Tuesday June 24 8:04 AM EDT
Cable's Sci-Fi Picks Up Fox's 'Sliders'
By Ray Richmond

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The Sci-Fi Channel has picked up the paranormal TV series "Sliders," which was canceled by Fox this spring after three seasons.

The cable network ordered 22 new episodes from producer Universal TV, and also bought the rights to all 48 previously-produced "Sliders" hours.

The series stars Jerry O'Connell as the head of a young team of explorers who "slide" through parallel dimensions of Earth using a timer that opens a sliding vortex.

"What this deal represents is a very significant and bold statement on the part of the Sci-Fi Channel," said Rod Perth, president of USA Networks, which owns the Sci-Fi and USA networks.

It is certainly an expensive statement. "Sliders" has a budget in the $1.4 million to $1.5 million-per-episode range, a hefty price tag even by network standards. The budget is expected to be trimmed to around the $1 million-per mark.


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