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These are scenes from World Killer. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time concerns.

Originally Zicree had written a scene that shows Remmy discovering that his double [per a music store cardboard stand-up] is another Pavarotti on this world -- but it had to be cut for time. Special thanks to The Expert for reporting this information given to him by producer Marc Scott Zicree.

Also, from Sci-Fi TV #1 October, we have these comments from Marc Scott Zicree and Bill Dial:

Marc Scott Zicree: "There was one scene that I had written in 'World Killer' that unfortunately got cut for time. I had these two nuns who were duplicates of each other because they were from the two worlds that had been fused together. One nun wears a stone around her neck. Rembrandt asks, 'Why do you wear that rock around your neck?' and she says, 'That's how our lord dies, crushed under stones.' It's a little throwaway line, but it suggests a whole world of possibilities."

Also, Dial goes on to state the in-joke behind the movie discussion at the beginning of World Killer:

Bill Dial:
"In one story, the sliders wind up on a world 
where the theatre marquee behind them says 
the movie that's playing is 'The Man Who Would Be King,'
starring Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart. The joke 
is that for many years, John Huston wanted 
to make that movie, with that cast, but was never 
able to do it. But apparently on that world, he was." 

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