Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
This Slide of Paradise Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the March 20, 1997 first revision of the script for the episode This Slide of Paradise written by Nan Hagan. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Well, no place to begin like the beginning. The original beginning for "This Slide of Paradise" was radically different...




A tumbleweed blows across the asphalt, passing a raised hang-man's platform. We find QUINN and MAGGIE, hands tied behind, led up the steps by a grizzled, smelly man, KYLE.

MAGGIE I couldn't fold. I figured him for a bad loser, but this? QUINN (a look; then) They call him Hanging Harry. Did you maybe think there was a reason for that? MAGGIE Of course. I just didn't think it was because he actually hung pepole. Who does that these days?
Kyle places nooses around their necks.

The town clock RINGS OUT FIVE BELLS. Maggie and Quinn exchange a look. She's afraid. His eyes search the street. Where are they?

MAGGIE You know I never got a chance to say some things to Steve. I don't want that to happen again, with us. QUINN It's not over yet. Remmy and Wade will -- MAGGIE We have no idea where Remmy and Wade are.
HANGING HARRY comes up the steps.

HARRY They say anticipation is the worst part. That true? QUINN The worst part is having your ugly face be the last thing we'll ever see.
Kyle laughs. Harry burns a look that way.

HARRY Just pull the lever, Kyle.
Kyle crosses to the lever. Maggie takes a deep breath.

MAGGIE I really care about you. I just thought you should know that.
A look between them. A moment locked in time.

QUINN I feel the same.
Kyle jerks the lever. The floor drops out from beneath Maggie and Quinn. Their bodies drop like stones, the ropes swing tautly. The crowd GASPS. Harry LAUGHS.

A WHIRLING NOISE is heard. He looks into the hole.


The VORTEX of course. Quinn and Maggie are gone. The ropes have been cut by WADE and REMBRANDT, who each hold a knife. Wade leaps into the vortex. Remmy turns, winks at Harry.

REMBRANDT Adios amigos!
Remmy laughs as he jumps into the hole.


Kyle comes up next to Harry, starts to laugh again. Harry pulls him up by the lapel.

HARRY Far as I'm concerned, one hanging's as good as another.
Kyle panics and pushes Harry away with the butt of his rifle, knocking Harry into the vortex...


Paradise. The VORTEX is OPEN over the water. Quinn and Maggie are struggling to pull themselves out of the water, on the sand, hands still tied, cut nooses still on...Quinn smiles at Maggie.

QUINN Told you they'd make it.
Wade flies out of the VORTEX, landing in the shallow water beyond. She moves out of the water, cuts them both loose with her knife. The vortex is far enough away that it doesn't sound too loud.

MAGGIE A little close, wasn't it? WADE Sorry. Only way to get to you without getting us all shot, was to wait underneath.
We hear Remmy land in the water.

REMBRANDT I hate water landings! (he exits the water) Everybody okay? QUINN We are now, thanks to you guys. REMBRANDT Our pleasure. It's why we're here.
He and Quinn do a high-five. Wade gets a look around. They start up the beach.

WADE This slide looks too good to be true. HARRY (O.S.) Ayyyy!
Harry comes flying out of the VORTEX.

WADE I knew it. REMBRANDT So what're we going to do with him? QUINN He's not our responsibility. We didn't ask him to come along. HARRY What just happened? Where am I?
The rifle floats up with Harry. Remmy grabs it.

WADE Forget him. We've got other things to worry about. (off the timer) We've got twenty-two hours here to find Rickman.
Quinn crosses, taking the timer from her. He smiles.

QUINN I'm getting him, his timer. We're going home. He's not getting away again.
Wade eyes the edge of beach. Thick brush just beyond. Quinn leads them up the beach. Remmy moves up next to Quinn.

REMBRANDT I'm curious. When you thought you were gonna swing, what were your last thoughts? Guys must've said something to each other, right?
Maggie and Quinn exchange a glance.

MAGGIE Yeah. We totally confessed our love for each other. REMBRANDT (disappointed) C'mon... WADE Guys...
She moves forward... Remmy comes up next to her.

WADE You're getting a weird feeling aren't you? I hate it when that happens. MAGGIE Why? QUINN Because, she's got good instincts.
A NOISE. They all heard it.

QUINN C'mon, better find cover. (looks down the beach) Those rocks.
They start down the beach, headed for an overlook area. The noise follows them. They all start to run.

QUINN Move faster!
Harry stumbles.

HARRY Help me!
He turns as two huge man/panther BEASTS roar out of the bush. Quinn fires at them. One is hit and goes down dead. The other ROARS viciously and attacks Harry, dragging him off into the bushes. Off this horror, we --






Wade stares out into the jungle.

WADE We should go after him, shouldn't we? He could still be alive. REMBRANDT I don't see how. Even if he was, we don't know what that was, or if they're more of them in there.
Remmy leads Wade over to where Quinn and Maggie are over the dead panther's body.

MAGGIE I'll bite, what is it? QUINN Hard to say. REMBRANDT Smells bad though, whatever it is. WADE That looks like a human hand. REMBRANDT Check out the face. Definite human qualities. MAGGIE Could that thing be one of us? QUINN I don't know, but it's definitely got some of us in its genetic code.
There is a HOWLING in the distance. It unnerves them.

WADE Whatever they are, they know we got one of them. MAGGIE Might be wise if we weren't here when they came back.
Quinn checks the rifle.

QUINN Anybody happen to have a few extra shells on them?
Looks exchanged.

QUINN It's empty. (then) Better get to higher ground.
QUINN slips the rifle over his shoulder and they walk.


At a small pond, a furry man/beast splashes water on his face. He looks up as the man/panther, CERES (SEER-IES) enters the area with Harry in tow.

RICKMAN Is that Doctor Paul? CERES No, Colonel. He's a stranger. It's what you need, right?
He drops Harry by the man beast who is -- RICKMAN. His face, teeth and hands ever more animalistic. Ceres is a huge beast, the James Earl Jones of the hybrids. His voice is frightening in its depth and tone. Harry is in bad shape, but not dead.

RICKMAN (nods) Fresh brain food. Where did you find him? CERES On the beach. There were others. RICKMAN Describe them. CERES Four. Men and women. They fell out of the sky. RICKMAN Sliders. And I thought they'd given up on me.
Rickman HOWLS. The other pack animals joining in.

CERES They killed Jared. RICKMAN Maybe it's better, Ceres. He was dying, wasn't he?

RICKMAN At least this way, he didn't suffer. HARRY Please, help me.
Rickman looks down on the suffering Harry. Smiles as he pulls his needle out.

RICKMAN Let me put you out of your misery.
He needles Harry and then injects himself. He MORPHS temporarily into HARRY. The animals recoil at the sight.

CERES What are you? RICKMAN A little this, a little that.
Rickman shakes off a morph chill.

RICKMAN Now. Show me where the people are.

Sun is starting to set. A tough climb, but they make it. Quinn is first.


Quinn helps the others to get up. At the top, they have a view of the ocean waters beyond.

QUINN We're on an island.
Beyond them, in the waters, are dozens of other islands (STOCK) closely chained. They stretch on for miles.

MAGGIE Does the Pacific look like this on your world? Doesn't on mine. QUINN No. We've got a few islands off the coast, but nothing like this. REMBRANDT This has got to be California, right? So, what happened to it? WADE Earthquake. (off their looks) We've been hearing for years that the big one would come and California would break off. Maybe here, it actually happened. QUINN An island should make finding Rickman all the easier.
The Sliders then venture off into the jungle as night sets in...and while they're walking, they become encircled by the man beasts and Alisandra comes to rescue just as we saw...

Maggie originally had a little more to say about going off with Alisandra...


A narrow path between rocky cliffs. You can hear the BEASTS howling in the distance. They're near, but not too close. Maggie comes up to Quinn.

MAGGIE How do we know we can trust her? She could be taking us right into a trap.
Quinn nods, but keeps moving. Maggie pulls him to a stop.

MAGGIE Hey. We don't even know what these things are and we're just blindly following her. Maybe we should be a little smarter about this. QUINN We are! Okay? For the moment, we're ahead of the others. We weren't dragged off like Harry. That seems pretty smart to me.
He gives her a look. They move to catch up with the others. Alisandra stops at the edge of the path.

ALISANDRA The compound where I live is just beyond the clearing. We'll be safe once we're inside the fence.
The rest is as we saw it...

And Dr. Paul originally had different things to say...

He hands Maggie her [tranq] gun and starts to load one for Wade, who's over by some pictures of Dr. Paul with his hybrids.

WADE You look awfully chummy with the animals. DR. PAUL Hybrids. And I should be. I created them. (off their looks) It's not hard, really, two parts my DNA, one part theirs, stir in a little nuclear transfer technology and voila. Almost anybody with an easy bake oven could do it. MAGGIE That's your idea of a good time? Making genetic mutations for fun? DR. PAUL It's not fun. It's necessary. The hybrids are experiments in controlling genetic markers. Genes that cause cancers, Parkinson's -- that kind of thing. QUINN You having any luck identifying the markers? DR. PAUL Some. There are some side effects though. Aging and genetic dominance factors. Once I get them mastered, I'll get the other stuff. WADE Kind of odd you're working all alone on an island. Not exactly your standard set up for major research... DR. PAUL Couldn't be helped. The boys on the mainland wouldn't let me play in their sandbox. So I packed up my experiments and moved out of their court of jurisdiction. QUINN How many of them are out there? DR. PAUL Hard to say. Some of them have died. I don't keep track.
The Sliders exchange a look.

DR. PAUL Before you get all judgemental on me, let me show you something.
He hands Wade her gun, then crosses to a cabinet...

DR. PAUL Science is an adventure into the unknown. There's no room for caution, only for those who want to venture into the brave, new world.
He opens it, REVEALING a large aquarium and inside that is a well-developed baby (about 7 human months), gestating in a warm, yellow liquid.

MAGGIE Is that thing alive? DR. PAUL That 'thing' is nine-tenths human and one tenth feline, bred for gentleness and humor. And yes, she's very much alive. (knocks gently) Hello, Beatrice.
The eyes open. The fetus smiles. It's truly grotesque and yet, fascinating.


Rembrandt watches as Alisandra swallows some pills.

REMBRANDT You okay now? ALISANDRA I think so. Thanks. REMBRANDT I should find my friends. ALISANDRA They're probably in the lab.
Remmy nods and heads out, with one last glance her way, Alisandra MOANS in a pain.

REMBRANDT Alisandra?
Alisandra looks to him, a finality in her eyes.

ALISANDRA It's starting... REMBRANDT What is?
She begins to tremble, then starts to shake violently. She falls, seizing. Remmy rushes back in.

REMBRANDT What's happening to you?
She writhes in pain, shaking as an epileptic would.


Quinn, Wade and Maggie heading for the house when they hear:

REMBRANDT Hey! I need help here!

They race in, horrified by what's going on. Wade rushes to Alisandra's side, holding her down while we she seizes.

REMBRANDT She's having a seizure. WADE Find something she can bite down on.
Maggie searches, finding a wood ruler --

MAGGIE Will this do? QUINN (at the same time) Paivon!!
Wade take the ruler, tries to put it in Alisandra's mouth.

ALISANDRA (struggles to say) The med, medi...
Daniel enters, cowering in a corner.

REMBRANDT Daniel, what's she trying to say?
Alisandra's seizures become rhythmically horrific.

DANIEL She needs the medicine. QUINN Then get it! DANIEL It's in the cabinet. I don't have the key.
Quinn eyes the cabinet. He tries to pull it open. Can't. He pulls the cabinet over. It CRASHES -- Quinn pulls the thing backing off the cabinet, digs through the debris and finds a needle and a vial of medicine.

QUINN Is this it? DR. PAUL (entering) Yes. Let me.
He grabs the needle and crosses to Alisandra. Remmy gets out of the way. Dr. Paul holds her as her seizure decreases.

MAGGIE What are you waiting for, inject her. DR. PAUL It's too late.
Remmy grabs the needle from him.

REMBRANDT Get out of the way. I'll do it. WADE Remmy...
She shakes her head. He knows what it means. Alisandra is completely still. Daniel sobs.

REMBRANDT What's going on here? DR. PAUL It was her time. It happens. (touches her tenderly) Daniel, take her to her room.
Daniel gently picks her up and carries her out. Paivon sipes his brow. his hand trembles. He goes to fix himself a drink. He's completely distraught --

QUINN This is your brave, new world? Hey, nice going.
Quinn exits...

DR. PAUL (a look; then) I'll let you out of the compound. WADE Don't bother, we'll let ourselves out. DR. PAUL I'll have Daniel turn the gate on after you've gone.

The Sliders, each with gun, move out. Daniel comes up after them, closing the gate. The electricity HUMS.

REMBRANDT "It happens." What kind of man is okay with that? WADE It's no wonder the animals hate him. QUINN Look, I feel bad about her too, but we need to focus on finding the timer without becoming somebody's lunch. Heads up, okay? (to Maggie) You see any of them? MAGGIE No. But they could just be waiting until we hit a good spot to jump us. QUINN Wade, Remmy... hang back some. We'll be harder to attack if we're spread out a bit.
Wade and Remmy nod and allow Maggie and Quinn to move ahead. REVEAL we see this from an animal's POV as he (MAX) watches, then turns and lopes away.

The next scene is back at the Hybrid lair where Ceres is asking Rickman why he needs another timer just like the one he already has...

After the Sliders get caught...there is another difference. In the original version, Quinn escapes to go back to the compound...and Dr. Paul asks for Quinn's DNA - not Remmy's. Why?

DR. PAUL I need your DNA. (off Quinn's look) My genes are programmed for me at this stage. I think that's why my hybrids are rapidly aging and why they live in pain. You're young. Your DNA is healthy.

There is also a difference in Rickman's opening conversation with Maggie in her cage...



sideways, smiling strangely.

RICKMAN Can you hear me, Maggie?
Maggie, Remmy and Wade are caged. Rickman peers in on the sleeping Sliders. Several hybrids surround him. The Sliders' timer is near him (his is in his pocket). He puts his hand through the cage and pets Maggie. She stirs.

MAGGIE Get your stinking paw off of me. RICKMAN You always were beautiful when you were sleeping. (then) Your downfall's always been when you're awake.
She's disgusted. Rickman looks to Wade, strokes her hair.

RICKMAN Why couldn't you be like this one? She has a certain charm you lack. MAGGIE Go to hell. RICKMAN Sorry, luv, already there.
And it plays out as we saw it from there...including the affair revelation.

Once Rickman tells Maggie her true mistake was marrying Steven, things take a different turn...

Maggie slaps Rickman, hard. The animals break out in anger at her. Rickman reaches in and grabs Maggie by the hair.

RICKMAN For that, darlin, you will be first to feed my need. WADE Maggie...
Wade tries to pull Maggie back into the cell. Rembrandt reaches out too. Ceres swipes his paw through the bars.

Rickman pulls his needle, but stops when Max begins to seize. Rickman crosses and cradles Max gently.

RICKMAN Max. MAX It hurts... hurts bad.
Max seizes. His pain seems ten times worse than what Alisandra went through.


Dr. Paul, Quinn and Daniel quietly creep up. They're on an overlook that hangs above the pond area.

DR. PAUL That's the front way in. Daniel and I'll go down. I've got pain pills. They'll come out for that. QUINN Where's the back entrance? DR. PAUL Over there.
He indicates. There's a hole leading down.

DR. PAUL Give us five minutes. Then go. QUINN Meet you back at the compound.

Rickman has laid Max's dead body on an area across from the cage. He turns to the Sliders, pained.

RICKMAN They live in pain and die in agony. Thanks to that freak, Doctor Paul. (to the hybrids) He must pay for this, for Max! WADE Leave them alone, Rickman. You're not helping them by any of this. RICKMAN You're wrong. They know the truth now. He never cared for them. He used them. (to the animals) Doctor Paul's not your friend. He's your enemy.
Now, we HEAR a MURMUR or "Doctor Paul, he's here."


A badly timed visit. Dr. Paul and Daniel approach. Paivon tosses out pills, kind of like chicken feed. The animals rush to get the catch.

Daniel hangs back, holding his dart gun in fear. Ceres GROWLS and swipes at Paivon.

DR. PAUL Is that any way to welcome me, Ceres? CERES You are not welcome here. DR. PAUL Do you all feel that way? Because if you do, I'll leave.
The animals give him a look. One comes over and allows Paivon to pet him.

DR. PAUL Hey, Davey. How are you? RICKMAN He's rather sad right now, Max just died...
Rickman steps out of the lair. Daniel raises his gun. Paivon waves the gun off.

DR. PAUL You must be Colonel Rickman. RICKMAN You must be the pathetic Doctor Paul. DR. PAUL From what I hear, that's a little like calling the kettle black. RICKMAN Poor fellow. Have I insulted you? Because I hope I have.

Quinn watches what's going on below, checks his watch and then slips into the lair.


RICKMAN It's good to finally meet you... Gives me the chance to ask you some questions. DR. PAUL Not interested in talking. I just came for a quick visit.
The animals stir restlessly... Ceres circles Dr. Paivon.

RICKMAN See what I mean? If he really cared about you, wouldn't he want to stay, see how you're all doing? DR. PAUL Shut your mouth, Colonel. They know I care for them. RICKMAN Then why do you discard them like yesterday's garbage.
The hybrids make noise about this... Dr. Paul is starting to feel the heat a bit.

DANIEL Perhaps we should go, Doctor Paul.
From there, it is as we saw...

And there was originally a little more insight when the Sliders were freed from Rickman's cage...not to mention the much smarter Rickman we see portrayed...


Maggie, Wade and Remmy try to open the cage, but can't. Tensions are rising.

WADE We could've gotten Quinn and made it out of there, but oh no, you just had to shoot at Rickman, didn't you? MAGGIE I'm not in the mood to hear it. WADE I'm not in the mood to spend the rest of my life as brain food for him either, but thank to you -- REMBRANDT Can you help me here, instead of using all your energy ripping at her? QUINN (O.S.) I'll help.
Quinn appears from the back entrance...

REMBRANDT How'd you get in here? QUINN Back way. Paivon's out front, keeping Rickman and the animals busy. (undoes the latch) Where're the timers? WADE Rickman has them on him. QUINN We'll never get to him now. We'll have to figure something out later.
They head out the way he entered.


Quinn, Remmy and Wade are topside as Maggie crawls out an opening in the rocks. There is a HELLACIOUS ROAR from below. Wade moves to the edge. Remmy steps up next to her.


The hybrids have killed Daniel.

MAGGIE Is that Daniel?
All four Sliders react to the horrible scene.

QUINN They were just supposed to decoy them. This wasn't supposed to happen. WADE When you mess with things you're not supposed to, things that shouldn't happen *do*.
A beat. A look.

REMBRANDT I don't see Paivon down there. QUINN He might have made it out. If he did, he'll head to the compound. We should, too.

The Sliders walk back, tense, expecting to be jumped at any minute. Quinn has the only weapon. He's ever ready.

He and Remmy are a few feet behind the girls.

REMBRANDT Q-ball, about me barking at you back at the clearing. I'm sorry. QUINN I didn't take it personally. I know it's just the pressure. We need to keep a lid on it. We're doing a lot of fighting these days. REMBRANDT I guess in a way, that's a good thing. Sure sign we've become family.

Wade is ahead of Maggie, who moves faster to fall in step.

MAGGIE Don't tell Quinn about me and Rickman, okay. I'd like to explain it to him myself. WADE That's an explanation I'd like to hear. MAGGIE You want to hear it, fine. The Colonel wasn't always like he is now. He was an amazing man before. I almost married him. (beat; reflective) All of this might've been different if I had. WADE Oh, that's so perfect, Maggie. It's all about you, isn't it?
Maggie pulls Wade to a stop. Lets a little anger loose --

MAGGIE When I left him and married Steven, he S.U'ed for the Gulf Mission. That's where he got the brain fungus. So, yeah, when I look at him, I feel a little guilty for the way things turned out. (then) And maybe I'm a little angry because I know he killed Steven just to get back at me. (then) It may not be *all* about me, but I'm a big part of it. WADE I'm sorry. I didn't know. MAGGIE Yeah, well -- now you do.
Maggie walks off. A beat later, Remmy and Quinn catch up.

QUINN What was that? WADE She'll tell you. REMBRANDT Shh... Hear that?
Something is running through the forest.


The Sliders run for the gate, which is open. Remmy trips, just as whatever is chasing them emerges. Quinn turns, gun ready. It's Paivon, dazed and bloodied.

DR. PAUL Don't. Just me. (looks back) But they're on my tail...
He helps Rembrandt up and the Sliders rush into the compound, closing the gate and switching on the electricity. The Sliders move hurriedly towards the house.

Rickman, Ceres and two others rush out of the jungle, right up to the front gate. Ceres GROWLS viciously, swipes at the gate and gets electrocuted. His paw is jolted back. Quinn stops, turns, watching Rickman and Ceres...

CERES We can destroy the fence. RICKMAN No need, Ceres. In twelve minutes and nine seconds, they'll be opening the gate for us... CERES Why wait! RICKMAN Because I want to see their vortex close without them and see the look on their faces when they realize they're stuck here for the next twenty-nine years!
He looks at the Sliders and laughs... he then turns and heads back into the jungle. Remmy comes up next to Quinn.

REMBRANDT What'd he just say? QUINN Twelve minutes and we miss our vortex.
Off which --



And now for the grand you can guess, all of Act Four was completely different. Including the original ending...which *wasn't* a cliffhanger.




Wade sits Dr. Paivon down, tends to his wounds. Quinn and Maggie cross to the cabinet and pull out containers. Remmy stands by the door, watching the gate.

QUINN Where would he go? DR. PAUL I don't know. Maybe the lair. MAGGIE No way. He knows that's the first place we'd go to find him.
There's a tension to the scene, a sense of urgency as --

DR. PAUL What was that thing he had? And what was the talk about leaving you here for twenty-nine years? WADE It's a timer. It opens a porthole to parallel earths. We use it to slide between dimensions. QUINN If we don't get it back from Rickman, we're not sliding anywhere. DR. PAUL You've got to be kidding. MAGGIE Do we look like we're kidding? QUINN What's happening out there? REMBRANDT Two of the hybrids are sticking by the gate. Getting by them might be a problem. MAGGIE We fire a few darts and they're out. Problem solved. QUINN Not so fast, Beckett.
Quinn uses the last of the tranquilizer solution.

QUINN We're out of this. (to Paivon) Anymore in the house? DR. PAUL That's the last of it. WADE You don't keep extra bottles of something that important? DR. PAUL I usually only use a few darts a month. I had no idea I'd ever need it to defend my life. REMBRANDT How many darts do we have? QUINN One.
Beat. Looks between them.

WADE Okay, so unless we can hit like five of them with that one dart, we're pretty much in trouble here. QUINN How much time? REMBRANDT (off his watch) Ten minutes, fifty-four seconds. MAGGIE And counting.
Wade crosses to the cabinet and begins to pull things out...

WADE There must be something else in here that'll work. This place is full of chemicals. Something must act like that tranquilizer stuff. DR. PAUL Those're all bio-solutions for the experiments. No sedatives... QUINN What about the medicine? What's in that, some kind of morphine, right? DR. PAUL Yeah. Epinephrine, they're closely related.

Quinn is filling a dart with the medicine.

DR. PAUL It works differently on everybody. Too little and it's ineffective. Too much and they'll have a heart attack and die within seconds. QUINN What will half a dart do? DR. PAUL That should work on a man the Colonel's size. QUINN Good. We can get three shots then. MAGGIE Wouldn't it be better to have one full dart, just to be sure? DR. PAUL That much will kill him. MAGGIE I can live with that.
A beat. A look between her and Quinn.

QUINN We don't need to kill him. We just need to get the timers. (pointed) Let's not lose sight of that objective.
He hands them each a dart gun.

QUINN One shot each.
The Sliders head out. Quinn looks back at Paivon.

QUINN You're not gonna help, are you? DR. PAUL Hey, not my problem.

The Sliders come down the veranda. Two hybrids pace at the gate, eagerly awaiting them.

REMBRANDT Four to two. Good odds for once. I think we can take them without wasting the darts. MAGGIE Yeah. Better to save them for Rickman.
Quinn eyes the lab.

WADE No time, Quinn. QUINN I gotta make time for this.
He head into the lab.

REMBRANDT Let's find something to deal with those mutants.
The three move into the compound to find a clever way to get rid of the immediate threat.

Behind them, Paivon exits the house. He realizes Quinn is missing and looks to the lab, alarmed.


Quinn has put his gun on the counter and is searching. Paivon enters.

DR. PAUL I can't let you take it. QUINN You don't have a choice. I should've never given it to you in the first place. DR. PAUL I see. You're suddenly feeling a pang of conscience. You disapprove of what I'm doing. QUINN I disapprove of what you're putting those animals through.
Dr. Paul makes a grab for the gun. Points it at Quinn.

DR. PAUL Advancement always comes with a price.
Quinn eyes the gun, but moves to the refrigerator, reaches, opening it. Paivon slams the door shut. Dr. Paul nudges the dart gun at Quinn.

DR. PAUL We made a deal. Now go, get your timer back and slide out of here. You'll never have to worry about what you've left behind. QUINN It doesn't work that way. DR. PAUL I shoot and you miss your slide. You really want to spend the next twenty-years on this island with me? QUINN You're right. What do I care? DR. PAUL Exactly.
Quinn turns to go, then turns back, knocking the gun from Dr. Paul. They struggle, fighting, breaking up the lab. Glass CRASHES all around.


Remmy carries a wooden bat (NOTE: By bat, I don't mean "baseball bat," I mean a stout, solid stick of some kind). Wade holds a gob of netting. They turn as they hear the CRASHING NOISE and run for the lab.


Dr. Paul reaches for the gun. Quinn punches him, sending him flying. Dr. Paul's hand FINDS a knife. He picks it up, coming towards Quin, who rolls, finding his dart gun and THWACCK. He shoots Dr. Paul, who goes down, woozy.

QUINN You want advancement, *you* pay for it. Not the animals.
Dr. Paul heads for dreamworld.

Rembrand, Wade and Maggie enter as Quinn crosses to the refrigerator and takes out the DNA samples, destroying them by pouring them down a sink...

REMBRANDT You okay, Q-ball? QUINN Yeah. Had to use a dart though. Sorry. WADE Don't be. It was a dart well used.
The Sliders step over Dr. Paul's pathetic body.


The Sliders move to the gate. Remmy hands Quinn his gun.

REMBRANDT Take mine. I'll be okay with this.
He indicates the wooden bat. The Sliders take a minute to size up the two hybrids on the other side of the gate. The hybrids look savagely hungry.

QUINN Easy boys.
One of them ROARS. Wade has moved to the on/off lever.

QUINN Open it!
Wade turns off the electricity. Maggie opens the gate. Quinn and Remmy are immediately attacked by a hybrid. Remmy puts the bat into the hybrid's jaw, then rolls it over, knocking it out with a punch or two.

Quinn does a hand-to-hand with his animal. Wade and Maggie spread the netting and pull Quinn's hybrid away, captured. They blanket the second hybrid with the netting and tie them up. So much for them.

Maggie kneels down next to the one awake animal.

MAGGIE Where did Rickman go?
The animal GROWLS, but doesn't answer. Maggie aims the dart gun, but the animal doesn't fear.

WADE He's not going to tell us.
Quinn pulls a few of Paivon's pain pills and kneels next to the beast.

QUINN I'll trade you these for where he went.
The animal looks at the pills, reaches for them through the netting. Quinn pulls his hand.

QUINN Tell us first. ANIMAL The beach. He likes the cliffs.
Quinn hands the beast the pills.

Remmy looks at his watch, shakes his head.

REMBRANDT Seven minutes and loose change.
Looks between them.

QUINN We'll make it.
They take off running.


The Sliders run through the jungle, trying to make it to the beach in time.

They turn a corner and a man/panther beast is there (perhaps the one from the opening who died?), ROARING viciously. The Sliders come to a stop.

QUINN Whoa. Reverse.
They turn and run... The beast is on their heels.


Being chased... The beast leaps onto Wade. They tumble onto the ground. Maggie returns to fight the beast off. As he turns to leap onto Maggie, Wade uses her dart gun. THWAACK... This beast goes down too. The girls share a look.

MAGGIE Thanks. WADE Likewise. QUINN C'mon!
They move on...


They arrive at the place where they landed yesterday. They look up at the cliff, hurrying down the beach.

REMBRANDT I can't see him. MAGGIE Maybe he's not there. WADE Maybe it doesn't matter. (off their looks) He's got a timer too. If we miss ours, we can grab his.
Quinn checks his watch, looks worried.

QUINN We don't know that he hasn't missed his slide. We can't miss ours on a gamble.

They arrive and make their way up the cliff.


As Quinn makes it over the top. He sees Rickman by the edge. Ceres is with him. Rickman turns, smiles. Quinn helps up the others through --

RICKMAN Too late, Sliders. Time's up. Slide, if you can make it past us!
Rickman opens their vortex over the cliff. WINDS WHIRL. PIZZA PANS SPIN.

QUINN Not without the timer! RICKMAN Which one?
He laughs and holds up the second timer. The Sliders flank out, ready for attack. Quinn moves close to Rickman, who tucks the timers into his pockets.

RICKMAN You lose, Mallory, you'll be my next fix.
Rickman kicks the gun from Quinn. They dust it up. Maggie moves to Quinn. Rickman pushes her back, sending her flying. Ceres launches himself at Rembrandt, who uses his bat to protect himself. Wade rushes to help Remmy. Maggie gets up, midway between two fights. In Quinn's fight, a timer falls to the ground. Wade turns to Maggie!

WADE Dart him. QUINN (at the same time) Grab the timer!
Maggie hesitates. She crosses to help instead of darting. They gus roll away from the timer and Wade grabs it.

WADE It's ours! (off the vortex) We're running out of time.
Remmy manages to WHACK Ceres with the bat. He goes down. Maggie and Remmy stand, sigh. That was rough. Quinn punches Rickman and rolls, grabbing his gun, turning to Rickman, who's got a small rock. He advances on Quinn. Quinn FIRES. Rickman staggers back. Quinn reaches up to Rickman, his hand just about to grab the other timer when --

From where Maggie is, it looks like Rickman is about to bash Quinn's head with the rock. She turns quickly and FIRES.

QUINN Maggie, no!
Too late. Rickman is struck. The double dose of Epinephrine works immediately. Rickman looks to Maggie, begins to shake violently and steps back and over the cliff.

The Sliders rush to the cliff's edge and look down.


A hundred feet down to a rocky cliff. Rickman's gone.


Quinn takes their timer from Wade. They'll have to leap into the void to catch the waning vortex.

QUINN His timer. Our home coordinates. They're gone.
Quinn looks to Maggie. She's hurt by his anger. He moves to where he'll need to leap from. Wade comes up.

WADE She was trying to help you, Quinn. QUINN Was she? Or was she doing what she wanted to do -- like always. MAGGIE He got what he deserved. REMBRANDT This isn't about him. What about us? What're we gonna do now? QUINN Keep sliding. (strong, rallying) We'll get home, just going to be a longer ride than we thought.
A look. Heads nod. Quinn leads them all into the VORTEX.


And so, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride continues...



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