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First, let's look at the all important "29-year rule" scene from the Summer of Love script. This scene unfortunately did not make it into the final episode due to the fact that Fox felt it would confuse viewers since they aired episodes out of production order. Special thanks to Ed Hall for originally finding this important piece of Sliders history and sharing it with us.

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The setup is, after completing the calculations on the wall, Quinn hears Remmy singing outside and he ditches the FBI and runs after him. Then this occurs:


Where's the Professor?
As if on cue, Arturo bursts out of the loft, running after them and trying to hold four guns at the same time. Scant seconds later, the Feds also exit the building, sprinting after him. Arturo spins, dropping three of the guns and shooting the fourth one in the air as a warning that gets the Feds to freeze.

Uncomfortable carrying any firearms, he flings the fourth gun away and resumes running toward his friends.

Hurry up, get back in the car!
The Feds are scrambling to retrieve their guns as Quinn, Arturo and Rembrandt hurry back to the Cadillac.

Rembrandt jumps behind the wheel, Quinn and Arturo dive into the open back seat - Copeland and Yenn have retrieved their guns, they OPEN FIRE. Rembrandt is driving and ducking, as bullets whiz past the accelerating purple vehicle.

Seems like you two make friends
wherever you go!  Why am I not
The Caddy screeches around the corner at breakneck speed and gets away - for the moment.


Quinn in the back; Rembrandt drives, keeping a careful eye on the rearview mirror, while bemoaning his near brush with domesticity.

Man, that is the _last_ time I do a
good deed.  The Crying Man gave
that woman his all, and look at
the thanks he got.
(to Quinn, in mirror)
Now, what was that about the

It's badly damaged.  We can't open
the gate at will anymore.  So the
Professor and I did some
calculating based on The Helix
Spiral --

-- Felix who?

_Helix_.  It's a ten dimensional
form of Witten's index theorum.

Oh.  That.

It suggests there will be a single
window of opportunity on each
Earth we visit.  A moment in time
when the weakened powers of the
gizmo will still allow us to
access the gate.

The window he's referring to will
be different on each Earth - mere
minutes till it arrives on some,
several months on others.

So you're saying we may have to
wait _months_ on some of these
worlds before we can try and get
home again?

Correct.  We've re-rigged the
timer to serve as a countdown
device, telling us how long till
the window on each Earth we visit.

What if the window comes and goes
and we never access the gate?

I'm afraid it's 29.7 years to the
next opportunity.  So that's a
mistake we can not afford.  We
must always be sure to be together
at the appointed time... or else.

We're lucky we didn't miss the
window on this world.
He shows Rembrandt the timer: it reads 42 MINUTES, 16 SECONDS, and counting.

How far to the commune?

About forty-five minutes
_If_ we obey the speed limit.
That said, he slams on the accelerator.

That's the end of the scene. They have since mentioned the 29 year rule in 3rd and 4th season episodes.

The remainder of these are scenes from the January 3, 1995 Fourth Revision of the script for the episode Summer of Love written by Tracy Tormé. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time, story considerations and meddling by Fox.

The beginning of these enjoyable excerpts starts right off the bat...





MACE MOON (O.S.) Help! Somebody help! I'm being robbed!

a hyperactive guy with wild eyes and a crew cut, pacing in front of his store logo: a man in the moon face with a big open mouth...

MACE MOON (CONT'D) You know me - Mace Moon, The Moonatic - owner of Moonatic Electronics --
- PULL BACK TO SEE that his image is on a TV SCREEN. JAPANESE SUBTITLES quickly flash across the screen as he roars on...

MACE MOON (CONT'D) -- and my prices are so low, you customers are STEALING ME BLIND!!
- ANGLE TO INCLUDE BENNISH, the deadhead physics student (Quinn's friend and Arturo's nightmare). He's sitting on the couch, absently fiddling with a Rubic's Triangle while watching The Moonatic's high blitz commercial.

MACE MOON (CONT'D) I'm the Moonatic! Don't be a lunatic! Come and steal from me today!

This is CHANNEL 73, THE JAPANESE CABLE STATION, and Bennish is checking out his favorite new cult show, SUMO WRESTLING FROM TOKYO. As two massive sumos collide, Bennish is surprised by the sound of SOMEONE RAPPING ON THE FRONT DOOR.

Bennish moves to answer it, executing a final twist of the Rubic's Triangle - leaving it perfectly solved - then tossing it into a corner where a dozen other cubes, octagons, etc. have been identically conquered.

And the scene finishes as we saw it from there...

And a small line missing when the FBI begins to interrogate Bennish...

COPELAND (hushed) *This guy's a genius*? You sure we got the right Bennish? YENN How many Conrad Bennish Juniors could there possibly be?
Yenn nods at the waiting agent, who dims the lights and projects an image of Quinn (recent driver's license photo) on the wall in front of Bennish.

And did you ever wonder what happened when Remmy didn't show up to sing the Anthem like he was supposed to?

YENN (CONT'D) Rembrandt Brown, also known as The Cooking Man -- COPELAND -- Crying Man -- YENN (shoots her a look) -- Whatever. A neighbor claims to have witnessed a screaming person, fitting his description, drive a red Cadillac into a *huge blue whirlpool* that emanated from this house. She says... well, she says it "vanished like a ghost." BENNISH Cool. YENN Brown was last seen heading to Candlestick to sing The National Anthem... but he never arrived. COPELAND Huey Lewis had to be brought down from the stands to take his place.
Bennish grimaces.

YENN If you have any information regarding these events you'd better speak up now. BENNISH Look, I don't know *anything* - the cute little poet, the Cryin' Dude, never saw 'em before in my life.

And the tape of Quinn showed to Bennish? What would have been his last recording...just after he returned from Red light means go world...

YENN (leaning in) But you do know about the bridge.
Yenn nods and a snippet of Quinn's September video diary appears on the wall: a highly excited Quinn is pacing before the camcorder, having just returned from red light/green light world...

And Bennish had a cut line at the end of his conversation with the FBI...

BENNISH (still reeling) It's a hypothetical thing. A connecting point between universes. (close eyes, intense) If they're crossed the bridge - if that's why they're missing - it means they may've journeyed to a parallel Earth! Good grief, that's *unreal*.
Bennish moves toward the wall, spiritually speaking to the image of his former classmate, Quinn Mallory...

BENNISH (CONT'D) Man, I am insanely jealous. Wherever you are right now Quinn... (big sloppy grin) ... I just know you're having the time of your life!


lying chest down on asphalt; he's just landed with a heavy thump. He GROANS as he slowly gets to his feet.

WIDEN ANGLE TO INCLUDE THE OTHER SLIDERS, also recovering from a rough landing. Arturo is in a bad mood, wincing as he prods the side of his chest.

QUINN What's the matter, Professor? ARTURO You kicked in the ribs, that's what's the matter! Next time you Slide, watch where you flail!
And you know how it continued from there...

And a missing Arturo line during the discussion about the Spider Wasps...

REMBRANDT That supposed to make me feel better, girl? That these spiders can *fly* and sting my head off?! ARTURO (rubbing neck) I'm uh... not too fond of wasps myself. Got stung in the ear once, looked like Ross Perot for a week.
It's clear from the professor's uncomfortable glance at the sky that he's just about as scared as Rembrandt.

A frowning Quinn holds up the smoking timer, shaking his head.

And Wade tells Remmy about a promise she has already made to Quinn, even by this second episode.


are looking back to the spot where the gate closed up behind them. Wade is saddened to the point of tears.

WADE They're not coming, are they... They never made it through. (fighting back tears) I promised Quinn that if we ever got separated while sliding... I would try to look ahead... and try not to be too sad. (exhales sadly) I don't know if I can that promise, Rembrandt.
Rembrandt puts his arm around Wade, and the hippies come up just as we saw...

Some missing dialogue from this scene explains what relevance the music had...and why the hippies thought our Sliders were gods...


is lit by candles and features a picture of President North turned into a bulls-eye target. Members of the commune are spread out on the floor, waiting for the word from the just arrived Seeker, Skidd and Fling. They include a black man wearing tinted sunglasses called TEMELO, and a gaggle of pretty young waifs, FLOWER, DEXX and FAITH.

SKIDD They prophecy has been fulfilled. TREMELO Which prophecy this time, man? SKIDD The one we've been waiting for. TREMELO There's quite a few that fit that category. Didn't you say the world was gonna end last Friday? SKIDD Hey, this time I'm right on the money. I'll just let the music do the talking.
Skidd puts on a CD. A raspy-voiced TROUBADOUR is singing a Dylanesque folk-rock song in the Woody Guthrie tradition.

TROUBADOUR (SINGING) The Gods will come down from the sky Just two months after July In the summer of love They'll descend from above And men will no longer die And our brothers will no longer die SKIDD September. Down from the sky. What more do you want? FLING It's true Trem, we all saw it, the three of us.
Everyone's impressed by this - believing the flighty Skidd is one thing, but Fling and Seeker are not to be discounted.

TREMELO Okay... so we got two unearthly prophets disguised as humans sleepin' in our tents. What're we supposed to do when they wake up?
And that's where we came in in the final ep...

As Remmy was driving around the purple Caddy (before finding his funeral), he was supposed to be listening to a radio newscast...


at the wheel of the commune car of his choice: a convertible Cadillac, colored a deep Jimi Hendrix purple. He's cruising Cheney street, keeping an eye out for Quinn and Arturo as he stops at a red light. NATIONAL NEWS is playing on the radio.

NEWSCASTER (O.S.) The President called the massive peace demonstrations "anti-American" in nature and denied reports that the war has spilled over into New Zealand. And on a campaign stomp through the South, Vice-President Gingrich spoke of the need to win the "hearts and minds" of the Australian people.
The light changes and Rembrandt drives off. PAN OFF THE CADDY AND ONTO A BAKERY SHOP where a grungy-looking Quinn and Arturo exit, munching on danish and sipping hot coffee. Quinn scans the street but the Caddy is already a half block past and neither side sees the other.


concerned about the missing Sliders, but still enjoying the car, the blue sky, the feeling of freedom. The setting brings back memories; he drives on, relishing the sun-splashed realities of the summer of love in this San Francisco.

Rembrandt's attention is captured by a street corner sign; Camden Drive. He slows, drawn to it like a magnet... and makes a left turn onto Camden.

And so we are led to Rembrandt's past house...

And now for a never before seen, all important missing scene. You want to know why they could no longer slide at will? Check it out...

Conservative Bennish has just walked off, and Quinn is checking out the pamphlet...


Dazed from the meeting with Bennish's polar opposite, the two Sliders continue on, stopping by an alleyway. Quinn has been steadfastly working on the insides of the timer, now he closes the lid and points it toward the mouth of the alley...

QUINN It's time for a test.
Quinn pushes the button. Nothing. Not even a whimper. The Sliders exchange worried glances - Quinn reopens the device and makes more adjustments as Arturo leans back against the alley wall, arching his aching back.

Soon he is approached by a BLACK RADICAL with a huge Afro, cool psychedelic garb and mirrored shades, who is attracted to the Professor like a moth to flame. The stranger slowly circles the indignant Arturo, checking him out.

RADICAL You the man? ARTURO Obviously I am a man. RADICAL Wanna fly? ARTURO I flew yesterday, thank you. In ways you can't begin to imagine.
This impresses the radical. He steps back, looking at Arturo with new found respect.

RADICAL Killer-groovy. I'll be watching you, slick.
The radical circles the frowning Arturo one more time, then moves on down the block. The mud-stained Professor goes to Quinn, who is looking increasingly grim. Quinn shuts the device, looks up at his mentor and shakes his head...

QUINN It's what I was afraid of. The second stage micro-processor chips are fused beyond repair. Bottom line - the ability to create the gate at will is gone. History.
A Honda Prelude full of hippies drives by - they are hanging out the windows, HONKING THE HORN and HOWLING at the sky.

QUINN (CONT'D) Better get used to this place Professor. Looks like we may be stuck here. Forever.
MOVE IN ON ARTURO horrified by the prospect.

Then it cuts back to Remmy's house where he's telling Cezanne how he's really from another dimension. And once that scene is over, we cut back to Quinn and Arturo who discuss the Helix Sprial as a solution (just as we saw).

There was also originally much more to Wade's conversation with the hippies...


inside the big tent, wearing a colorful change of clothes and picking at a variety of health foods that have been laid out before her for breakfast.

The hippies are gathered around, watching her eat and rapt attention, waiting breathlessly for any pearl of wisdom she might toss their way. Wade looks back at them, amused and confused...

WADE So... you want me to tell you where the universe ends?
They nod expectantly; Skid and Seeker have notepads, ready to write down her answer. She shrugs and offers a flippant, joking response...

WADE (CONT'D) I don't know... just past Mars I guess.
Seeker and Skidd huddle excitedly, the other hippies lean in to hear their WHISPERED analysis.

SKIDD Do you realize what she's saying? The universe only reaches to Mars, the rest of the galaxy must be a cosmic illusion! Fantastic!
Wade is watching their huddle with a slight frown - she shakes her head and goes back to eating. The huddle breaks and all eyes are on here once again...

TREMELO Who really killed JFK? WADE It was Nixon, if you ask me. SKIDD I *knew* it. SEEKER What happens when you die? WADE (shrugging) Can't say. I've never died.
They huddle - more urgent WHISPERS.

SEEKER She's immortal! SKIDD Of course she is. I could've told you that!
Then Wade segues into astrology and the scene fades just as we saw it...

A missing line from Arturo explains why the FBI agents weren't directly behind him when he ran out of the hotel...

ARTURO Now... if you would all kindly slide me your guns... and lie face down on the floor.

In this 4th version of the script, the Cadillac Ride to the compound that explains the rules of sliding (seen at the top of this page) was deleted...the same explanation was found later in this version though. However, there were some revelations omitted from when the Sliders first arrive at the compound...

The Caddy screeches around the corner at breakneck speed and gets away - for the moment.



screeches to a halt on the outskirts of the commune grounds.

REMBRANDT (O.S.) Man, that is the *last* time I do a good deed. The Crying Man gave that woman his all, and look at the thanks he got.
Rembrandt kills the engine and the Sliders rapidly exit the Caddy, the three men hurrying across the rolling commune grounds... They come to a stop as Flower, Fling, and Seeker race up to them, throwing themselves on the ground before Rembrandt in worshipful fashion.

REMBRANDT (to Sliders, hushed) These people are all huge fans of mine. Don't be surprised by how much they love me. FLING Welcome back, my Lord. ARTURO Oh that's a little much, don't you think?
Rembrandt doesn't mind it at all.

REMBRANDT Seeker, my man, why're you crying?
Seeker looks up, tears on his cheeks - we can see a little green ram has been painted on his forehead (Fling has a blue bull, Flower on orange crab).

SEEKER These are tears of joy, master. I'm an Aries, the best sign of the zodiac. And I'm not worthy of it... I'm just not worthy. QUINN (to Fling, with urgency) Can you tell us where to find Wade? FLING Mistress Wade is with Skidd. He's beend drafted, and she's spiritually advising him on what to do.
He shows Rembrandt the timer: it reads 8 MINUTES, 16 SECONDS, and counting.


WADE It's an undeclared war, a war run by politicians playing for a stalemate. It's likely to go on without resolution for a long time and a lot of good people are going to be killed. (deep breath) I'm not advising you not to go, I'm just urging you to follow your conscience. QUINN How 'bout that, fellas. Leave the girl alone for a day or two and she becomes a full fledged guru.
And from there you should know the rest...

And that Caddy ride discussion about how the timer works now? It was moved to this point...

WADE Some truths are universal. If we can bring a few of the things we've learned on our world to parallel cultures, I say go for it. We can't just Slide from place to place aimlessly, we have to get *involved*.
Arturo is surprised when she punches him in the arm - it's mostly playful, but there's a message behind it.

WADE (CONT'D) And don't tell me what to do. I'm not your student.
The indignant Professor is rubbing his arm and preparing to give her a piece of his mind, when Quinn steps in.

QUINN Save it, you two. We have more important things to discuss. (opens timer) The timer is badly damaged. We can't open the gate at will anymore. So the Professor and I did some calculating based on The Helix Spiral -- REMBRANDT -- Felix who? QUINN *Helix*. It's a ten-dimensional form of Witten's index theorem. REMBRANDT Oh. That. QUINN It suggest there will be a single window of opportunity on each Earth we visit. A moment of time when the weakened powers of the gizmo will still allow us to access the gate. ARTURO The window he's referring to will be different on each Earth - mere minutes till it arrives on some, up to several months on others. WADE So you're saying we may have to wait months on some of these worlds before we can try and get home again? QUINN Correct. We've re-rigged the timer to serve as a countdown device, telling us how long till the window on each Earth we visit. WADE What if the window comes and goes and we never access the gate? ARTURO I'm afraid it's 29.7 years to the next opportunity. So that's a mistake we can not afford. We must always be sure to be together at the appointed time... or else. QUINN We're lucky we didn't miss the window on this window.
He shows them the timer. It reads 5 MINUTES, 16 SECONDS, and counting.


jolts to a stop beside the purple Caddy - Copeland and Yenn exit the car with the other two Feds who are now wielding semi-automatic rifles. They clearly mean business as they head out toward the heart of the commune.


are preparing to attempt to open the gate. Quinn checks the timer - when the counter reads ZERO, he points the device toward open space and presses the button.

To his great relief, the gate begins to form.

It continues from there with the six million worlds comment and the FBI running up just as we saw...

And when they first arrive on the next world after Quinn tells them have 48 minutes there...a distant rumble is heard and Rembrandt makes a discovery...

WIDE ANGLE to reveal the Sliders are back on Cheney street. The buildings look preety much the same, but once again there is an eerie absence of pedestrians and street traffic. Not a creature is stirring.

REMBRANDT (spotting something) Hey! I think I know where we are!
He moves to the picture window of Moonatic Electronics, nestled on the north side of the street, right where it should be. The man in the mmon face has recently been redrawn - it is now under water, eyes closed, tongue hanging out of its mouth as if it had drowned.

The other join him as he indicates a ton of graffiti all along the abandoned buildings shop windows.

REMBRANDT (CONT'D) Just look at all those Jewish stars. This must be the Israeli planet! ARTURO (worried frown) Those aren't Stars of David, Rembrandt. They're *pentagrams*.
Rembrandt's weak smile is replaced by a weak-kneed frown as we WIDEN ANGLE to reveal several pentagrams scrawled in red alongside a couple of screaming skulls. Some of the accompanying script seems to signify a graffiti-bound battle between pro-God and pro-Satan forces: Doomsday... The black hour of judgment is at hand... R.I.P.

Mother earth... God is crying, the Earth is drowning... Repent... 666... *Prepare to meet your maker!*

Meanwhile, the DISTANT RUMBLING is getting steadily louder.

WADE This doesn't look too promising, does it? REMBRANDT Are you kidding? East St. Louis is the French Riviera compared to this berg! ARTURO Do you hear that rumbling noise? It's coming this way, from the west. REMBRANDT Well, whaddya say we just wait right here? Whatever it is, it'll be here soon enough.
The other three are staring him down - they want to see what's causing it. Rembrandt SIGHS irritably, then reluctantly nods - the four Sliders head down the street in the direction of THE GROWING RUMBLE. Rembrandt is spooked and grumbling, getting himself all worked up...

REMBRANDT Maybe the folks who live on these worlds know we're coming. Maybe that's why the city keeps gettin' deserted. Maybe they're afraid you're gonna zap 'em with the gizmo like you did to me --
He cuts off as the Sliders round a corner and freeze in their tracks. They are looking to the west, and whatever it is they see has them aboslutely paralyzed, with a mixture of wonder, awe and terror.

Rembrandt starts crying, his voice a tiny squeak...

REMBRANDT There's something y'all should know.
CUT TO THEIR POV: an incredibly monstrous tidal wave, forty stories high, is rolling straight toward them! It is a blue sheet of water that seems to stretch to the sky...

REMBRANDT (O.S. CONT'D) I can't swim.


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