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S3 Storyboards
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Storyboards are a common practice in feature films and in high budget television shows. They are used to plot out special effects, fight sequences and any number of things which a director may want to see in advance of actual filming. But you say to yourself...Sliders had this? Yes. But only in season three.

In season three, the budget of the series was the highest ($1.25 - $1.5 million per episode). This is why there were so many extraneous effects...that is what they largely decided to focus the money on. And as part of that, storyboard artist Brian Murray was brought on to help in the effects process.

The above storyboards were from the episode "Slide Like an Egyptian". The first set depicts Wade's rescue of the girl who was attacked by the escaping scarab (in the early drafts of the script and these images, the girl was a slave and not a scientist as in the final episode). The bottom three images depict the end of the episode where the Pharaoh-wannabe met his demise.

Storyboards were created for all the season three episodes, and I am attempting to liberate more of these images. If I am successful, this section will expand.

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