Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
The Great Work Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S5

These are scenes from the November 16, 1998 sixth revision draft of the script for the episode The Great Work written by Robert Masello. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Mallory had a missing quip at the dinner table...

REMBRANDT We move around a lot. Oh yeah, one day we're in one place, the next day somewhere else -- completely.
Abraham looks unsatisfied.

KEEPER ABRAHAM You must be very lucky... or very blessed. REMBRANDT A little of both, I guess. But we've seen our share of troubles. MALLORY So the women here always eat separate from the men. KEEPER ABRAHAM The women do *everything* separate from the men. MALLORY So, there won't be any new *little* keepers, will there?
Before Abraham can react to that, a BELL TOLLS again, and all the Keepers silently rise from their benches, and begin to move out.

KEEPER ABRAHAM We have a time for solitary contemplation now. Let me show you to your quarters.
Abraham rises, and as he does the camera moves to the CRYSTAL DISK, SPARKLING on the matel.

And while picking up clams on the beach, Seth originally had a little more to say when Remmy slipped up...

REMBRANDT (tactfully as possible) What happened here? Was your world overrun? SETH Yes, most of it. Or at least that's what I've been told. After the collapse of the Hemispheric Alliance, the Volsangs were pretty much in charge... (then) Why did you say 'your world'?
Mallory and Remmy exchange a look, that Seth notices.

SETH I knew it! You're not even from this world, are you? You're from somewhere else. Where? Another planet? A star?
They still aren't sure what and how much to tell him.

MALLORY You've got a pretty wild imagination, kid.
And then the scene shifts to Diana scrubbing the floors...just as we saw.

Lastly is the most important missing portion of this episode. Did you wonder what came of that promise Seth kept reminding Remmy of? Well, these missing lines tell what came of that.

Seth's father has just died, and the Sliders have just made it back down to the secret area...

MAGGIE There's a tunnel to the outside, James took me through it from the infirmary! And he's hidden a boat there, under some driftwood. MALLORY (to Seth) Could you get there? SETH Yes. I could take someone there, but I'm not leaving the island. MAGGIE We don't have time to argue about this, Seth. You have to go. SETH You owe me a favor -- whatever I ask. Remember? MALLORY Yes, but now isn't the -- SETH I was going to ask to go with you. To leave this island. But that's not what I'm asking now. Now I want to stay right here and fight the Volsangs! MALLORY The only way you can defeat them now is by protecting the Great Work. By doing what your father died trying to do! MAGGIE He's right, Seth. If you want to beat 'em, you've got to get that crystal out of here.
Then Diana gives the crystal to Sara and tells her to go with Seth...and the rest is history.

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