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These are scenes from Slidecage. These scenes did not make it into the aired episode due to time concerns in the US. Special thanks to England's Slider from for the transcript, Australia's Azhure for the missing scene screen capture, and Canada's Blinker for the video clip.

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Quinn sets up the Slidecage so that everyone Slides back to the last world that they were on - except for Jules, who doesn't have a slide signature; and Thomas, who doesn't want to go back. He then programs the Slidecage so that anyone who tries to go to the Slider Prime co-ordinates will automatically get re-routed to the last world they came from so that no-one else will be trapped in the Slidecage and the Maggs will still be kept out of Slider Prime...
Thomas (to Jules) - So, er, you ever play checkers?
--- This is where the US broadcast ends. ---

The scene then cuts back to Massage Earth in the same room that the Sliders were in at the start of this episode...
Remmy - Blue skies, green trees... thank you (he takes a drink from a waitress) Quinn - We're not home yet. Colin - But there's places a whole lot worse (he smiles) Quinn - We'll get there bro, you can count on it. Remmy - I wonder where everyone else went? Maggie - Well wherever they went, I can't imagine peace between the Humans and the Kromaggs lasting for very long. Remmy - I was programmed to kill you Q-Ball, that's something I'll never forget. Colin - It wasn't you who tried to kill my brother, it was the Kromaggs. Quinn - You gotta admit though, it was the perfect plan. Maggie - Hmm not so perfect. They didn't count on you making a friend who'd stop it. The Maggs could get inside your head Remmy but they can't get inside your heart. Remmy - Yeah, to Jules (he lifts his glass) Maggie - To Thomas Quinn - And absent friends (meaning Wade and Arturo)
The show ends and the credits roll.

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