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The Real Thing
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The following piece contains the further adventures of the quantum quartet otherwise known as THE SLIDERS. This document is encouraged to be freely distributed but the characters and most of the elements of this story belong to St. Clare Entertainment and Universal Studios. They have been used without permission, but no copyright infringement is intended as this story is for the enjoyment of Sliders fans everywhere and not for profit. Enjoy the story and please send any comments to the e-mail address below as I would love to hear from you.

The Real Thing
Written on May 22, 1997
by TemporalFlux (

The events of this story take place around January of 1998 and were developed under the realistic assumption that John Rhys-Davies would guest star and not return on a full time basis....yet. Now for the presentation of "The Real Thing":

Part 1
One year ago...

In a dark museum, an interdimensional portal of unstable nature suddenly opens and a single woman is thrown free to the ground. This woman is Logan St. Claire, and she's not happy.

Logan has been tracking her double, Quinn Mallory, for almost 4 months now. She has avoided being sucked up by electric tornadoes, survived a world where water is as rare as gold, and even killed one world's Quinn before she realized that he was but a hooligan double of her nemesis in that world's version of Hollywood.

She almost had him the last time, though. It was a world were the Egyptian civilization never faded into history and her doppleganger was still there when she landed. At least, that's what she thought at first. After seeing that no one had left recently, she got a reading of someone sliding, and then another reading and another. She had come onto a world where sliding was common place, and thus lost her ability to track Quinn whose signal became lost among the many. She took an educated guess as to the correct sliding tunnel to follow, but to no avail. It was not Quinn who slid, but some Egyptian idiot instead. She immediately killed the Egyptian out of frustration and continued on her journey, hoping to find Quinn anyway...and now she's here.

Logan finally decides to look up to see what surroundings she has landed into this time and she discovers before her a large statue. Engraved on the bottom is one simple phrase, "Maximillian Arturo, The Father of Interdimensional Travel," and this gives her an idea...

Part 2
Present day, one year later...

The Sliders have had their fill of adventure and weirdness as of late, so the arrival on a world where Quinn was actually an Oscar-winning actor was a welcome change, but got old fast. The fame was starting to go to Quinn's head, and Wade couldn't stand it much longer. "Thank goodness it's time to slide," Wade tells Remmy. Quinn opens the portal as the timer reaches zero, and the other three sliders immediately jump through the vortex while Quinn enjoys "his" fame for a few final moments by signing those last autographs for the "adoring fans."

Wade, Remmy and Maggie come out on the other side of the tunnel as graceful as ever, with Rembrandt ending up in a nearby fountain and the two girls landing flat on their faces in front of the portal. They don't have much time to compose themselves, though, because as soon as they hit the ground a familiar orange portal opens directly in front of OUR Sliders' vortex!

Logan St. Claire falls out of the orange vortex to land feet first on the ground and immediately recognizes Wade and Rembrandt which prompts her to draw her gun and point it in their direction. "Well, well" she says, and she's about to fire her gun, not caring if it's the Sliders that "Double Crossed" her before, when suddenly Quinn comes shooting out of his vortex. The force of Quinn's exit sends him flying into Logan, thus knocking the gun free of her hand but unfortunately taking them both back into the orange vortex!

The other three Sliders are in shock. Just like that, Quinn saves the day and now is possibly lost forever in another dimension. They are about to jump into the orange vortex to follow him, but before they can another individual flies out of the orange vortex and into our advancing trio thus stopping them from entering before it closes. Rembrandt grabs the man on the ground and is about to show him the other reason people call him the Cryin' Man, when he realizes who it is....Professor Arturo!

Part 3

The Professor was in a state of pure elation. He reached out and gave Wade and Rembrandt a large hug while laughing with a sigh of relief, even if it wasn't the Wade and Remmy he was looking for. After a short talk, the Sliders discover that this Arturo has been searching for some of his missing comrades who had left him behind on a world almost identical to their home world because they mistook him for his villainous double who had stolen Quinn's inventions to gain fame. The Professor goes on to explain that on his earth prime, Quinn invented sliding by accident and had invited the professor to come over to his house along with Miss Wells to view his new discovery. They then tested it out and took Rembrandt by mistake...Rembrandt interrupts him. A realization comes over both Wade and Rembrandt that this is the Arturo that started the journey with them, the one that they left behind in "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome," this is the REAL Professor!

Wade and Rembrandt share their revelation with the Professor and the joy can be felt all around. The Professor is confused, though. he asks his fellow Sliders that if they are indeed the ones he knew then where was Quinn? And who the devil is this red haired woman with them that can't dress and most importantly, where is Logan...after all he wanted to introduce his fiance' who helped him complete his sliding device to his "real" family. Wade, Remmy, and Maggie don't have a chance to say anything, though, since the amassing crowd has surrounded them and is hoisting them into the air chanting "The gods have returned!" over and over against the column based Romanesque background...

Part 4

Quinn considers himself to be an experienced Slider, but he has never come out of one vortex to go directly into another, nor has he ever slid while being strangled by a woman that he thought he would never see again.

They come out of the vortex, hitting the cold, steel floor hard...but not hard enough to break the grip of the insanely empowered grip of Logan St. Claire. Screaming "Mallory" at the top of her lungs, she continues to strangle him until a blaring alarm sounds distracting her for a few moments, which gives Quinn a chance to knock her off of him.

Quinn grabs a nearby pipe to defend himself while he catches his breath, but Logan is already back up and knocks the pipe away before it can do any good. Then, pulling out a knife, she poises to inflict a fatal blow when a voice comes on to accompany to the alarm. The voice calmly says:

"The Prototronics Research Center will experience a Core Meltdown in T-minus 11 hours and 56 seconds. All exits have been sealed for the protection of the citizens of San Angeles....have a nice day!"

With all of these revelations hitting Logan at once, she finds herself whispering one phrase..."I'm home." Her distraction gives the recovered Quinn a chance to snatch the knife from her grasp and he says, "Yeah, it looks like we made it back to hell, but with that reactor about to explode and my timer not working since I'm out of the dimension the window was for; it looks like it's time to make a deal with the devil if either one of us are going to survive..."

Part 5

The Professor, Wade and Rembrandt had always missed home, but on a world where the Roman Empire never died and they are treated as gods due to their method of travel, they don't seem to miss it quite as much. Maggie, being the military mind of the group, is skeptical and doesn't take to godhood well, since she suspects any culture that makes someone a god so quickly.

The Professor explains to the others that Logan came to him in the middle of the night about a year ago. She claimed to be a scientist from another alternate earth who had invented sliding only to become lost on her first slide and she needed the help of the Father of Interdimensional Travel to get her home now that her timer was burnt out. The Professor says that he told her of his plight and how he could not really help beyond supplying her with the necessary equipment, and she decided to take him up on it. It wasn't until after the professor told her about his search for his friends and what had happened that she really gained a determination to help the Professor. It was as if she was driven with enough zeal to take down the gates of hell if that's what it took to find Arturo's missing friends. This is what the Professor liked about her. The Professor then begins to tell how their relationship grew until...

Wade breaks in at this point and tells the Professor the story of the true Logan St. Claire, the woman who tried to kill her and did kill the Arturo of her own earth just to get the sliding technology so that she could use it to raid other parallel earth's resources.

The Professor doesn't believe this, though. After all, he has now spent a year with Logan and has never detected an evil bone in her body, he only saw a strong desire to help him find Quinn and the others and also to be precautionary by taking firearms along which is something that their little haphazard experiment never even contemplated because they were too eager. It was preposterous to believe what Wade was saying.

The Professor changes the subject back to finding Quinn and Logan. He tells the Sliders not to worry, that Logan had enabled his device to actually track worm holes and he just where they had landed, and in 14 hours they would simply rendezvous with them and clear this whole mess up.

In another dimension, an alarm continues to sound...

Part 6

Quinn has convinced Logan to help. After checking all the doorways to see if they was a way, Quinn presents the only option available to them if they are to live through this. They are going to have to build another timer and import the coordinates of the last dimension from his timer into the new one so that they can slide back to where they were before. That way, both timers will work again since they are back in the correct dimension for the interface and Logan can use the new timer to return to her home world where they will part ways (Logan still hasn't told Quinn that she doesn't have her timer nor that the timer is in the possession of the Professor). Logan is apprehensive to this plan until Quinn gives her a revelation. If she doesn't help him, then they will both die and she'll never have the satisfaction of replenishing her world's resources because she'll be dead too.

They work feverishly on the timer to get it completed before their time runs out, the entire time both plotting how to outsmart the other. 4 hours left.

Meanwhile, back on Roman world, Maggie's suspicions are starting to come into play. She has discovered that the people of New Rome are going to kill the four of them in order to release their true godhood from the prison of flesh they are trapped in. You see, the citizens need the god's help, so they think that by helping these gods reach their unrealized full potential, the gods will be grateful and bless them greatly. The citizens plan to do this at sunrise, 3 hours away. Maggie tries to warn the others, but is caught before she can and is locked up for "her own good" by the citizen's army (insert gratuitous 'Maggie in a toga scene' here).

Part 7

Rembrandt awakens the next mourning to the pleasant faces of the caring citizens who had pampered him since he arrived here. A smile crossed his face until he saw that he was tied to a post and was being carted off by the "loving" citizens.

Once outside, he sees that it is almost sunrise and his friends are all in the same predicament. The one he does relish is hearing the Professor's voice utter the phrase "Blistering Idiot" to his captors. Then he begins to think, how are they going to get out of this one?

The citizens have called in the high priest and are preparing to sacrifice the Sliders when a bright light forms in front of the captured quartet. It's another vortex!! (Albeit highly unstable.) As the light of the vortex fades, two figures emerge. It's Quinn and Logan! And, seeing her opportunity, Logan immediately jumps on Quinn once again trying to kill him. The citizens begin releasing the captured Sliders thinking that they have now angered the gods by their actions since two more appeared and are now locked in mortal combat before them. And the Professor, seeing the hostility and death in the eyes of his love, finally realizes that everything Wade said was true.

He rushes over, with his timer still in the adjacent room that he was kidnapped from, and pulls Logan off of Quinn. He scornfully looks at her and says, "I can't believe you would deceive me so, Logan, I really cared for you..."

Logan says, "You just don't understand Max, stay out of this!!"

Now with Quinn confused by the sight of the Professor, Logan breaking free of Arturo to once again attempt to kill him, and Quinn's timer sounding the alarm for the next slide now that they are back in the correct dimension, the story takes and unexpected turn...

Part 8

After finally being freed, Wade, Rembrandt, and Maggie run to help their friends against Logan's rage, but before they can reach her Quinn's timer activates and vortex opens.

Rembrandt runs up to attack Logan from behind, but she kicks him back into Wade which hurls them both into the vortex.

Maggie jumps past the Professor, who was disoriented from a blow he took after hitting a nearby column that Logan kicked him into when she broke free, and gives Logan a good roundhouse kick just for good measure which causes Logan to lose her grip on Quinn but not before she rips his shirt causing the new timer to break free and hit the ground in front of the Professor. Upon hitting the ground, the new timer activates and opens another portal.

Maggie tries to tell Quinn about the Professor, but he interrupts her..."Save it! Let's get out of here while we can!!" and they both jump through Quinn's portal which closes soon after.

The Professor, now recovered, picks up the new timer from the ground and approaches Logan with fire in his eyes. He says, "I trusted you, I believed in you, I even loved you, and you would deceive me in such a way that now I have lost my friends again!!" Logan starts to say something but all that comes out is..."but Max..." and he grabs her. Instinctively, she pushes him back from herself and into the awaiting vortex that was formed behind him when the new timer hit the ground. It abruptly closes after he enters it.

Logan then falls to the ground, weeping from sorrow and anger. She really had gained feelings for this Arturo, and now both her chance at revenge and love were gone........silently a timer counts down in an adjacent room, almost beckoning Logan with every tick.


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