel comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. Colonel Angus Rickman is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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