Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
Season Three Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found

At the beginning of each set of outtakes there is a script version listed. The Production Draft is the earliest version there can be. If you happen to have a script that is an earlier version than what I have...or if you have a script for an episode not listed...please contact me. You will get full credit for any information you contribute (including a link to your website for publicity).

Double Cross

Rules of the Game

Dead Man Sliding

Electric Twister Acid Test

The Guardian

The Dream Masters

Desert Storm


The Fire Within

The Prince of Slides

State of the ART

Season's Greedings

Murder Most Foul

Slide Like an Egyptian

Paradise Lost

The Last of Eden

The Exodus, Part 1

The Exodus, Part 2

Sole Survivors

The Other Slide of Darkness

The Breeder




This Slide of Paradise

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : Season Three Outtakes