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Slither Script Outtakes
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These are scenes from the February 25, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode Slither written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

As was the case with most of the horrible episodes of season three, the first draft of the script was exactly the same as the final episode...and I mean *exactly*.

The only differences found within the script are at the end. One change is that Maggie and Quinn were originally not supposed to have the lines about "When it comes to the opposite sex...I guess we can't trust our instincts". Also there is an addition to the ending that was replaced by the footage of Kyra lying dead in the jeep with the snakes crawling over her in the final version. Here is what we were originally meant to see...and I have to say, it's the perfect rotten cherry to place on top of this rancid banana split of an episode:

REMBRANDT I just figured it was like in the Bible. The apple was there, the snake was persuasive... only this time the man didn't bite.
Maggie and Wade approach. Quinn glances at the timer.

QUINN Let's hope the next world's a little less stressful. I could use a vacation from this vacation.
The VORTEX OPENS O.S. and they leap.


The Sliders tumble out onto a sandy beach. Sun, surf, tanned bodies.

REMBRANDT Oh yeah. Now this is more like it.
Wade notices a crowd of beach-goers nearby, looking up into the sky, shielding their eyes.

WADE What's everyone looking at?
The Sliders look up.


Against the bright blue, a WOMAN RIDES A BROOMSTICK. Smoke trails her, spelling out the words "SURRENDER QUINN."


As they react. HOLD ON THEM, then we...



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