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Easy Slider Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S5

These are scenes from the January 6, 1999 first revision draft of the script for the episode Easy Slider with story by Janet Saunders and Jennifer McGinnis, teleplay by Tim Burns. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first venture to the almost-was is a missing line from Rembrandt immediately after coming out of the vortex...


dumps the Sliders onto this bleak landscape. They take a moment to get their bearings, turning slowly, as if looking for something besides what they see.

REMBRANDT Figures. I would have to be thirsty. MAGGIE This place looks familiar. REMBRANDT Maybe all these barren, empty, God- forsaken deserts are just starting to run together.

When the Sliders get on the bus, we were cut out of the the conversation the other Sliders were to have had with shed some light on why they were broke...


The bus is nearly filled with male and female workers dresssed in clothes that suggest they do outdoor labor. A few have on hardhats. Rembrandt and Maggie find empty seats. Diana sits next to a worker. Mallory looks around for an empty seat, finds a place next to a beautiful woman in her mid-20's, who seems to be asleep. He sits beside her. She opens her eyes, smiles. We'll get to know her as SAM.

MALLORY Sorry to disturb you.
She looks him over, sizing him up, likes what she sees.


REMBRANDT We get to wherever we're going, maybe we can get some jobs. Running low on cash again. DIANA (to Mallory) Why did you think you needed a bomber jacket? MALLORY Never had one. REMBRANDT Looked great on you too, till it went into that wood chipper. MAGGIE I wonder how far the next town is. We might get there tomorrow if it's no more than ten miles.

Sam is looking out the window. Mallory wants to break the ice.

MALLORY You work for Kincaid? SAM Yeah. We're B crew. On two weeks, off two weeks. My name's Sam.
From there we were privy to the conversation...

Another missing line is found near the beginning of Act One...

MALLORY Looks like everybody's getting ready to leave town. SAM No. They're just getting ready. DIANA For what? SAM The propaganda arm of the AQMD's got everyone freaking out that the Smokers are going to raid the town. REMBRANDT 'Propaganda arm?' Sounds like the Gestapo. SAM If it walks like a duck... and so forth... DIANA The guards at the check point called that dead guy a Smoker. They must be pretty nasty folks. SAM Depends on who you ask. The AQMD says they're outlaw bikers. They won't give up their machines, so now there's a bounty on them. MAGGIE Sounds like the Old West.
After that, we found that combustion engines had been banned by a Clean Air Act...and the bus ran on Hydrogen power.

Did you wonder how Rembrandt, Maggie and Diana knew about the polygamy on this world? It happened during their bar conversation...and don't miss the glimpse of season three Maggie in there!

BARTENDER Your head isn't on the bar yet. I'll run a tab.
He refills their pitcher from a draft beer tap.

BARTENDER You folks are new to Kincaid. MAGGIE Just arrived.
Just then, a female worker walks past. She's bracketed by two men and has her arms around each. The Sliders watch them walk by.

REMBRANDT What's the ratio of men to women here? BARTENDER 'Bout even. REMBRANDT Then how come some of the women got three, four and five guys hanging with them? BARTENDER You people are from way out of town, aren't you? We're polygamous in these parts.
The Sliders react to that.

DIANA Polygamous? MAGGIE You mean you can have as many wives or husbands as you want? BARTENDER Wives? You asking for trouble? Husbands. The women can have as many as they can handle. But only one wife per man. MAGGIE I could probably get used to that. REMBRANDT I used to be just a bachelor. Now I might become a monk.

Their pitcher of beer has hardly been touched. They can't seem to take their eyes off each other.

MALLORY I know we've just met, but it seems like I've known you for... oh... hours?
And from that, we continue with the lust fest as we saw it...

A humorous scene was deleted just after Diana asks what a Humvee is (only the Sliders stock vehicle since season three)...


They're checking out the assignment sheet.

DIANA Great. Maggie, Remmy, we're escort guards. I don't have to learn to drive an eighteen-wheeler. What's a Humvee? REMBRANDT (indicating o.s.) That.

are parked near a couple of eighteen-wheel rigs.


DIANA I think I can handle that. On the other hand, Remmy, maybe you should drive. I'll ride shotgun. REMBRANDT Then go get it. DIANA Go get what? REMBRANDT The shotgun. Says right on the sheet shotguns are being issued to the guards, along with the standard weapon, 'cause of the Smokers alert.

SAM We've got two hours before the first run. Let's get you some time behind the wheel.
And that they did...and if you listened closely, you could hear the poor transmission screaming in agony.

In fact, after Mallory blasts the air horn some more...we find out that Sam was to have heard it's pain...


Sam scolds Mallory with a shake of her head. He pulls her close. They kiss.

SAM I wonder if there's any teeth left on the transmission. MALLORY Speaking of teeth, yours are awesome. SAM How many forward geers are there in this rig?
And oh how quickly Mallory turned that into a sleazy pick up line...

And after Sam admits she actually likes this sleazy style, she was supposed to be realistic for a brief moment (a shock, I know)...

SAM I like your style.
He kisses her again. Then she pulls away and looks at him.

SAM Mallory, I have to know something, am I subsituting for the other Sam? The one who ran out on you? MALLORY You mean, am I pretending you're her? (off her nod) I've only known two Sams in my life. I went for the first, and I'm going for the second. Other than that, there's no connection.
They hold a meaningful look, then Mallory shifts into firt gear and accelerates, shifting smoothly through the gears, with a grin on his face. SAM You faker! MALLORY I'll do anything to get you alone. And then the scene cuts to later when the convoy is making its first run...

And after the successful run, the Sliders were to make a mention of their thoughts about Sam having other husbands already...

MALLORY Or maybe just good. DIANA Don't press your luck, Mallory. REMBRANDT She's got a point. MALLORY Hey, we're making beaucoup dinero. Everything's beautiful.
He puts his arm around Sam. She gives him a smile. He and Sam veer off, heading for the bar. The others follow a few yards behind.

REMBRANDT Looks like our boy's fallen in love. MAGGIE I don't know if I would call it love. But he's fallen in something. DIANA Do you think Sam has other husbands? REMBRANDT Wouldn't surprise me. It'll surprise the heck out of Mallory. MAGGIE I'm kind of looking forward to that.
And the Sliders head to the bar to be met by cheers...

After the Sliders find out Sam is a Smoker, we were to have a bit more clarification on their thoughts about finding him...

REMBRANDT We've got thirty-six hours till the slide. If the cops don't know where to find her, where do *we* start? DIANA And if she hasn't told him the truth about who she is, he could be in danger. REMBRANDT I'm guessing she told him. Gangsters fall in love, just like the rest of us. Besides, I'm still not clear on who's who in this deal. Heard a lot of talk about how bad the Smokers are. Yet to see any proof. REMBRANDT Anyway, Mallory's old enough to make up his own mind. And he knows when we have to slide.
The scene then cuts to the medieval like biker joust...

And near the beginning of Act Three, there was one last bit of missing dialogue...

MALLORY She's a revolutionary.
The Sliders exchange looks - "Oh, brother."

MAGGIE Revolutions have a way of turning on you. MALLORY I love her, and I believe in their cause. REMBRANDT Even if their cause is just, they're going about it the wrong way. MALLORY It's the only way they've got. MAGGIE Look, Mallory, we're not passing judgement. If you're in love, great -- but don't let it blind you. She's an outlaw.

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