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As many have noticed, the all-important timer props from Sliders are made by using some interesting current items for the frame. The most famous of these is the Micro T-A-C Ultra Lite model Motorola Flip Phone which was used as the original timer's foundation.

The second most distinguishable timer body is the one used to make Dr. Jensen's timer which was used mainly by Col. Rickman in the dreary last days of season three. This timer was created from a Sega Genesis controller...but not just the average controller. The specific base used was the Toys R Us generic sold under the label "High Frequency" (also available at Wal-Mart under the label "Mad Kats"). You can tell by noticing the contour of the device which is a perfect match. Also, you will notice that the holes for the blue lighting are the same holes already present for the switches on the controller. It should be noted, however, that only the 3 button controller has the appropriate number of switch slots (the diagram below is for the 6 button which has too many slots).

Lastly, there is the Egyptian Timer. This timer is made from an RCA Universal Remote Control which can be found in "department stores" such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

For plans on how to build a timer of your own, visit XSlider13's site.

Now, that's all the ones we know for certain. There is one last timer model left, however...Logan's timer.

The closest base we have found for this timer is the "One For All" universal remote (courtesy of Humaggs):

However, this remote and its cousins are obviously not the same base used for Logan's timer. The recessed button configuration (in a pyramid shape) is distinctly different. Sources from the set seem to recall the timer base belonging to a specific television and not a universal remote. However, these sources did not work closely with the it's not clear if any of that recollection is accurate.

If you have any information regarding the base used to make the Logan St. Clair timer as seen in "Double Cross", please give me a mailing. I'll be happy to credit you for any clear solution to this mystery.

Special thanks to Timer Central for use of the timer screen captures from Sliders.

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : Artifacts : Props : Bases for the Timers