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Wade Kathleen Welles
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Now we get to the complicated ones...Wade is made from two figures and some sculpting work. Her head is a from a Star Trek Leeta the Dabo Girl figure by Playmates (Since the figure was sculpted in the likeness of a character played by Chase Masterson - Wade's sister in "Season's Greedings"- I thought it only fitting...not to mention it's a perfect match). Wade's body is from a Lady Deathbird figure from Toy Biz's X-Men Ninja Force set. Now, you must swap the heads on these figures and that requires spiltting the body of the figure at the seams on each side. This can be done using a flat head screw driver...don't worry, if it cracks you can use Sculptey (found at any local craft store) to fill in the cracks. The stems on the heads are often times different sizes, so you may have to modify that or replace the stem with a small screw so the head fits snugly and doesn't wobble. Once I swapped the heads, I used more Sculptey in order to make her long shirt which hangs below her waist and the tops of her boots which stick out from the front a bit in order to be realistic. An Exacto knife is used to give the sharp edges where needed (like the top of the boots). Once that was done, all I did was finish out with acrylic paint in order to finish the match to the outfit worn by Sabrina Lloyd in most season one publicity photos. The face needed no work as it was already a perfect's nice when you can find something that needs no modification.

Leeta the Dabo Girl is a copyright of Paramount entertaiment and is licensed by Playmates for production. Lady Deathbird is a copyright of Marvel Comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. Wade Kathleen Welles is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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