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In the year 2000, Marvel Comics decided to modernize one of their flag ship characters. The result was Ultimate Spider-Man: the tales of a 15-year-old Peter Parker who receives his powers in the midst of present day problems and atmosphere. The project was headed by writer Brian Michael Bendis, and there were a few alterations to the original story made here and there.

One such alteration is seen above in these pages. In the original origin, Peter developed his web fluid on his own. Under Bendis' vision, Peter developed his web fluid by using a formula his father was working on before he died.

So how is this connected to Sliders? Read the two pages above. Does that setting seem familiar to you? A basement laboratory. A blackboard equation. A son continuing the work of his dead father. The first scenes of the Sliders pilot movie center around very similar elements as we are introduced to Quinn Mallory. Was this Ultimate Spider-Man treatment an homage to Sliders? So far an answer is not forthcoming...but one really has to wonder given how closely the situations resemble each other...

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