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These are scenes from the March 21, 1996 sixth revision draft of the script for the episode The Young and The Relentless with story by Michael X. Ferraro and Tony Blake & Paul Jackson, teleplay by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first missing line answers the question...why did Arturo say the dead Quinn would feel no pain?


desperately trying to resuscitate the dead man.

WADE Careful. You'll break his ribs -- ARTURO He won't feel any pain, I'm afraid. (gives up) He's gone.

A missing Rembrandt line at the beginning of Act One also gave a closer look at Q.R....


still wet and unsure of what to say or do --

ARTURO It's a shame we didn't land a few minutes sooner. We might have had a chance to save him. REMBRANDT (to Quinn) Maybe your doubles were an item on this world. (then) Look at all these photographs --

Quinn 2 and Wade 2 in various palmy surroundings. Off a framed newspaper clipping...

REMBRANDT It says Q.R. Mallory was some sort of corporate big-shot in computer software or something -- WADE (off a magazine) Take a look at this.
And the magazine she shows is the one with Don Buchanan on the cover (Pat's son?) with the caption "Cracking Down on the Elderly -- Is it Long Overdue?"

And did you wonder why Wade didn't just go with Arturo and Rembrandt when they left the mansion before the party?

ARTURO It's a little hard not to take offense, when you've just informed us we're second-class citizens. QUINN -- Professor, why don't you guys go and check out the city? We'll meet back at the hotel -- WADE 2 My head of security can take you anywhere you want to go. REMBRANDT Thank you, Miss, but we'll walk. Us old folks need the exercise. WADE I probably should go with you. WADE 2 Actually it might be better if you stay upstairs 'till after the party. If anybody saw you it would be kind of hard to explain. (off Wade) We'll just drop you both off once this whole thing is over.
And then the scene was to fade to the party in full swing...

Do you remember Margo? Q.R.'s affair? Well, a missing scene had her stumbling into the bedroom where Wade was at before finding Quinn downstairs...

WADE 2 (heading him off) Kyle -- I talk to you a second? (then) S'cuse us --
They move aside. Off Quinn -- he thought he was in favor of Edulearn.


stands at the mirror, secretly trying on one of her double's stunning dresses. Wade likes the look. Suddenly the door opens and a caught Wade turns, discovers...


... racily dressed. Exquisite -- she looks as surprised as Wade.

MARGO Wade! I uh... I thought you'd be down with your guests... (and then) I was looking for Q.R.
Before Margo can press further --


appears in the doorway behind her. 40ish, distinguished, he has the calm look of a casually ruthless man. This is "RAZOR" GILLETTE.

GILLETTE Miss Howland? MARGO (this guy's a force of evil) Mr. Gillette. GILLETTE If you're looking for Mr. Mallory, he's downstairs.
Something in his voice says that was more an order than information. Margo shoots Wade a quizzical look, then exits.

GILLETTE Miss Welles tells me you have some wet clothes that need attention.
An off-balance Wade gestures to a nearby chair, where her clothes rest next to the timer.

WADE Over there... thanks. GILLETTE With your permission, I'll have these laundered and returned to you promptly. As he gathers up the clothes...

WADE Uh... sure. Thanks.
Mr. Gillette heads for the door. He turns and eyes Wade.

GILLETTE If I can say -- that looks nice on you.
Goes. Off Wade -- What was that?



over by the buffet table. Kegs of beer, sodas, junk food of various kinds.



MARGO (sotto) We need to talk.
Quinn draws near --

MARGO I don't understand you, Q.R. -- I thought we were leaving tonight. (off Quinn; clueless) I just saw Wade upstairs -- She's like "oh, hi" -- (then) You haven't told her a thing, have you?
As now --

WADE 2's

approaching, displeased. Before Margo splits --

MARGO I'm out'a here. Call me when you get your act together.
She's gone --

QUINN Who was that?
And we saw the rest from there...

Another missing section was Kyle's introduction to the Edulearn board meeting where we find out Impact Cola was a sponsor...


on which we see the Edulearn logo -- (Windows '95 meets Sesame Street).

KYLE (O.S.) (proudly) Edulearn. The future of America's education system.

sits next to Wade2. Kyle Beck, Richard, Margo, Hatcher, and a couple of fast-trackers are there --

KYLE As Chief Financial Officer, I'll spiel abou the ways Edulearn will revolutionize education: allowing students to learn at home, saving the taxpayer billions as we close schools and send teachers out to pasture -- and all that good stuff.
Quinn glances at Wade 2. What the hell? She ignores him.

KYLE I'll just touch on our lucrative sponsor tie-ins... I'll introduce the boy genius who designed all this -- (means Quinn) -- and we'll dazzle the Governor with the presentation. (then) Richard?
Richard moves to a large easle that has a piece of poster art showing the Edulearn logo.

RICHARD Okay, now remember, ultimately, this will all be animated.
And from there we saw the presentation...and Quinn's interruption.

Also, while this commentary was largely's a bit difficult to hear in the final episode. This is what Arturo was saying while he was having a "heart attack"...

REMBRANDT Hey -- Why don't you shut up, man. Okay? I've taken all I wanna take from you!
Arturo's apoplectic -- choking with rage --

GUARD Hey! Knock it off, old dudes.
Arturo starts to sputter --

GUARD (annoyed) Oh geez... what's the matter now? ARTURO My heart... (coughing) My ancient heart... all the excitement, the stress...

Another missing scene...Arturo and Rembrandt were originally supposed to have a conversation with the woman they sat down next to at the homeless shelter...and directly after that, another missing Margo scene.


(late 30's to early 50's) are being served meals, bedding down on cots, etc. On the walls are signs like: "Age is a state of mind - God still loves you."


move down a food line. Behind them in line is JOANNE, 50, once a career woman, now on the street. They guy in front can't make up his mind --

REMBRANDT Hey sport, others are waiting. (then, to Arturo) Man, they call this slop food? ARTURO Which would you prefer, Mr. Brown? A meal of questionable origin here, or three squares a day behind bars? REMBRANDT Since you asked, what I'd really like is for us to make tracks back to Wade and Quinn. ARTURO We can't. It's curfew. We'll catch up with them just before the slide. Till then, it's better we stay here and blend in amongst our own age group. Less chance of exposure that way. JOANNE Where you fellas from? REMBRANDT Out of town. JOANNE Me, too. I used to live in San Jose with my son and daughter-in-law until I just got so fed up with all their crap. REMBRANDT How long have you been living on the streets? JOANNE Off and on... Couple of years. (then) Can you believe once upon a time I was a City Finance Manager? (then) Until I took "mandatory retirement." ARTURO Can't you find another line of work? I would think anything would be preferable to living like this. JOANNE How's someone like me gonna compete for a minimum wage job. They want the hungry seventy year old who'll work overtime for free.
Off which --


bursts in --

QUINN Wade --?


QUINN You in here?
Suddenly --


emerges, dressed in lingerie as provocative as Sue Ichiho will allow --

QUINN (under his breath) Oh, no. MARGO I missed you, Q.R. -- (then) I wanted to take one more shot at making things right between us.
She approaches. Puts her arms around his neck.

MARGO What's wrong? Don't you like me anymore? QUINN Look, it's not that. It's --
She plants a steamy kiss on Quinn who doesn't go with it. She breaks the kiss. Feigns hurt.

MARGO There wasn't much feeling in that kiss. Maybe we should try it again...
She moves in for the kill. Suddenly --


enters --

WADE Quinn --?
Margo freezes. It's clear she's terrified of Wade 2 --

MARGO Wade! OhmiGod! QUINN (indifferent to Margo's melodrama) I've been looking all over for you --
Margo's frantic to find something to cover herself with --

MARGO You guys. You're being so cool about all this. WADE What's going on? QUINN I'll explain later. Come on -- we're getting out of here --
And they go. Margo's astonished --



heading for the front door.

QUINN -- They're never going to give us back the timer, Wade -- (then) -- This woman who came to see me, she all but accused our doubles of masterminding her husband's murder. WADE What?
Then, as Quinn and Wade walk down the stair well...Quinn explains about the law suit until they run into Mr. Gillette at the bottom of the stairs...just as we saw.

At the beginning of Act Four, Kyle was doing something before Quinn walks in to show him the tape...and it involved a rather shocking revelation about Mr. Hatcher...





moves down the hall, enters --


in consultation with a secretary --

HATCHER Julie -- give us the room, okay?
Julie goes, then --

HATCHER What's up with Q.R., Kyle? He wasn't in the staff meeting. KYLE How should I know? HATCHER I figured maybe you gave him a couple of days off for some scuba diving. (then) We know how much he loves the water. KYLE You're getting on my nerves here, Kenny. (then) Is there a point to this? HATCHER I don't know whether you doped him or you got some actor in here. But that's not Q.R. (then) Which is what I'm gonna tell the press unless we pull the plug on Edulearn right now.
A beat --

KYLE You making your move, Kenny? HATCHER You're unbelievable -- this isn't about corporate politics, Kyle. It's about polluting children's minds.
Kyle's reached into his desk, extracted a dossier --

HATCHER What's that? KYLE Your personnel file, Kenny. I had Mr. Gillette do a background check. Know what he found out? (off Hatcher) You're not twenty-seven. You're thirty-four years old -- HATCHER You son-of-a-bitch!
The intercom buzzes under --

SECRETARY'S VOICE Mr. Beck -- Q.R. Mallory's outside. He needs to talk to you. KYLE You want to keep your job? Get out of my face. -- And keep your mouth shut.
Hatcher is beaten. Exits as -


enters. He's got a videocassette in his pocket --

KYLE (to Hatcher) Shut the door --
Hatcher pulls the door shut behind him.

KYLE I thought it was all pretty simple, Mallory -- (then) You work with me, I give your equipment back. (then) But I hear your meddling in situations talking to people with an axe to grind against this company - I don't call that playing ball. QUINN I got tired of "playing ball" Kyle -- (then) Dim the lights. There's something you need to see.

Did you ever wonder what Arturo's explanation was to go along with his guilty plea? It was cut off in the final episode...but not in the original script...

ARTURO Guilty, Sir. But with an explanation.

enters to observe --

ARTURO We *are* guilty -- Guilty of having faces filled with lines and wrinkles -- REMBRANDT -- Speak for yourself! ARTURO Guilty of aging to perfection, like a fine wine! (Rembrandt rolls his eyes) On my world, we also have a society that tilts shamelessly toward thte shallow virtues of youth. JUDGE Excuse me? *Your world?* ARTURO Never mind -- The point is youth has its virtues. Energy, cleverness -- but with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes compassion and mercy -- (then) I ask you, your honor, to use your good judgement, but temper it with mercy. JUDGE Well now, old dude. That was quite a speech. You've convinced me.
Arturo shoots a look to Rembrandt - "See?"

JUDGE You've convinced me that you're even more senile than I imagined.
Rembrandt resists the urge to strangle Arturo.

TIFFANY (steps forward) Your honor, may I approach?
She passes Remmy and Arturo and approaches the bench.

JUDGE What's up, Tiff? The buzz is, you no longer represent these guys. REMBRANDT She still represents *me*!
And you know the rest from there...

Gillette also originally gave a bit more explanation as to why he would double cross Wade...

WADE 2 (to Gillette) How could you do this? (then) After all I've done for you.
Gillette shrugs.

GILLETTE I got a better offer. QUINN Q.R. changed his will, leaving Mr. Gillette his entire fortune. Since my signature's the same as Q.R.'s, no one will ever challenge it. WADE 2 (a whisper) You bastard... GILLETTE I'm thirty-eight years old, Miss Welles. I have to plan for my retirement.
Then Wade pulls a gun, and the rest of the scene plays out just as we saw.

By this version of the script, the original ending had been edited out. But, there was a scene filmed that included a Kromagg (you can see the actor credited as the Kromagg in the final episode's credits to this day).

While my version of the script didn't have this scene, we did receive a very detailed description of the missing scene in Brad Linaweaver's Sliders: The Classic Episodes (one of the only redeeming values of that book):

"Gillette is aboard some kind of spaceship (!) and undergoing interrogation. The off-screen personage never speaks, but the way Gillette defensively answers unspoken questions can only mean telepathy. He apologizes for not doing a better job of keeping track of the Sliders, one in particular. We learn Gillette's double in this world was done away with to make room for this Gillette. Whoever is keeping tabs on the Sliders is a Slider."

All of this was an allusion to the Kromagg tracking device...since "The Young and The Relentless" was orignially meant to air well after "Invasion". Ultimately the scene was dropped from "The Young and the Relentless" because it no longer worked...mainly because of "Invasion" being shown after "The Young and the Relentless".

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