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The Other Slide of Darkness Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

Working title:

Raging Quinn

These are scenes from the January 23, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode The Other Slide of Darkness written by Nan Hagan and Scott Smith Miller. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first change is with the seer of the episode, Adra. Originally she was conceived to be an exotic 30-something black woman. But hand written changes in the script indicate the decision to go with more of a "Yancy Butler" look.

Did you ever wonder what that guy in the oxygen suit was doing in the fog at the beginning of the episode? Well, he was originally part of a storyline that was later dropped in the episode...

This scene comes right at the start of Act One, where the three Sliders have just regained their compsure and Quinn asked where Maggie was...

Maggie emerges from the fog, dragging the pursuer's body with her. Quinn tosses her a serious look.

MAGGIE Nice to know where you stand, though. (lays body down) Found him near where we landed. WADE Guess Rickman didn't waste any time getting his booster shot. REMBRANDT The Colonel didn't kill this man. There's no needle mark. My bet is he choked on the fog. QUINN The locals must be like us, they can't breathe the stuff either. WADE (pulls the man's wallet) Everett Keller. He's FBI. REMBRANDT Not anymore. MAGGIE Best place for Rickman to take cover would be up there. I'm going back in to find him.
She steps toward the fog forest --

QUINN No. *We're* going into town first. We know he hasn't slid out. I want to know if he's done any damage. (indicates the body) We need to report that too. MAGGIE We're not responsible for him.
Fed up, Quinn pulls Maggie aside.

QUINN I'm tired of having this same conversation. Lose the Lone Ranger routine. If we're going to survive, we've got to work together -- as a team. MAGGIE (nice, but --) Only team I've ever been part of was the Sisters of Immaculate Conception's varsity tennis squad. I was number one -- *in Singles*.
She smiles at him, then starts off towards the fog.

QUINN (nice, but --) Step into that fog, Beckett, you lose your bus ticket thru the inter-dimension. When Rickman slides, you'll be left here -- no way to track him, no way to avenge your husband's death.
Maggie burns, but clearly isn't going into the fog.

QUINN Nice to know where you stand, though. (loud; to the others) We'll send someone back for Keller.
And the next scene is the Sliders entering the town as in the final version...

Our next change concerns when Wade first meets Adra. Adra was supposed to give indication of why the FBI agent was there...

MAGGIE (what a nut) Well, she's normal. WADE She must've sensed the dead man's presence on you. QUINN Wade... WADE If she's got powers, Quinn, we should listen to her. (starts off) I'm going to ask her what she saw. REMBRANDT We don't have time for this.
But it's too late... Wade's already opening Adra's door.

MAGGIE Little Orphan Annie has a point. We should listen to scary Adra. Agent Keller isn't your problem.
He gives her a disdainful look, then checks out the street.

QUINN I'm going to find a phone.

One room, bedroom separated by beads. The place filled with icons, dolls, smoke. A statue of Papa Legba is in the b.g. Wade sits across from Adra. Candles burn brightly. Incense smolders. Adra sprinkles powder over the candle.

ADRA He's here to save himself. That's all. You tell him that.
Sparks, then mysteriously, the candle simply goes out.

WADE We can't just leave that man in the woods. ADRA Yes you can. It's t'ate for him. I warned him to leave it, that they'd be waiting and they were. They got him. WADE They? But the man wasn't killed by anyone. He died in the fog. ADRA He was sent to stop the killings, to stop the Foggins from taking people's spirits. WADE (gets it) He was investigating murders. ADRA Not murder. Limbos. Usually the Foggins snatch the life right out of you. But lately, they've been taking souls, leaving struggles; bodies with nothing inside. We've got 3 limbos in the village now. WADE Adra, we're looking for a man who takes souls. It's possible he's responsible for these people. IF you could show me one of -- ADRA No. You come with death. I t`ain't showing you the limbos.
Wade's gaze lands on Adra's Tarot deck.

WADE What if the cards say I'm here to help?
A beat. Adra fans the cards for Wade to choose. She pulls one, turning it up. Adra's hand goes over the face.

ADRA Justice. A strong card...

Quinn is walking back. Remmy exits a nearby store.

QUINN Not a phone within fifty miles. REMBRANDT I tried describing one to the guy in there -- he looked at me like I was from another world. (then) So much for doing the right thing.
Maggie exits with two young men from another store front. She thanks them and crosses to our guys.

MAGGIE Get this. Everybody's freaked because all of a sudden people have been falling into comas.
Behind them, Wadee and Adra exit Adra's... crossing --

WADE Only here they call it limbo.
Things continue from there as we saw...with Adra leading the Sliders to Lucy La Croix, victim of Rickman.

Did you ever wonder what happened if Rickman missed an injection? Maggie lets us in on it in this missing bit of dialogue just before the Sliders enter Bunt's cabin...

QUINN If he hasn't had his injection at all of this slide, he might be getting a little desperate. REMBRANDT I would too, with a fungus attacking my brain. WADE I wonder what happens if he doesn't get the booster when he needs it. MAGGIE Mad Dog Syndrome. (off their looks) Rickman had these outbursts. We'd call them Mad Dog's. He'd get this look in his eye. Totally insane. Five minutes later he'd be normal. Has to be connected.

Did you think the FBI story was over so soon? Originally, someone was supposed to come looking for the dead agent. This scene takes place as Bunt is leading Quinn and Remmy to the blood trail into the fog...


Bunt leads Quinn, Remmy and Maggie. We see their FEET move through the bush. CAMERA PANS to find another pair of FEET following them. Remmy HEARS a TWIG snap. He doesn't react. He falls in line with Quinn, gives him a look.

QUINN I heard it too. REMBRANDT Could be Rickman looking for his next snack. QUINN I'll move ahead and double back.
Quinn moves a little faster. A beat later, another pair of shoes moves up and stops. Quinn jumps the guy.

Remmy jumps the guy too. We have a dust up. The Man (RUEZ, late 20's, built, smart looking), pulls a gun.

RUEZ Back off. Both of you.
Quinn and Remmy do. Bunt pokes his rifle in Ruez's face.

BUNT You want to compare guns here, son? RUEZ Hang on there, Mr. La Croix. (lowers the gun) I'm Agent Ruez, with the FBI. I'm just looking for my partner. QUINN Keller. RUEZ You've seen him.
The Sliders exchange a look. Ruez gets it immediately.

QUINN I'm sorry, man.

The spot of the "incident." The yellowish fog hangs like a thin veil. Bunt leads them all into the clearing.

RUEZ The Foggins have been in these hill for hundreds of years. They come down every once in awhile and take things -- small animals, sometimes people. REMBRANDT For FBI, you're awfully casual. RUEZ I grew up here. I understand the people. The Foggins are part of mountain life. The locals don't want our help, so we stay clear. BUNT He's right about that. We don't like badges up here. QUINN Why'd you come this time? RUEZ Putting people into comas isn't what the Foggins do. We knew something else was happening. MAGGIE You can't possibly believe in the legend of these Fog creatures?
Bunt and Ruez exchange a look. Ruez indicates the fog.

RUEZ You're going in, right? Let's see what you think when you come out. BUNT Here's where I got him. REMBRANDT (off the ground) Something was hit. Let's hope it was short with an English accent. QUINN (to Maggie) Remember, this is just a recon job. We don't know how it will affect you after more than a few minutes. MAGGIE I'll be fine. REMBRANDT Ten minutes. Then you're right back here. MAGGIE Ten minutes.

In the "FOG EFFECT." Maggie finds the trail. It leads her up a hill. She disappears into the yellow world.


Quinn checks his watch, then studies the fog carefully.

REMBRANDT When you said Lucy might come out of it, was that just to keep Bunt from shooting us? QUINN The Professor was coherent after his attack. If he'd had time to regenerate his brain fluid, he would've made it. I'm sure.
Quinn checks his watch again. Ruez comes from the forest, carrying a mask and mini oxygen tank, hands it to Quinn.

RUEZ Had it in my car. If she's not back soon, you'll need it.
We then cut over to Maggie as she treks through the foggy woods...just as we saw...

Originally, Remmy was supposed to come up with the sulfur explanation all by himself...

MAGGIE It was the Colonel. I know it. I don't care whether you believe me or not.
She walks away. Quinn watches, both puzzled and irritated.

BUNT Give her some time, son. She's scared a bit, that's all. QUINN Maggie doesn't get scared. BUNT Everybody gets scared in there.

Remmy examines the fog before him, sniffs the air.

REMBRANDT Sulphur... RUEZ Seeps up from underground. REMBRANDT There must be a volcano under here. That would explain the fog, heat vapors from core activity. RUEZ You a scientist or something? REMBRANDT Just been traveling with one. (then) No wonder it chokes people. Oxygen binds with the sulphur and your lungs can't break it out when you need it. RUEZ The Foggins are able to breathe it though. (off Remmy's look) I'm not crazy. They exist. They're up there. REMBRANDT I'm not saying they're not. (then) You ever go in? RUEZ Once. There's a story about a local root -- Witches Butter, if you eat it, lets you breathe the fog. Only place to find it is up there. I almost died trying. Pretty intense. That fog can play hell with your mind. REMBRANDT (looks towards Maggie) Make you see things? RUEZ And then some.
Quinn and Bunt cross their way --

QUINN She's feeling better. We should get her back to the cabin. RUEZ I've got to deal with my partner. I'll come back tomorrow, bring those things you need for Lucy. Where can I find you? BUNT They'll be at my place. (to Quinn and Remmy) Y'all welcome to stay as long as you need.
Quinn nods, accepting. Off which --

We return to the cabin where Wade and Adra are in the middle of a ritual...

Did you ever wonder what Adra was trying to say? Here's the script wording for it:

ADRA In order to beat the ha'nts, you gotta go into their world.

Rickman's speech to Quinn in the bamboo jail cell was also quite different originally...

QUINN Let me out of here! (then) Rickman?!
Quinn continues to yell, and then stops suddenly. The man at the cave can't be Rickman.


standing right outside the cage, smiling strangely. His whole spirit seems altered in some irritating way.

QUINN (to Rickman) Get me out of here. RICKMAN Not what you really want. You're too far in now. That cage is the only thing you've got. I'd hold on to it.
Quinn looks at Rickman. He's insane?

QUINN They drugged you, Rickman. RICKMAN No. Don't have to. Had no way to check blood types, and some went bad in my system. (then) Sliding did the rest. The clear terror of it...
Rickman stares back in awe at the cave and the Backlit Man.

RICKMAN Just like *he* says. QUINN I thought it was you up there. RICKMAN He is me. He is you. Can't sleep... just like us. QUINN I sleep.
Rickman is shocked.

RICKMAN No... you could wake up in a dream. Trapped. Think you're sliding in there. Dimensions on dimensions. (re:cave man) He's right... die in a dream, and you're lost forever. QUINN It's not like that. RICKMAN (puzzled) You don't understand. He'll open your mind. QUINN How's he going to do that? RICKMAN Tracking death. Sliding with death. It's all worked out...
Rickman is obviously seeing something in his mind...


Where an elaborate formula is painted. A cross between Einstein's theory of relativity, and a primitive hunting scene.


QUINN He's going to kill us then. RICKMAN No. Not you. (looks at his timer) It's my time.
Rickman activates his vortex, and starts laughing in his eerie way.

RICKMAN Wish me luck. QUINN Go to hell.
Rickman laughs at this as he leaps.

Quinn looks toward the cave.


is still standing there. Waiting.

When then cut to Wade and Remmy trying to get help from Adra...and Adra bring up "Haiti"...just as we saw.

Also, Quinn's discussion with his double is different...

The villagers walking Maggie don't expect any trouble from a woman. They don't notice as she slides her under the clothese they've dressed her in, retrieving a rope. She strings it around one of the villager's necks, and pulls it taught.

MAGGIE Let me go, or he dies.
The villagers look over at Quinn 2 for a signal. Quinn 2 doesn't move a muscle, but the villagers circle Maggie, leaving her no escape.

MAGGIE I'll kill him!
The circle closes, and when Maggie is dragged off, the villager is on the ground, choked to death.


absorbing this horror.

QUINN What are you going to do to her? QUINN 2 That's up to you.
Before them, Maggie is taken up to a CEREMONIAL POLE and tied to it.

QUINN 2 It's a simple equation... you kill me, the villagers let you live. Do nothing, she dies. QUINN You're insane. QUINN 2 Not entirely. In fact, there's a theoretical explanation. (then) You'll see for yourself... and then you'll kill me.
Quinn 2 turns to Dagan.

QUINN 2 Clean him up. Bring him to the cave.

where there's a long stream of painted symbols and images. It's the mixture of primitive art and the physics equation we've already seen flashes of. At the end of it, a bare chested Quinn 2 is working. He has paint all over him, and it mats his long white hair, just like in Adra's dream.

Quinn is pushed in and forced to his knees. He scans the wall, absorbing what is intelligible.

QUINN Time can't be contained like that...
QUINN 2 raises his hand for silence.

QUINN 2 (whispers) Quiet. (then) I have to hear myself breathe.
The sound reverberates around, disturbingly.

QUINN I can't believe how you let this go to your head. It happens... people see you slide in, think you're a God. You don't use it like this. QUINN 2 You think this is the first time I've been worshipped? (then) It means nothing to me. This is about salvation. *Your* salvation. QUINN (re: the wall) I'm not part of this equation. QUINN 2 You are. Death is different here, Quinn. Your blood is already changed. The way the nitrous oxide is carried toward the lungs, it's all different. That sulfur taste won't ever really go away. That'll be me inside you.
Quinn 2 looks at Quinn. The puzzled look on Quinn's face is more than he can bear. Quinn 2 covers his eyes.

QUINN 2 No. You have to understand.
QUINN 2's fractured psyche is totally exposed in his eyes...

QUINN I'm sorry. QUINN 2 You *can* adapt. Dying is like breathing. Do it in unified space, and you're released, metabolically. (re: his equation) I felt when I landed here in the fog, and now it's all there...
Quinn 2 is so desperate, Quinn doesn't have the heart to say anything that might increase his agony. Quinn 2 sees this in Quinn's eyes.

QUINN 2 Don't feel sorry for me. You don't know what I've done. (pause) The Kromags... I'm responsible. QUINN You gave them the equation? QUINN 2 Hate me. The way they hate. Instinctually. Not like us... weak and terrified. You think they go to new worlds and cry when their wife's double dies? QUINN No. They rape and pillage. QUINN 2 With crystal like willful intelligence. The brillance of that. You have to see it. QUINN You don't believe that. You can't believe what you're saying. QUINN 2 You'd be saying the same thing. If you'd slid alone. (then) You had Professor Arturo with you. QUINN Rickman told you what happened? QUINN 2 Now you'll see what sliding brings out in you. The savage hasn't even been born yet. (then) It's lived and already died inside me. QUINN You're not alone now. You can come with us. Together, we'll find our way back.
Quinn 2 looks at his equation.

QUINN Don't put your faith in that.
Quinn 2 drops his head.

QUINN 2 You're going to release me into unified space. It's my only hope. QUINN Release yourself.
Quinn 2 points at the equation.

QUINN 2 You can't be that blind. Look at the formula. You're my only chance. (then) And I'm yours...
Quinn 2 begins untying Quinn.

QUINN 2 We are each other's salvation.
Quinn 2 places a machete in Quinn's hands, just as some CHANTING starts up outside.

QUINN No. QUINN 2 The ceremony is beginning. It's me or her.
Quinn tries to get by Quinn 2. Quinn 2 grabs him, clawing into Quinn's flesh with his nails. They begin to fight...

And then we cut to the end of the fight...with a decidedly *different* outcome...

Maggie cuts herself free, and then joins in the battle. She knocks down a few vilagers with some well placed kicks, clearing a path toward the cave.

REMBRANDT (to Wade and Maggie) Go!
Wade and Rembrandt struggle for an angle. Just as Wade's in the clear and runs out, Rembrandt is struck by a club. He falls to the ground lifeless. WADE Rembrandt! Wade comes back to Rembrandt, and she's swarmed. Maggie too is taken by the villagers. It's certain death for the Sliders when a TERRIFYING CRY pierces the night in a haunting primal yawlp.

The villagers all freeze.


staggers from the cave, covered in blood and paint. He reaches up, and squeezes the red down from the top of his head, revealing his brown hair.


turn their spears from the Sliders, and lift them toward Quin to salute their God.

The Sliders run to meet Quinn. Wade's smile drops as she see the look in Quinn's eyes. She hardly recognizes him...

WADE Quinn? QUINN C'mon... we're getting out of here.
But then the roar from behind them freezes the Sliders one more time.

The villagers are carrying the lifeless body of Quinn 2 over their heads. They CHANT with abandon.

Quinn stares at this, transfixed. Maggie pulls at Quinn...

MAGGIE Let's go.
Quinn takes a few steps back toward the cave.

WADE Quinn?! QUINN Something he had there. It makes sense... terrible, but perfect sense.
Rembrandt rushes up to Quinn...

REMBRANDT We're getting out of here, Q-ball.
Quinn stops, hesitates, and the forces himself to turn away from the cave.



Maggie, Wade and Rembrandt are outside. Wade looks at Maggie.

MAGGIE I'm not going through this every time with you. (then) We all do what we do, thanks for being there, move on. WADE You're welcome.
Rembrandt looks at THE TIMER.

Quinn comes out of the cabin, followed by Ruez and Bunt.

QUINN It's take time, but you keep her active, and Lucy'll form new neural pathways.
Rembrandt activates the timer.

QUINN (back to Bunt) She'll recover completely.
And without so much as a look to his fellow Sliders, Quinn leaps into the void.


over with Adra, looking at Quinn disappear.

WADE You were right. The Quinn I knew went into the fog and never came out.
Maggie and Rembrandt leap.

ADRA The Quinn before, he'd never get you home. This one clear and cold. This one...
Adra stops.

WADE What? ADRA Strange... but I hear a gate squeaking.
Wade smiles and leaps.



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