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Love Gods Wanted Poster
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Here is one of the actual prop wanted posters prominently seen in the season two episode "Love Gods". As you can see above, it is yet another verification that the creators intended the name to be spelled "Wade Welles". My personal favorite aspect of this poster, however, is the small details which make it accurate. Just look at the expressions on the actors' faces for these mug shots. Quinn looks annoyed and Arturo is actually proud! This is an example of the actors and production staff (who likely gave directions) going above and beyond the call of duty for detail (since this poster was not a focal point of the episode by any means).

Below that you see an image of the Repopulation Application Form which was being handed out at the hotel in the episode (Wade was given one when she went to check in). By clicking on the image, you can see the enlarged image which allows you to read the fine print. Once again the prop maker's humor shines through as you find that the fine print is really a request for promotion in rank in the US Army.

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