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Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S5

Working title:

Waiting for Beckett

These are scenes from the January 8, 1998 fourth revision draft of the script for the episode The Return of Maggie Beckett written by Chris Black. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

One of our first missing bits deals with Mallory's past history. As to why this part was cut? Could be because they wanted a different history for Mallory...or maybe just for time.

This scene is near the beginning when Maggie is talking in front of her memorial...

MALLORY Maybe. But it wasn't his decision to make.
She turns on him.

MAGGIE Everything was his decision to make. MALLORY Sounds like you two had some issues. MAGGIE You had it lucky. I saw the hologram of your family. It looks like "Leave it to Beaver". MALLORY Sure. Before Ward got sent to the white collar prison farm for embezzling from his company, and Wally and the Beav came home from school every day to find the car on the lawn and June taking a "nap" on the sofa. MAGGIE What? MALLORY (shrugs) Thing about holographic generators. They show you what you *want* to see.
Maggie nods. There's a moment of connection between them as we go to...

The bed and breakfast, where Diana has discovered something interesting about Roswell...

Some more missing dialogue came at the end of Diana's Roswell revelation...

MALLORY (to Diana) You really buy this? DIANA I think I always did. I became a scientist because I figured there was so much out there I didn't know. Things I had to find out.
She freezes the DVD image on a shot of the extraterrestrial.

DIANA I've got to try and meet one of them. REMBRANDT Count me in. MALLORY Good luck. DIANA You don't want to meet these beings? This could be the most significant event in the history of humankind. REMBRANDT Plus maybe they got some kind of death ray we can use on the Kromaggs. MALLORY I'll pass. I've heard those guys pack a pretty mean probe.
And that's where we came back in on the conversation...

The best missing scene of all comes at the beginning of Act Two. For some reason, some great alternate history was deleted...




Remmy and Diana move up the street toward the bed and breakfast. Diana looks a bit glum.

DIANA I guess it was too much to hope that Fresno would have a Reticulan Embassy.
Remmy is flipping through a hardcover book. The cover shows a picture of a Reticulan "grey" alien.

REMBRANDT According to this the little guys don't hang here on Earth very much. Still a little touchy about us dissecting their peace emissary, I guess. DIANA I wish we could have met one. Think of everything they've given humanity. REMBRANDT More than just velcro, apparently. DIANA What do you mean?
He flips the book shut.

REMBRANDT This world's entire history from the time the aliens showed up is different. The Vietnam War never happened here. Neither did Watergate. JFK wasn't assassinated because Lee Harvey Oswald warned the FBI the Cubans were planning to kill him. He's a national hero.
As they walk we can hear the sound of an EXCITED CROWD rising in the background.

DIANA All because the government didn't cover up the alien's arrival. REMBRANDT Welcome to a world where Americans didn't lose faith in their government. DIANA Doesn't give Oliver Stone much to do.
The rising HUBBUB of the crowd finally draws their attention, and they now see the mob crowding around the bed and breakfast. In the alley we can see Maggie and Mallory being jostled by the crowd.

REMBRANDT Dammit, I warned her to keep out of sight.
Diana and Remmy rush toward...


The mob is pulling at Maggie trying to get a piece of her.

He gets a hold of Maggie and tried to pull her clear as the crowd continues to shout: "Where did you come from!" "You're a fake! How dare you!" etc.

MAGGIE It's a mistake! I'm not her!
Remmy and Diana force their way into the crowd, trying to push their way through to Maggie and Mallory.

REMBRANDT Maggie! (shoving people aside) Out of the way! DIANA Leave her alone!
Remmy and Diana are making some headway, but just as they're about to break through to Maggie and Mallory...


screeches up behind Maggie and Mallory. The doors fly open and a pair of dark-suited men leap out. They grab Maggie and Mallory and haul them into the van.

Another small missing lne from when Remmy started calling all agencies...

DIANA Who are we talking about? NASA? The Air Force?
Remmy grabs a phone book.

REMBRANDT That's a place to start. If this world really has no secrets, maybe we can get a straight answer from somebody. For once.
As he reaches for the phone, we go to...

The scene of Maggie and Mallory talking to the leader...just as we saw.

Another small missing line at the end of Act Two...

REMBRANDT She won't go along with him. She'll tell anyone who'll listen she's no astronaut. THE GENERAL Exactly. That's why she's more valuable to him dead than alive.
Remmy and Diana exchange a concerned look.

REMBRANDT How do we know you're telling us the truth?
The General reacts with surprise, maybe even a little hurt by the insinuation that he'd be anything but honest with them.

THE GENERAL Why would I lie?
As Remmy and Diana share a look of dread, we...



And in the original script, The Leader had an extra feature he forgot to mention in the final version...

THE LEADER Oh sure, I got massively increased brain capacity, supernumerary nipples and an extra set of eyelids. But I haven't found many women who dig the look.

And The General had an extra line that was left out when he was talking to Maggie in his office...

MAGGIE (a deep breath) I'm Maggie Beckett. GENERAL BECKETT I thought we'd already ruled that out. MAGGIE I told you the truth might surprise you. Surprise.
He looks at her for a long beat.

GENERAL BECKETT I want to show you something.
He gestures towards the door.

And then we cut back to The Leader talking with other Sliders like we saw it...

A small missing bit to the beginning of Act Four...




The General stands at a small bar and pours himself a drink. Maggie watches him carefully.

MAGGIE General?
He takes a sip.

GENERAL BECKETT I'm sorry, may I offer you something?
She shakes her head.

MAGGIE *Sir*? (he finally looks at her) What happened to her? GENERAL BECKETT We didn't lose the Intrepid crew in sapce.
And that's about where we came in...

A nice little quip from Mallory was deleted...

THE LEADER Perhaps not. I've had a theory that the Reticulans may have used a transdimensional dirve system to make the journey here from the homeworld. DIANA Interesting. It would make interstellar travel feasible. I'd love to hear your theory.
The Leader is clearly flustered by Diana's attention.

THE LEADER Well, yes... I suppose I could. If you like... MALLORY (aside; to Diana) Careful, he could be dangerous if aroused. REMBRANDT (to the Leader) You help us and we'll give you proof that it's possible to travel between universes.

And why was General Beckett different from our Maggie's Dad just for surviving that crash? The original script explained...

MAGGIE He was on a diplomatic mission when the helicopter he was on was shot down. Everyone on board was killed. GENERAL BECKETT (nods) I lost six good men on that shoot- down. Fine Marines. I was in rehab for five months, but I didn't die. MAGGIE Maybe that's why you're different from him. You lived through an experience that made you appreciate what you had. GENERAL BECKETT You know, before that chopper went down I never told Maggie I loved her. (looking her in the eye) Just because I never *said* it...
Maggie nods, moved.

GENERAL BECKETT I've scheduled a press conference in half an hour.

And a couple of missing lines later in that conversation...

MAGGIE And we'll pretend this never happened.
He opens his hands, "What can I say?"

MAGGIE I won't do it. GENERAL BECKETT You'll do as you're told. MAGGIE You're not my father. (then) And even if you were I wouldn't do it. Not this time, General. GENERAL BECKETT Then you'll sit in a holding cell until you change your mind. And if that means you miss your "sliding window," so be it. MAGGIE You're sending me to my room? Is that how you treated your Maggie? Is this the respect you showed her? GENERAL BECKETT I'm letting her rest with dignity. MAGGIE You're the one who's dishonoring her with this charade, not me. You're no better than that crackpot Leader -- he's chasing lies that don't exist, but you're making them real.
The General presses a button on his desk phone.

And Maggie is taken away only to escape...just as we saw it.

And for some reason, the first sentence of the General's television speech was deleted...

GENERAL BECKETT (on television) I had to put an end to the rumors surrounding the Intrepid and her crew. I take complete and sole responsibility for this terrible deceit. I have done a disservice both to the people of this country. And to the astronauts of Intrepid.

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