Standing By Sci-Fi Series
March 21, 1997
Toronto Sun
By Wilder Penfiled III

Sliders was to take its riskiest trip so far tonight -- off the schedule and onto hiatus -- but Fox has given it a reprieve.

Jerry O'Connell's role in the Oscar-nominated movie Jerry Maguire and recent Sliders episodes featuring Roger Daltrey raised the show's profile and its ratings. Now, instead of shelving the sci-fi series until May to let Brian Bosworth's new action drama have its Friday timeslot, Fox is sliding Bosworth's Lawless to the less-appealing Saturday night schedule.

But O'Connell is grateful for his Maguire part for another reason -- because of how it's finally changing the public's perception of him.

Eleven years after his film debut, he figures he's heard, "Hey, you're the fat kid from Stand By Me," more times than Maguire's Cuba Gooding has heard, "Show me the money!"

Lately, he's more often recognized as Maguire's no-neck NFL prospect, Cush.

But he'd like to set one thing straight. Just for the record.

"I'm proud that I'm the fat kid in Stand By Me. The husky kid."

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