Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
Rules of the Game Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the July 17, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode Rules of the Game written by Josef Anderson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to numerous factors...the main one being cost.

At the beginning of the script there is a slight difference (but not enough in my opinion to list out the first 3 pages). Originally, the Sliders were supposed to slide into a mock airport where a food table was set up...the dialogue was the basically the same as the final version, it's just that the Sliders boarded the simulated plane from the ground and Quinn got a chance to say "Bon Voyage".

Now for one of the first real changes...this scene takes place directly after the Sliders exit the simulated plane crash (Note: the announcer was called EGGHEAD)...




Large paintings and banners on the wall of the hanger, pictures of past champions. Hulk Stallone, Rachel MacLeish-Willis, Andy Schwarznegger. TV screens show "filmed highlights" of past games. The EGGHEAD continues.


Narlo plane ride, wasn't it? It's
our way of saying, yo bro, heads
up or you'll be slabbed out before
you know it. Our digit-heads have
created a very bitchin' course for
this Memorial Day weekend. I along
with 228 million blood fans out
there want to say, we hope to see
you at the beach.
The Sliders watch the other players loading up with weapons, food packs, ammunition. Quinn stops NICKY as she passes.

QUINN Excuse me, but how do we get to the beach from here? NICKY Stay alive. (off their looks) Didn't they tell you?
The scene plays out as we saw it from there...except that when the room starts heating up, the wall slides up to reveal a tunnel to escape through...

As the Sliders exit to the tunnel...the story takes a decidedly different turn...


The tunnel opens into a stone block room lighted by torches. The Sliders enter, look around. There are stacks of crates, two wooden doors in one wall. Beside each door, a carved GARGOYLE HEAD of stone. Quinn reads a sign over the door.

QUINN One speaks the truth, one tells lies, pick the wrong door, get a terrible surprise. REMBRANDT Over here.
The other three join Rembrandt. He's found the body of a dead PLAYER.

WADE Oh, my God. QUINN Don't look.
Quinn turns Wade away as Remrandt and Arturo examine the body.

ARTURO He's badly burned
Quinn points out a television camera above them. *We will see these throughout their journey.*

QUINN Look, we're being watched. REMBRANDT (addressing camera) Listen, man, there's been some kind of mistake here. We want to quit, so if you'd tell us how to get out of here, we'd appreciate it. ARTURO I doubt any culture that finds cremation entertaining will care about your request. Mr. Mallory, see if you can find something to cover this unfortunate soul.
Quinn pulls a tarp off one of the crates, covers the body.

Arturo wanders over to the carved faces. A button by the door says "Push Once Only." He doesn't see one of the Gargoyle's eyes swivel to watch him as he punches the button. A wall rises. The Sliders look at Arturo.

ARTURO I only pressed it once, like it says.
The wall rises all the way revealing a FIREMAN. These are robocop style androids. The Fireman turns his head, scanning the room with his heat sensor. He's got two tanks on his back. His hands are blackened pipe. He throws *great balls of fire*.


of the four bodies. His sensors lock on target.


The Fireman raises his arms.

REMBRANDT Something tells me you shouldn't have done that.
They all dive for cover as the Fireman lets loose two shots, mini-comets that fly past us and EXPLODE on the wall.

QUINN and Arturo hide behind a crate. They look over to Wade and Rembrandt hiding behind another crate. FIREBALLS slam into the wall above them. Quinn loads his shotgun.

ARTURO Perhpas returning fire would be a wise deicision at this point.
Quinn stands up and FIRES. The Fireman goes down in a shower of sparks. Seeing all clear, the group emerges.

WADE Look, there's stuff in here.
Wade moves to the alcove behind the wall and picks up a first aid kit. Rembrandt picks up some ammunition, examines the dead Fireman. Quinn steps over to the doors.

QUINN Anybody got an idea which door we take? GARGOYLE #1 This one. GARGOYLE #2 He's lying. GARGOYLE #1 I always tell the truth.
Our group exchanges an astonished look. Talking Gargoyles.

WADE Uncle Walt would have loved this. ARTURO I know exactly what to do. REMBRANDT Wait. You almost turned us into Slider McNuggets. ARTURO It's a simple logic problem. (to Gargoyle #1) If I ask your friend which door I should take, what will he say? GARGOYLE #1 He would say take this door. ARTURO We should take the other one.
Arturo starts to hit the button on the other door.

QUINN Before you do that...
But he hits it anyway. The door opens. It's the right one. A tunnel with an arrow that says, "This Way." Arturo heads into the tunnel. The others exchange a look, then follow.



Their flashlights bounce on the tunnel walls. The floors are wet. Water drips from the ceiling.

ARTURO Asking one gargoyle what the other would say forces the one asked to speak according to the dictates of the inscription, therefore you simply do the opposite of the response. Is that clear? WADE (it isn't, however) Sort of, but we should really discuss things before you push any more buttons. ARTURO Miss Welles, a team needs a captain, someone in command. REMBRANDT I don't remember electing you. WADE What's wrong with co-captains? QUINN Hey, up ahead.
They shine their flashlights on a wooden ladder that leads up a shaft. We hear a groan of metal, and the sound of something coming down the pipe.

QUINN Hurry, climb up!
Wade dives for the ladder and starts up. Arturo follows.

A large iron ball nearly the diameter of the pipe appears at the end of the tunnel, rolling towards them. Rembrandt pulls himself up. Quinn scales the ladder, barely getting clear before the ball snaps the ladder off and crushes it.


A manhole cover is slowly lifted up and set to the side. Quinn sticks his head out, looks around.


coming right at him, rolling over his head as he ducks.


Quinn pops up, looks down the street and sees three other SUV vehicles. Their hoods are open. Two groups of PLAYERS are loading equipment into the vehicles.

QUINN Hurry.
As Quinn helps Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt out of the manhole, another TEAM starts their vehicle and nearly runs over them.

WADE Wait. Come back.
The Sliders run for the remaining vehicles.

QUINN Don't go. We want to talk to you.
The driver on the other team turns the key, grinds the starter. The vehicle suddenly EXPLODES.

The Sliders hit the deck. Vehicle parts drop out of the sky around them. A tire and axle piece just miss Rembrandt. When the smoke clears they stand up. The vehicle continues to burn. They are horrified at the destruction. After a beat, Arturo starts for the remaining vehicle.

QUINN Where are you going? ARTURO We must keep up with the other teams. REMBRANDT Not me. I'm walking.
Wade and Rembrandt hold back while Quinn runs after Arturo.

QUINN What do you know about booby traps? ARTURO If there is a bomb, once we locate it, you simply have to disconnect the correct wire.
Arturo examines the engine, then drops down to look under the vehicle.

QUINN Professor... ARTURO Just as I suspected.
Arturo gets up, climbs into the driver's seat.

ARTURO No additional electrical wiring to the battery. The dirt beneath the vehicle is undisturbed indicating no one has been there, hence a high percentage there is no explosive device.
Arturo confidently turns the key.

But he does and the engine springs to life.

ARTURO Would you like a ride, Mr. Mallory?
On Quinn's look.



Arturo drives, Quinn at shotgun, Wade and Rembrandt in the back seat. They stop at an intersection.

WADE I guess we can't get out that way. QUINN Doesn't look like we can get out at all.

that rises some 60 feet into the air. It circles the old section of the city where the game takes place.


We HOLD on them as a little more hope slips away.

ARTURO We have no choice but to continue.
Arturo drives on.


We HEAR GUNFIRE and some explosions in the distance. They roll through some streets for a moment, then stop.

QUINN That's close by.
Rembrandt sees something down the street.

REMBRANDT There they are.

to see some PLAYERS in the distance, pass through an intersection, running from FIREMAN. One of the Fireman stops at the corner, turns towards the Sliders.

QUINN We've been spotted. WADE Look.
A sign to an underground parking structure reads: "Level two awaits below, do you have the courage to go?"

REMBRANT How many levels are there? ARTURO Only one way to find out.
Arturo turns the vehicle towards the entrance.


Pitch black. Half of the head lights are painted out, making strange eyes moving in the dark. The vechicle stops.

QUINN What's that white stuff?
In the headlights we can see a white coating on the floor with fresh tire tracks in it.

ARTURO There's a light up ahead.
A source of light, obscured behind a support column changes shape, goes on and off, accompanied by a CLUNKING SOUND.

CAMERA ADJUSTS to see Quinn pull up next to a VEHICLE rammed into a support post, a dead player at the wheel.

Quinn stops their car. The group gets out. Their feet leave tracks in the white substance on the floor.

Arturo crosses to the dead man, lifts him up. Illuminated for a brief second we see a shredded face covered in blood.

WADE Hey, guys, look over here.
Wade and Rembrandt point their flashlights as the CAMERA MOVES FROM BEHIND THE COLUMN to REVEAL an ELEVATOR. The elevator doors bang back and forth on a body that keeps them from shutting. Quinn examines the white substance.

QUINN Ammonia. That means this is...
Suddenly a dark shadow dives at them. Then another. Wade shines her light up to the ceiling. So do the others.

At first it looks like the ceiling is painted black. But then it ripples with movement. It's thick with bats. Thousands of them. One bat turns to look at them, red eyes excited by fresh prey. The bats SCREAM and begin to swarm.


Run for the elevator! Run!
They are attacked by the bats as they run.

Wade and Rembrandt jump into the elevator as Arturo and Quinn push the body out so the doors can close.


Rembrandt FIRES the shotgun through the doors as they close, but one bat makes it inside and attacks Wade.

Quinn pulls the bat off and throws it out the doors just as they slam shut. The elevator starts going down.

ARTURO Everyone all right?
They shine the lights on each other's faces. Quinn has a couple of nicks on his face and hands, as do the others.


The elevator doors open, they step out, see a map. There are stairs on their side of the tracks.

QUINN This is the Los Angeles subway. ARTURO I can't believe they finished it. REMBRANDT Look, more supplies.
Rembrandt holds up a box of shotgun shells, Wade finds several bottles of water, a supply pack.

WADE Remind me to change travel agents when we get back.
We HEAR the SOUND of Firemen coming down the stairs.

QUINN We got company.
They see TWO FIREMEN step into view. Quinn and Wade dive for cover before a FIREBALL hits. Arturo takes shelter in a glass ticket booth.

Rembrandt blasts two rounds, taking out one of the Firemen.


Arturo slides the barrel of his shotgun through the hole in the window, rises up to fire, and finds himself looking right into an approaching FIREBALL. It smashes into the window, filling the booth with an intense white light.


Quinn and Wade knock down the last Fireman with a copule of shots. They look over to see the ticket booth engulfed in flames. Rembrandt is already opening the door.

They help pull Arturo from the booth, drag him safely away. Arturo is in pain, holds his hands over his eyes.

WADE Professor. What's wrong?
Arturo takes his hands away from his face.

ARTURO I can't see. I'm blind.
On their faces we...



The second act opens with our Sliders exiting the the subway tunnel onto the bank of a concrete river bed. They are leading the blind Arturo and the dialogue is exactly the same as we saw in the final version (with Arturo complaining about Wade's leading abilities). The interesting thing comes with the nature of the concrete river bed...


we see a sign on the other side, "Level Three." There's a seven foot channel in the middle of the river filled with a green liquid. There is a ladder leaning against the far bank. One of the PLAYERS on another team suddenly appears and begins pulling up the ladder.

Quinn and Rembrandt run to the edge of the channel. In frustration, Rembrandt FIRES off a warning shot. Too late. The ladder is gone. Rembrandt ejects the shell and it drops into the channel, disappears in a cloud of smoke. Quinn picks up a piece of junk metal, drops it in. It dissolves, too.

QUINN It's some kind of acid.
Quinn and Rembrandt walk back to Wade and Arturo.


A LONG SHOT of four tiny figures making their way on the riverbed, the city rising in the distance outside the wall, surrounded by haze, glowing strangely in a fiery orange sun.


MOVING with them. In the distance we can hear GUNFIRE.

QUINN I wonder who came up with this game? WADE Some pretty sick puppies. REMBRANDT Maybe they got bored with the Superbowl. ARTURO Psychiatrists believe the games we watch and play are a reflection of the national psyche. QUINN So you don't think they have little league baseball on this world? ARTURO If they do, I would assume the little sluggers use the bats on each other. WADE What is that sound?
They all stop and listen for a moment. There's the SOUND of ENGINES, METAL SCRAPING. It's getting louder.

ARTURO Whatever it is, it's coming this way.
Suddenly we see appearing around a turn in the river bed, THREE monster trucks with MASSIVE PLOW BLADES in front, pushing everything in their path into the acid river.

QUINN We're going to have to jump it. WADE I don't know if I can jump that far. ARTURO Jump what? QUINN Uh, nothing, just a little ditch... thing.
Quinn starts throwing gear to the other side.

QUINN (to Wade) You get a running start, you can make it. WADE (re: Arturo) What about him? QUINN We'll figure something out. Go!
Wade backs up a few feet, runs at it and jumps, barely clearing the channel. She lands hard.

REMBRANDT If we each take an arm...
They each grab one of Arturo's arms. He pulls away.

ARTURO I can't jump if I can't see. QUINN We'll help you. ARTURO No. I can't. REMBRANDT You want to stay here and be road kill? WADE (screams) Hurry up!
Arturo considers for a moment and then holds up his arm.

QUINN When I say jump. Jump! One, two, three... GO!

As they near the edge of the channel the trucks are ten feet away...


The three are airborne and clear the channel, collapsing on the other side in a heap.

The MONSTER GARBAGE TRUCKS pass by as the Sliders rise painfully to their feet. Arturo remains on the ground. They now can see a staircase not far from them. It was hidden from view on the other side of the river.

QUINN We can get out over there. WADE Professor, you all right?
He's not all right. He's very shaken by the experience.

ARTURO Help me up.


From the cover of some trees, the Sliders watch THREE PLAYERS fighting off SIX ANDROID SOLDIERS. These Droids have laser weapons. The players are backed up to a small body of water. Several Zodiac style boats in view.

A laser blast tkaes out one of the Zodiacs. NICKY, who was taking cover behind it, dives to safety by a rock. The Androids advance on the players. It will all be over soon.


QUINN We gotta help them out. WADE I thought it was every man for himself? QUINN If they're dead, they can't tell us anything. And I have a few questions, like "how the hell do we get out of here?" REMBRANDT Let's join the party. WADE I'll stay with the Professor.
Wade looks back to see a despondent Arturo sitting by a tree.


Quinn and Rembrandt sneak down the hillside. Quinn picks up a laser rifle from a fallen Droid, and so does Rembrandt.

REMBRANDT How do you turn this thing on?
Rembrandt manages to hit the trigger and the laser erupts, nearly putting a hole in Quinn's foot.

REMBRANDT Sorry, man. QUINN Go for it.
They start firing. The lasers miss on the first couple of shots, but Quinn manages to hit one Droid in the shoulder.

The Droid turns to shoot back. In that moment, NICKY stands up and gets her shot off and burns a clean hole right through the middle of his circuits.

Rembrandt and Quinn lay down a cross fire.

The Droids turn and FIRE back up the hill at Quinn and Rembrandt.

Quinn and Rembrandt dive for cover.

Nicky and her Players stand up and finish off the last of the Droids.


rise up from the smoke and see the battle is over. They also see that Nicky is busy loading up her Zodiac and starting the motor. They start running down the hill to catch them.


Nicky and her players finish loading their gear, perpare to shove off as Quinn and Rembrandt approach.

QUINN Hey, listen, can we talk to you? NICKY I'm surprised you made it this far.
Nicky pulls out a pistol and levels it at them.

NICKY Throw your lasers in the water.
Quinn and Rembrandt hesistate for a moment, then comply.

NICKY If this was the last level, I could shoot you. But it's not, and I play by the rules.
And then she shoots a hole in the other Zodiac.

REMBRANDT Excuse me, but didn't we just save your butt? NICKY And I'm grateful. Here.
She reaches in a pack, takes out a small plastic device the size of a pager and tosses it to Rembrandt.

NICKY You find a hotel, that key will get you in. (she smiles) See you at the beach. QUINN What? NICKY It means good luck.
Nicky shoves off into the water. She looks back at Quinn, puzzled he didn't know the expression. We HOLD on Rembrandt and Quinn, watching them go.

Then it flows into the scene where they find the door to the hotel room and the scene plays out as we saw it...

The next changed bit comes when our Sliders get separated while leaving the hotel...


QUINN Find your way out. Head for the finish line. Signal us by firing three shots. We'll meet up.
And they hear the sound of DROIDS heading down the hallway.

Quinn and Wade see a stair way behind them. Only way to go is up. They start climbing as the first Droid appears around the corner, followed by a Fireman.


Quinn and Wade reach a landing three stories up. Quinn leans out to look down at his pursuer. One of the Fireman sends a flame ball rocketing up through the stair well and it crashes out through a skylight in the roof. Wade and Quinn start taking the steps two at a time.


We can see the city in the distance, the concrete wall that defines the boundaries of the game. The door to the roof opens and Quinn and Wade step out. Quinn shuts the door and piles some debris in front of it to block it. Quinn goes to one side to look, Wade to the other. No place to run, no place to hide. They both reach in their pockets for the last of their shells, start loading their weapons.

WADE Where's the reset button when you need it?
The laser rifles start to burn a hole in the roof door. It looks hopeless, and then Wade sees something across on another building.

WADE Over there.
She points and Quinn looks with her to see a sign that says, "Want to stay alive? This way to Level Five." Quinn and Wade run to that side of the building. Painted on the ledge is a pair of feet. Quinn climbs up onto the ledge, looking down six stories.

We se the portion of the ledge he standing on start to glow. An extension of flat polished steel quickly slides out from that building heading for another buildling thirty feet away. A narrow steel beam emerges, spanning the drop to certain death.


You're not afraid of heights, are


I'm more afraid of those things.
What about you?
The lasers burn a larger hole in the door. One of the Droids sticks his arm through and starts pulling debris away from the door.

QUINN I can get over it. Go.
Wade starts across the beam. Quinn fires back at the door, knocking the arm off of one of the Droids.

Quinn waits until Wade is half way, and then he stands up, takes a deep breath and starts across. Wade and Quinn look like a tightrope act as they walk across the beam.

Wade makes it safely to the other side. Quinn is half way there when the first trooper crashes through the roof door. Quinn is almost to the end of the bridge when a laser beam nicks his upper arm and he falls down on the beam, drops his rilfe which plummets to the street below.

Quinn frantically pulls himself along the beam.

A Street Sweeper Droid (one with shotguns for arms) gets Quinn right in his sights and is about to finish him off when suddenly the Droid falls back.

Quinn looks up to see Wade nailed him.

Quinn scrambles off the beam to safety. They look back to see the Droids and Firemen starting to climb onto the beam to come after them, laying down a lot of fire as they advance.

Quinn and Wade duck behind a wall.

QUINN Now what? WADE Uh, what about that switch.
Quinn turns to look beside his head. A switch that says "Close Bridge." Wade hits it.

The steel beam starts to retract. The soldiers and Firemen continue to advance, each one dropping like Lemmings off the end of the beam, still firing their weapons as they fall to the street below. Quinn and Wade watch the last one crash.

Quinn gives her a wry look. Is she enjoying this? Wade changes the subject by examining the laser wound on Quinn's shoulder.

WADE Not too bad. You'll live. QUINN Thanks to you. I didn't know you were such a good shot. WADE I'm not. I was aiming for the door.
Quinn steps over to the edge of the building, raises his shotgun and fires three shots. They echo in the city. No one answers.

WADE (shouts) Rembrandt! Professor!
Again they listen. Nothing. In the distance we HEAR MACHINE GUN FIRE, some EXPLOSIONS. The game is starting up again.

WADE Quinn, what are they going to... QUINN We'll find them. We will.
Wade nods, though she doesn't hold out as much hope as Quinn does. They head for the roof door to start down.



The beginning of Act Three is the same as what we saw in the final ep (With Remmy telling Arturo about his blind friend), but when we cut back to Quinn and Wade; things are decidedly different than what we saw...


LONG SHOT down a deserted alley. Shadows and head lights dance on the wall at the corner. Sounds of METAL being scraped and smashed. Suddenly, QUINN and WADE haul ass around the corner, illuminated in the head lights.

They begin to run right toward camera, dodging trash cans and junk. A moment later, around the same corner comes a MONSTER TRUCK, hot in pursuit, crushing everything in its path.

Wade and Quinn turn down another alley with the truck close on their heels.


Quinn and Wade look up just in time to see the DEAD END of the alley in their flashlights. A moment later they are pinned against the brick wall by the approaching headlights. Quinn looks around, looks at the truck. It's closing on them. Quinn grabs Wade by the hand and starts running straight for the truck.

WADE Quinnnnnnn!

running straight into a head on collision with the TRUCK.


At the last second, Quinn wraps his arms around Wade and falls down between the truck tires.

The truck rolls right over them and continues to the dead end wall, smashes right through it and keeps on going into the night.

QUINN I'm sorry, there wasn't time to tell you what I... WADE It's okay. (swallows hard) I just need to be quiet for a moment.
Wade looks at the hole where the truck went, at the pavement, back up the alley. We HEAR some mechanical sounds in the distance.

WADE Do you think he has a reverse gear?
A look, then they turn and start back up the alley.

WADE How long before we slide? QUINN A little over twelve hours. WADE What are we going to do if we can't find them? QUINN We're not leaving without them, all right?
They start back down the alley on a run.

Then we fade into Arturo and Remmy entering the warehouse where they find a spidery surprise exactly like in the final version.

The next altered scene takes place right after Quinn answers Wade's question about what he was thinking as the plane was crashing...

WADE (beat) Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.
Quinn stops in his tracks. A small avalanche of garbage rolls down into the street.

The first RAT appears at the end of the street. Not your household variety, but one the size of a well-fed Doberman.

WADE If that's not the ugliest dog I've ever seen, I really hope it's not what I think it is. QUINN I really hope it's the only one.
The rat is joined by a half a dozen others.


Wade and Quinn look up and down the streets. A couple more RATS come from behind, cutting off their escape. Quinn FIRES a shot down the street, not hitting them, but scattering the troops for a moment. Then Wade spots a manhole cover.

WADE Give me a hand.

Quinn and Wade struggle to pry it up. The street is quickly filling with more rats.

They pull the cover to the side. Wade goes down first, Quinn follows, firing THREE ROUNDS until he's out of ammo. He drops down inside as the rats make a rush for it.


Quinn and Wade run down the sewer to an intersection. The sewer is lightened by torches. They stop for a moment to decide which way to go. The first RAT drops down into the sewer thirty feet behind them. They take off running.


Quinn and Wade enter a chamber where several large pipes connect. The room is lighted by torches.

There's a pool of water that disappears under a bank of rock. Above it the words, "Take a deep breath, or this way ends in death." Quinn opens a pack, takes out the timer, wraps it in a plastic food bag, hands it to Wade.

QUINN If I don't come back... WADE I'm going with you. I think I prefer drowning to raticide.
Quinn tucks the timer in his pocket.

QUINN Three deep breaths, then we go.
The first rats appear in the chamber.

QUINN Three.
And they both take a deep breath and dive into the water.


Quinn leads the way, using his flashlight as they swim to find a way out. The pipe dead ends in what looks like a submarine door. Quinn grabs the release wheel, spins it, and pushes the door open. The water outside is flooded with strange light. He pulls himself and Wade out of the pipe and kicks for the surface.


A dark pool of water illuminated by a single spotlight. Quinn and Wade break the surface, gasping for air. Quinn looks about, spots the nearby shore.

QUINN This way.
Wade is coughing, and Quinn helps pull her through the water. As they reach the shallows, Quinn looks up. He's surprised to see


standing there with a laser rifle pointed at him.


As Quinn and Wade walk closer to the bank. We see that Nicky is looking pretty beat up. She's bleeding from one arm.

QUINN Don't shoot us, please.
NICKY FIRES a SHOT over their heads. They hit the dirt revealing a nasty little spiked tentacle hanging in the air behind them, linked to the larger thing hidden in the dark water. Nicky fires again, and the wounded tentacle retreats as Quinn and Wade scramble further ashore.

QUINN I thought you were gonna...
And then Nicky drops the weapon and collapses on the ground in front of them. They go to her. On their looks we



After we have the same campfire scene with Quinn, Wade and Nicky as was in the final version...we cut back to Arturo and Remmy who have found themselves in a much more interesting situation...


A single bulb glows in the center of a dark room. We HEAR VOICES.

ARTURO Pull. Again.
A door opens on the room. It's larger than we imagined with polished wooden floors. Rembrandt steps into the room.

REMBRANDT They got power in here.
Rembrandt fumbles on the wall for a switch, finds it, turns it on. Suddenly a few low lights pop on to reveal the ballroom. A spotlight snaps on an overhead glass ball that begins to rotate.

A WURLITZER juke box lights up in one corner of the room.

The arm swings out and selects a 78 RPM. It begins to play MUSIC.

ARTURO Music? REMBRANDT There's a juke box. We're in some kind of old dance hall. (listens) Hey, I know that tune.
Hums along for a moment.

REMBRANDT Come on. I want to see if the same guy wrote it.
He leads Arturo towards the Juke Box. We FOLLOW.

ARTURO Doesn't it strike you as a bit odd this is the only place with power? REMBRANDT (sings) Every time my baby gets blue, there's just one thing I can do... ARTURO Would you stop warbling and listen to me? REMBRANDT What?
They stand face to face. Behind them we can see the Wurlitzer change color. The glass front opens up. The swing arm selects a record. The record has saw tooth edges.

ARTURO Perhaps we're safer on the streets.
Rembrandt sees the Wurlitzer start rolling towards them.


rolls away from the wall, trailing a long extension cord.


REMBRANDT Professor?
SUDDENLY the Wurlitzer FIRES a RECORD at them like a discus. Rembrandt pulls Arturo aside and the record just misses them, then slices into the wall. These records are made of steel. Cutting edge music.

REMBRANDT Oh, no...come on. Hurry.
Rembrandt starts to pull Arturo.

ARTURO What is it now? REMBRANDT The juke box is trying to kill us.
The Wurlitzer fires three more records, all just missing.

Rembrandt and Arturo find shelter behind some debris. Two more records fly by them.

REMBRANDT It's throwing little buzz saws at us. ARTURO Is there a way out?
Rembrandt peeks up over the debris and can see that the Wurlitzer has moved between them and the door.

REMBRANDT Not at the moment.
The Wurlitzer FIRES a few more records that nearly takes Rembrandt's head off. They are pinned down by long plays.

REMBRANDT Nothing to do but sit here and dodge the music.
Then the scene cuts back to Nicky and Quinn alone where they talk about the slide, Wade, and Nicky requests for Quinn to place her medallion in the obelisk if she doesn't make it. Now back to Remmy and Arturo...


Rembrandt sneaks a look over the top of the debris pile.


And the empty record arm, out of saw blades, clicking back and forth with no ammunition.


Rembrandt stands up.

REMBRANDT I think we better go now.
Rembrandt helps Arturo stand. They start walking across the dance floor. The Wurlitzer turns to watch them. Rembrandt sees this. He picks up the pace.

The Wurlitzer starts after them.

REMBRANDT I think we better go faster.
The Wurlitzer picks up speed. No question, it's gonna ram them.

REMBRANDT I think we better run now.
And they do, heading for the exit door. The Wurlitzer gains on them. Just when it's about to flatten Arturo...


and the cord stretches tight and pulls the plug.


as the Wurlitzer loses power, loses lights and sound, begins to slow down. When Rembrandt realizes what happened, he and Arturo slow down too.

REMBRANDT Looks like it ran out of juice. Just a second.
Rembrandt walks back over to the juke box, looks at the title cards under the glass.

REMBRANDT You're not such a big bad Wurlitzer now, are you? (reads) Written by B.B. Broffman?
Just as Rembrandt stands up, the glass window SLAMS DOWN. It could have broken his neck. Rembrandt walks quickly back to Arturo, takes his arm and exits.

Fade into Nicky, Quinn and Wade fighting on the streets in daylight like we saw in the final version...

And finally, the ending was slightly different...

Quinn and Rembrandt make it to the obelisk. Quinn lays Nicky's body down, takes the medallion from her neck. A screen on the obelisk pops on, an OFFICIAL appears.

OFFICIAL You can't do that. QUINN Watch me.
Quinn drops in the medallion. Nicky's name and picture come up on the obelisk. It's a family picture of her, a husband and two children. Quinn reacts.

And then the fire extinguisher runs out. The firemen turn to them, lock on target.

Quinn and Rembrandt start running for the building.


The timer zeros out, the WORM HOLE opens. We can see Quinn and Rembrandt sprinting for us.

WADE Go Professor.
Arturo steps toward the worm hole as Quinn and Rembrandt enter the building.

ARTURO I can see something. Part of the vortex. I can see again. WADE Great, now go!
Arturo slides out. Rembrandt follows. Wade holds the timer. Suddenly a fireball slams into the building outside.

WADE Glad you could make it. QUINN Ditto. WADE How could we ever give this up?
Wade dives into the worm hole. Another FIREBALL slams into the building, one into the room.

Quinn takes one last look around, then he heads into the worm hole as the Firemen close in.




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