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Stoker Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the January 14, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode Stoker written by Josef Anderson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Once again a script which has a first draft virtually identical to the episode. There are a few noticeable changes though...

Our first change is found in the scene where Morgan has invited Wade to join the rock a missing line, we subtly find out that Morgan's origins trace back to Transylvania.

WADE What'd the other guys say? MORGAN They want to sleep on it, but it's my band, and I get what I want. And I want you. WADE Really? Oh, God, you don't know how good that makes me feel. (then) And how bad I feel to have to say I can't do it. MORGAN I could show you Europe. I grew up there.
Morgan moves closer, his lips brush her neck.

MORGAN I think we still own a castle in the Balkins.
Morgan starts to bite her, Wade sits up.

WADE I can't go with you. I'm leaving with my friends tomorrow night. MORGAN You can join them later. WADE It doesn't work that way.
Morgan's lips come to rest on her neck. He sinks his teeth gently, more a love bite than a kiss. Wade's eyes fill with pleasure.

WADE I can't miss the slide.
Morgan leans away from her neck, licks a drop of blood from his lips.

MORGAN What slide?
Then we cut to Quinn and Van talking of Janis Joplin...just as we saw.

There was also some missing dialogue when Wade bailed Remmy and Maggie out of jail...


Renfield leans against the van, watching Remmy and Wade. They are standing in fron to of a release gate for the jail. Wade is wearing dark glasses. Remmy paces.

REMBRANDT So, who is that guy? WADE I told you. He works for the band. REMBRANDT He gives me the creeps. WADE Hey, he loaned me the bail money. And he stood in line for three hours until they released you. He's okay. REMBRANDT I'll put him on my Christmas list. What's taking so long? It's gonna be dark soon. We slide in a few hours.
A matron escorts Maggie to the gate. She's got her personals in a zip lock bag.

MAGGIE Well, it's about... WADE Do you have the timer?
The matron opens the gate. Maggie steps through.

MAGGIE Nice to see you, too, Wade.
And it continues on from there like the broadcast...

The final change concerns the ending. Originally, Quinn had a much better way of defeating Count Morgan...

as the bike whips by Quinn and Morgan kicks him with his foot, sends Quinn flying.


Morgan slides to a stop, looks back.

MORGAN Give me the timer.

on the ground, pulling himself together. His hand falls on something. He picks up a thin cable, once a guy wire, stretched out in the dirt. He looks up. One end of it is attached across the alley to a wall, about five feet off the ground. Quinn looks to his side of the alley, sees something that will do for his plan.

Quinn struggles to his feet, picks up the cable, moves out of FRAME for a moment, then steps back into view.

Quinn holds up the timer.

QUINN Here it is. Let her go.

who pulls Wade off the bike.

WADE No. Don't hurt him. MORGAN Stay here.
Morgan guns the engine and starts down the alley at Quinn.


holding out the timer, and holding his ground as Morgan bears down on him.


on the bike, his hand reaching out to grab the timer.


who waits until the last second, then bails out. Behind him we see the cable strung at neck level.


who also sees the cable, but a moment too late.


on the ground as we hear the sound of the astral body leaving the temporal body.


of a headless motorcycle rider as it passes to the end of the alley.


as the bike crashes, he gets to his feet. He starts walking slowly towards Wade. We HEAR WADE SINGING. They embrace.



Wade's voice plays over as Quinn opens the vortex. Rembrandt jumps in. Maggie gets ready.

And the rest plays out as we saw it until...


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