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As Time Goes By Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S2

These are scenes from the December 15, 1995 first revision draft of the script for the episode As Time Goes By written by Steve Brown. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

At the beginning is one of the "neat" missing portions of this tale. The truck that drove up to offer work to the Sliders was supposed have to license plates that read "Calexico". And later in the script at trial, we were to be informed that was a court of the fine state of Calexico.

Did you wonder why Quinn had a bandage around his leg at the beginning of Act One? That was a throwback to the original idea laid out by the script...

We open with this portion as Quinn is trying to get away from immigration...

As he runs along an eight-foot (preferably adobe) wall, Quinn looks around to see La Migra (The Driver) is not yet in sight.

He makes a quick decision, hoists himself to the top of the wall and over, into...


Beautifully appointed, even in winter. Quinn doesn't have much to time to appreciate it, because...

Barely have his feet hit the closely-trimmed grass when...


alerted, growling --

QUINN Down, boy. Good dogs --
No use. The dogs are on him, snapping, slavering, growling.

Quinn manages to fend off the first dog, but the other Doberman *takes a nasty bite out of his leg*. Quinn goes down, smashes his head, hard, against a rock.


struggling under the attack. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, an apparition in a black-and-white maid's uniform races across the yard to his aid.

WOMAN'S VOICE (wielding a broom on the dogs) Bad dogs! Bad dogs! (then) Get off him.
The dogs YELP in confusion. Take off.

Quinn looks up to recognize the stunning woman bending over him now, concern on her face.

QUINN (amazed) Daelin?
Daelin looks down at him. How did he know her name? As Quinn looks up at this angelic vision of a WOMAN, he blacks out from the bonk on his head and we --



Just after Remmy finishes complaining about Gordon Lightfoot, we were originally supposed to have a short scene back in the car with Quinn, Daelin and Kit...


study a map --

QUINN You're sure this is the route? KIT (a shrug) Usually. It's out of traffic, away from crowds. QUINN It's getting late... KIT (snaps) What do you want me to do? Call La Migra and tell 'em to hurry up? (off Quinn) Sorry, man. I'm kinda on edge. QUINN No problem.
Suddenly, there is a WHISTLE (O.S.) -- a lookout.

KIT Okay... That's the signal.
As they get out of the car --

The next thing we see is the roadblock of the bus, and the freeing of the prisoners...

Why did Quinn feel so strongly about Daelin? He went into a bit more detail when talking to Rembrandt at the bar on the next world...

REMBRANDT Only problem was, I was 15 and she was 29. (sighing, taking a swig) Sometimes your heart plays tricks on you. QUINN It's worse than that. (then; takes a drink) I can't put my finger on it... but I feel like she needs me. That it's destiny or something. (pushes beer away) I keep thinking I should have grabbed her and gotten her out of there.
And then Remmy suggests that maybe Quinn should look up the Daelin of this world...

And events ran a little differently when Quinn went to visit Daelin...

QUINN (cool, unflinching) My mistake. I thought you were someone else.
There is a definite tension between the two young men. Dennis ends it with a condescending sneer, then walks right past Dealin, and heads upstairs.

DAELIN Julie's sleeping. If you check on her, try not to wake her -- DENNIS Check her for what? She's not going anywhere.
Daelin seems near tears. And deeply embarrassed on top of it. She speaks to Quinn softly, averting her eyes...

QUINN Julie? DAELIN My daughter. (pause) Would you like to see her?
Off Quinn's reaction, we --



is holding a tiny baby girl in he arms. Quinn looks on in wonder as she gently rocks the beautiful child...

DAELIN Dennis wasn't always like this. Before we were married, he was... kind... and gentle. QUINN You're married?... I didn't see a ring. DAELIN (sad smile) I don't wear it. (off Quinn) He doesn't either... It's like we're ashamed. (offering Julie) ... Would you like to hold her?

holds her baby in his arms. For a moment, it almost feels like this is his family.

QUINN She's beautiful, Daelin. She's gonna look just like you.
Quinn and Daelin share a private moment, eye to eye - it's joltingly interrupted by the sound of a BLARING ELECTRIC GUITAR coming from down the hall.


starts to cry. Daelin flushes with anger and chagrin...

DAELIN Damn him! Can you believe he dropped out of med school to join a band... the idiot?! (then) God, where was my brain...? (making excuses) He usually doesn't play when she's trying to sleep. He's being macho 'cause you're here.
She gently places the baby back in her crib, then exits, heading down the hall toward the source of the noise.


doesn't know what to do. Dennis and Daelin are arguing out in the hall (O.S.). He senses the dispute is heating up - goes.



locked in intense altercation.

DENNIS Bitch, bitch, bitch. Ever since we had the kid, that's all you ever do! (then) I'm so freaking sick of it. I could puke.
And we saw the rest from there...

Another small difference...the original script had the Sliders landing in Alcatraz (not San Quentin) on backwards world.

Not long after the Sliders are "freed" from incarceration, they hear police sirens again and scatter. In the final episode, we only followed Quinn and Remmy to see what happened to them...but originally, we were supposed to shortly see what was happening with Wade and Arturo as well...

ARTURO On the contrary, Mr. Brown. It is simply running backwards in accordance with the physical laws of this universe. (then) If my surmise is correct, we may be called upon to slide at any moment. REMBRANDT Uh-oh --

looking in their direction. A man -- he might be Gomez Calhoun -- is pointing up the street, at the Sliders --

WADE What do we do? REMBRANDT I dont know about you, but I'm not taking any chances -- QUINN Take off!
As they go --


rush up the street after them.


patches out in pursuit as --


tear off down the street, past astonished onlookers --


have blended in with the crowd, unseen by the pursuing officers --

WADE (to Arturo) What are we gonna do? ARTURO Courage, my girl -- (then) We've gotten out of worse scrapes. WADE Not lately.
And then the scene cuts over to what we saw...Quinn and Remmy at the stairwell right as another "skip" occurs and they are saved...

Lastly, the original script had some different, rather odd side effects of changing time...

ARTURO No need to have a destructive child. Mr. Mallory is doing just fine on his own.
The Sliders move up now, wondering what Arturo is talking about.

ARTURO Have you noticed the rain?
They look up into the sky --

WADE It's blue! And... And my clothes aren't getting wet. ARTURO (holding out his palm) It isn't water. Or even liquid as we've come to know it.
In the b.g., the cops are reacting to the strange phenomena. The Sliders look around - incredulous. A little cat runs by, chasing a big dog.

REMBRANDT What the hell is going on? ARTURO You changed the future, Mr. Mallory! You have *ripped the fabric of time*. God knows what the consequences will be.
And it's like we saw from there...minus the rip in the sky and the overactive moon...

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