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Sole Survivors Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the January 17, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode Sole Survivors written by Steve Kriozere. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Originally the attack that infects Quinn was supposed to be a bit more violent...

QUINN Some kind of animal attack. REMBRANDT Wolves, maybe. MAGGIE It'd have to be werewolves, then... With gold fillings.
The others look at Maggie, quizzically. She reaches down, off screen, and extracts something from Fenris' body.

Then she straightens herself and holds up a GOLD TIPPED TOOTH with its old, gnarled, bloody roots pointing toward Wade.

WADE (disgusted) Enough of the show and tell.
Without warning, the other BODY springs to life, lurching over and attaching its face to Quinn's calf.

WADE Quinn!
The snarling viciousness of the bite spins Quinn in a circle before he drops down to the ground. On his butt, Quinn strikes the back of the figure's head and neck repeatedly.

REMBRANDT Quinn, watch it.
Rembrandt moves in with the two-by-four, but just as he's about to use it on the creature, Quinn rips it off his leg.

The thing rolls over on its back. The Sliders freeze, sickened at the site. We PUSH IN on the creature's sallow-cheeked, but human face and its DEAD WHITE EYES.

WADE (O.S.) Ohmigod.
Off the Sliders' reaction...



Upon entering the abandoned warehouse, Wade was also supposed to try the light switch...

QUINN Looks like Bennish's room back in college. WADE Maybe drugs are what turned everyone into monsters here.
Wade sees a light switch and reaches toward it reflexively.

Wade freezes. She understands, but Maggie keeps going...

MAGGIE Don't turn on anything. WADE (hostile) Alright. MAGGIE The power system's already overtaxed... QUINN She gets it. MAGGIE Good.
Quinn moves Maggie away from the now steaming Wade.

QUINN You know what's going on with her. MAGGIE She lost someone. So hold it 'til downtime, and then deal with it. QUINN There is no "downtime" for us. Everything's treated on the fly. You could learn from her... start dealing with your own loss.
And it continues as we saw from there...

We see Debra (the immune woman) spread something on her nose just before they enter the hospital...and she offers it to the Sliders. But the final episode never explained what that was...

QUINN (to Debra) If you take me to the hospital, they can come back and fix the generator.
Debra reaches over and picks up a small canister.

QUINN (suspicious) What's that? DEBRA Mentholatum... For the smell. (then) We're gonna be knee high in death at the hospital.
The next shot is of the Sliders in the corridors of the hospital and it plays out as the final version did...

Did you ever wonder if the zombie situation was global and how it could be if it was spread through diet pills (not all people need to lose weight after all)? Well, this one missing line from when Maggie first meets the doctor explains all...

MAGGIE Listen to me... I was never exposed. DR. TASSLER You had to've been. The bacteria was airborne for a period before going dormant. MAGGIE Trust me. I can explain. I wasn't here then. (silence) Doctor?
No reply. Quinn closes in on the unsuspecting Maggie.

And the scene finishes out as it did in the final version...with Dr. Tassler opening the door just in time to save Maggie from an attack by Quinn...

Dr. Tassler also had a little additional humorous phrase in his explanation of what the bacteria does to a person...

MAGGIE This patient... He ate his own tongue. DR. TASSLER Swelling makes you fell like you don't have a choice. Your friend could be at that stage already.
Dr. Tassler walks over and shuts the lab's STEEL DOOR. It has a row of big locks runing down its side.

DR. TASSLER I saw it coming... had this steel door installed and stocked the place. Out there... the weak became the first human Happy Meals.
Then Maggie wonders why there was no military intervention and it continues as we saw it...

The original script also contained some totally out of character and out of line comments by Rembrandt at the second hospital...

WADE (manic) No one here, either. We gotta find another hospital. REMBRANDT Wade, I'm thinking Debra's right. There're no doctors left.
Wade looks furious.

REMBRANDT Oh, you gonna attack *me* now?
Rembrandt waits for a response.

WADE You heard what she said to me. REMBRANDT I heard. But you acted like trash back there, Wade. We've been through hell together, and I've never been ashamed of you before.
Wade tries to hold back her tears...

WADE I just felt desperate. Like I was losing everything to her. REMBRANDT Losing everything? WADE You and Quinn. REMBRANDT To Maggie? C'mon.
The conversation finished out from there as we saw it...

And the episode originally had some more focus on alternate history as well as the character of Debra and her past...

Wade and Rembrandt stop themselves.

WADE We'll meet you there, first thing in the morning for the slide. REMBRANDT You can do it, Q-ball.
Quinn heads out. As he opens the door, LIGHT floods in for a second, before Debra turns them off.

DEBRA So you people agree with me after all? WADE (distracted) About what? DEBRA That caffeine should be legal.
Wade and Rembrandt move to the window, and Debra switches the lights back on.

REMBRANDT (praying) Run, Q-ball. WADE He's gonna make it. I know it.
Debra tries again to distract them.

DEBRA Not that I don't feel guilty. Dealing caffeine to weight watchers wasn't real noble. WADE Better than Lipron. REMBRANDT People here must've been insane to take that stuff. WADE No more than people on our... back home. (then) Ask me... Liposuction's every bit as crazy. REMBRANDT I guess you're right. (toward a plate) Hey... is that bayberry? (fingers it) My mother grew this stuff. DEBRA Good for your mother.
Rembrandt realizes what this means to Debra.

REMBRANDT My mom wasn't breaking the law. DEBRA Then you weren't in this country. That's for sure. WADE (poignantly) No. We weren't in this country.
Off Wade and Rembrant's experssion...

We dissolve to Maggie finding Quinn with the syringe of Debra's immune blood to give to the doctor...

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