Many people confess that even though riding in a limo hey had the fun of their lives, they still were unsure or felt pressured, not knowing how to behave appropriately. If you use one of the professional services, like, you are not just assigned a car, you’re given a professional driver, who will treat you respectively.

All of that puts some limits on your behavior as a client, but if you stick to some approved tips, you will pleasantly surprise your driver and leave an impression of a knowing, understanding person who knows how to carry themselves. Plus, the appropriate behavior and knowing some etiquette tips will create an impression on your business client as well.

    1. Remember that fun has its limits.
      Even if you hired a party bus, you have to remember that everything has its limits. You shouldn’t smoke in a limo, you shouldn’t drink too much or create plenty of mess. Remember that those people who will be cleaning up the vehicle are people too, so respect them and their labor. If your friend starts being rude or talks loudly, know how to stop them from irritating your driver.
    2. Always tip a chauffeur.
      No matter if your ride was good or not, you should always tip your driver. Everyone sets their own appropriate percentage, but the most common rate is anywhere from 13% to 20%. That also depends on the number of people in your party, the season, any special services you requested, etc.
    3. Remember that cleaning up after yourself is a good judgment.
      It’s not because some companies actually have cleaning fees for the mess you leave, but it’s a simple politeness. You don’t leave your own car in wrappers, bottles or any other items. You normally clean up as you know no-one else will do it for you. Remember that a driver is also a person who wants to keep everything clean and neat. Plus, keeping things neatly is a good sign.