Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
December 17, 2007: DVD News
Season Four on DVD March 25, 2008!
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The purpose of the Dimension of Continuity is to answer questions about the sci-fi series Sliders. By looking at rare script outtakes, interviews, articles, fan thoughts, behind the scenes information and even memorabilia... hopefully answers to past questions (and even questions never thought of) can be found. More than anything else, though... I hope you enjoy the site and it adds something more to your view of Sliders!

Continuity Chronicles Essays on the unanswered questions of Sliders.
The Ultimate FAQ Storyline refresher and behind the scenes scoops.
Origins of Sliders The Heinlein connection.
Lost and Found Lost scenes, episodes, comics and footage.
Artifacts A close-up look at props from the show.
Sliders Action Figures And instructions on making your own.
Odds and Ends Nods to Sliders in other media.
Alternate Visions Links to fan fiction sites.
Resource Links Links to non-fan fiction sites.
Addresses of Note Write to the stars.
Articles of Note Magazine and newspaper clippings.
Marketing Department DoC promotional banners.
Site Guestbook Leave some feedback.
The Sliders BBoard Chat with fans from all over the world.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or things you would like to contribute, don't hesitate to give me an e-mail.

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